Glenn Beck asks Listeners to Pray for His Protection from the Left

Apparently sensing that his Red Scare campaign was not frightening enough to his listeners, today on his radio show Glenn Beck upped the ante and claimed that the left is trying to get him. Beck urged his listeners to pray for his protection because George Soros and other lefties are funneling billions of dollars to stop him. I hate to tell him this, but the left doesn’t take Beck’s Chicken Little act seriously.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck said, “You know, I said a year ago — I said you needed to find your voice. And I said I think you’ll — we’re coming to a time when voices like mine will disappear. It would be easy to say, “Yeah. Yeah. Look at — Van Jones is out.” Which I think is a mistake, because I think it makes him more dangerous, and I’ll explain why here in a second.”

Then came the fear mongering, “But the other thing is — is I find myself in amazing position. John Podesta just issued a statement about Van Jones and me. There is Soros money now being funneled to stop me. The biggest names, the most powerful people on the planet on the left — I’ve told you before, they’re not going to go away easy. There were billions of dollars, if not trillions of dollars, at stake. There is — this is the, you know, if anybody wants to think this as a game about, you know, get him fired and get him fired and slow the White House down because it’s a Republican thing, you’re sadly mistaken.”

This is followed by the usual plea to God and his listeners, “His game is for keeps. This is who controls the United States of America and its destiny. Is it you? Or is it a group of elites? I’m fighting for you and me, my children, your children. I would ask you for one thing. Please, keep me in your prayers, keep my staff in your prayers, for safety, for wisdom, please. I’m asking you. Because I — I just will tell you, as I have before, we have the truth on our side; we also have God on our side. If you believe the founders were divinely inspired, well, with firm reliance on divine providence we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. Just pray for protection, please.”

There is a formula to Beck’s operation. He starts with a threat, and then he adds a dose of fear, followed by a plea to his audience to help him battle the threat. This structure is as old as politics itself. When one threat doesn’t resonate well with his audience, ACORN is a good example, he moves on until he finds one that does. Van Jones’ resignation is a bad thing for Beck, because it takes away the tie he was using in his Obama/Communism conspiracy theory. Jones’ resignation is bad for business.

At least Beck has taken a step away from race baiting and settled back into the traditional right wing domains of partisan and class warfare, with a healthy dose of religion thrown in. Ask yourself this question, if so many forces are out to destroy Glenn Beck, why doesn’t anything ever happen to him? The answer is because no one is out to destroy Glenn Beck.

Beck’s claim is the equivalent of Larry King going on CNN and claiming that forces are out to destroy him. Glenn Beck holds no real political power, thus he is only a threat to the intelligence of his listeners and viewers. No one fears Beck, and he knows this, but he is also an opportunist, who has gotten rich by playing into the fears of the right.

Glenn Beck is in his heyday right now because conservatives are terrified. It will be interesting to see what becomes of him when a Republican gets voted into office again. My guess is that his fear mongering won’t play at all with the right, and his audience will be reduced to the conspiracy theorists and fringe righties that his pleas will appeal to.

4 Replies to “Glenn Beck asks Listeners to Pray for His Protection from the Left”

  1. The white van equipped with straitjackets is on it’s way….please stand at the curb and wave your arms so our driver can spot you.

  2. Beck flatters himself that any progressive would risk prison by physically going after him. He’s just not that important. He’s on the wrong side of history, and will become increasingly irrelevant as people gradually realize that his histrionics are only in the service of the wealthy status quo, and not in the average person’s interest. I predict a future for him hosting informercials in the middle of the night on some obscure cable channel.

  3. Beck does not flatter himself. He is a messenger. Too many people listen blindly to the crapola that comes out of our leaders mouth. The “Secret SSociety” that exsists with power IS to change America as we know it and control this nation. Even if you hate Beck entertain his message. Dark things are looming for the U.S. take a look at where you are all at right now. Look at Obamas recless spending. This is not an administration building America, it is an Administration to tear it down – rebuild in a way that you and I we see our freedoms leave. Hate Beck if you want, but do your homework. The PEOPLE need to be informed and ready.

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