Glenn Beck Blames Van Jones and ACORN for the Levees Failing in New Orleans

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck got himself a new conspiracy theory. He blamed ACORN for allowing the levees to fail during Hurricane Katrina, so that all of the records of their corruption could be destroyed. He also implicated Van Jones, and blamed Jones for spreading around that George W. Bush hates black people. This makes no sense at all.

Here is audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “What are the odds that ACORN SEIU are involved in the corruption locally, or do they just get into the corruption nationally and leave New Orleans alone?….If you were an organization or a city that was just riddled with corruption and you knew it, and everybody knew it, and there was all kinds of funny things going on and a hurricane blew through, wouldn’t it be convenient if all of your records were destroyed?

He then brought Van Jones into it, “Let me ask you this question, wouldn’t it be convenient if you had somebody oh I don’t know if you had somebody who could possibly do this, or help this word get out, let’s just say hypothetically, let’s say Van Jones would help get the word out that Bush hates black people, and that Bush is instructing people to go and shoot African Americans down in New Orleans….Wouldn’t it be convenient if that man would help further the hey it’s Bush’s fault, he hates black people to be able to provide cover for the corruption that was happening in New Orleans connected to ACORN and SEIU and the levees that should have been rebuilt because they knew the whole time.”

According to Beck, the federal government had nothing to do with the levees failing in New Orleans. It was all the fault of ACORN and Van Jones. They conspired to flood the city to cover up ACORN’s corruption. This is so far detached from reality that it doesn’t even need debunking. ACORN had no control over the levees.

ACORN is not some massive monster national conspiracy. Beck is just slipping further and further into fantasy. This whole theory has absolutely no basis in reality. The federal government knew the levees were bad and they did nothing about it. It is amazing that Beck managed to bypass the role of the Bush administration while blaming Van Jones and ACORN. Every day Beck slips a little further away from reality.

4 Replies to “Glenn Beck Blames Van Jones and ACORN for the Levees Failing in New Orleans”

  1. Glenn Beck is just one more fool who is trying anything to discredit the left, in this case by using phony degrees of association to make a case that is easily discredited.
    ACORN’s function was to register voters and report any voter registration fraud, as required by law. He and his ilk continue to attribute power to ACORN

  2. Beck is just one more wingnut throwing anything and everything out there to discredit the left, and trying to see if it will stick. In this case, he is using phony degrees of association between Van Jones and ACORN in order to make a case that falls like a stack of card when the wind of truth hits it. Never mind that the levees had not been adequately fortified for years, or that Bush’s FEMA selection Michael Brown had absolutely no expertise in how to handle natural disasters. He’s playing to the conspiracy nuts who will believe anything and everything he says, because their hatred of this president is clouding their judgment.

    In what passes for Glenn Beck’s mind, ACORN is a bogeyman that had so much power it was able to bring on a natural disaster to cover up its alleged corruption, in conjunction with Van Jones. Some of the same people who expended so much energy to destroy ACORN have no trouble at all with the ongoing efforts of the GOP in some states to disenfranchise voters they fear might vote for Democrats. That happened in Florida in 2000, Ohio in 2004, and in 2008, there were Republicans who tried to disenfranchise voters who had lost their homes because of foreclosures.

    The Gulf Coast has not completely recovered from Hurricane Katrina, and fools like Beck are trivializing the suffering brought on by both Katrina and the BP oil spill, just to score some political points and to continue ginning up hatred and fear.

    But he is not by himself in becoming detached from reality. He has plenty of company in Limbaugh, Palin, Bachmann, Hannity, and many others.

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