Sarah Palin Attacks President Obama on Foreign Soil During Wartime

Palin did actually show up for her CLSA Hong Kong speaking engagement! Let’s take a moment to congratulate her for this fine accomplishment. Showing up is half the battle, especially with her track record.

Palin gave a speech written for her by Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s fired campaign foreign policy advisor — and reportedly the only person who sympathized with her on the campaign trail. Well, Randy had help writing it from two other people (an expert on China and a DC lawyer), because you know it takes a village to regurgitate conservative ideas and attack the President on foreign soil. Apparently.

Randy is also with her in Hong Kong, which is nice, since Randy gave up his career as a serious campaign aide when he turned on John McCain publicly in order to support the nicknamed “Little Shop of Horrors”, aka: Sarah Palin.

“Claiming to speak for Main Street USA, and the “little guys” ignored by Washington and Wall Street, Palin launched into what she claimed to be “common-sense conservatism”. She delivered long but not very eloquent diatribes against politicians in general as well as government interference in the economy, the health care plans of US President Barak Obama and the very notion of income redistribution.”

How the TPP Rose from the Dead

I’m sure the Dixie Chicks are shocked to see Palin get away with criticizing our President on foreign soil during war! Head’s up, girls, accusing a President of being a Socialist Commie income redistributing Marxist Hitler is the new definition of patriotism!

I only hope Palin brought her tea-bagging hat to wear with her charming Mao-collared jacket. I do so appreciate people who take fashion dares. Well, let’s hope that was more fashion statement than pregnancy cover up, as we don’t need any more wild plane rides with leaking amniotic fluid to detract from Palin’s real message….

Which is that she is AGAINST the democratically elected President…in case you missed her healthcare lies and other sore loseriness post-election. Even almost a year later, Sarah often wistfully laments “John and I came in second”. Um, well, John came in second, cuz technically, Sarah wasn’t running for President. Just wonderin’ here, has anyone ever told her?

“She was against the Obama administration’s tariff on importing tires from China,” Nicola Maino, head of equity team, at Euromobiliare Asset Management SGR based in Milan. “In her opinion it was the wrong approach. Her approach would be more cooperation with China.”

Yes, tire tariffs! That’s the ticket! It’s not about the Muslim stuff or his neighbors – it’s the dang tire tariffs! See, she does have a position! Nasty liberals. It’s not racist to attack a war president on foreign soil over tire tariffs! It’s only racist if you say the “n” word, which Sarah hasn’t done on camera in over a year, so don’t you dare play the race card!

I am confused over this one little bitty thing. When she talks to the “little people” she’s always chanting about how she supports buying American, so why is she criticizing Obama for a tariff imposed on tires meant to protect American jobs during a huge recession? And now she wants more cooperation with China?

Ok. Aren’t they the bad guys she’s always warning us about? What about our Pro-America bumper stickers and our Red Hatred?

Is it possible she’s just a puppet? (All you Ween fans should insert strains of “You’re just an object to me” here, just for fun). Puppets never speak for the little guy. Or “moms and pops”. No matter if they are from the pro-America places or not. Puppets only speak for their corporate master. Which is sort of like being a Fascist only with real responsibilities. Or something.

“Chad Tendler, who works in the financial industry, said, “her speech was “very well scripted,” but a question-and-answer session afterward “brought out a bit more color about her as a person” and reminded everyone of “the candidate who we all saw campaigning for vice president.””

Translation? Puppet no good when talking on own. More work needed on new model. Carry on.

“She clearly felt that her audience of fund managers and investment bankers needed to learn from her numerous achievements as (until she resigned) governor of Alaska. And an international audience needed reminding of the dangers of Islamic terrorism.”

Oh, dear. I thought her speechwriter, Randy, would have done a better job than this of preparing a speech meant for international investors. Hint: Proud ignorance is an American value, not an international value. Some countries, having already suffered as a result of Poujadism, aren’t so charmed by faux populism, winks and shout-outs.

You can listen for yourself if you want…Her mainstreet populism didn’t get the response it would have at say, a tea bagging function, where the folks don’t know the difference between an AIP Libertarian Liberty Tree fighter and Ronald Reagan.

“But the speech blackout makes nonsense of Palin’s own claims to honest debate.”

Sigh. We know. Palin says a lot about freedoms and debate and speakin’ directly to the people and yet she insists all questions be pre-approved. Honest debate? Not so much. Yes, even this speech, blacked out to the press and accompanied by warnings to the delegates not to record her in any way, she tries desperately to control her image.

Why do Republicans keep thinking they can manipulate technology the way they do people? Suffice it to say, someone twittered her Un-American comments about our President’s tire tariff! But you saw that coming a mile away.

The Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal somehow got a copy of the speech (wink wink) and printed parts of it, pretty much without comment. Almost as if they were running a publicity department for Palin. Oh, I kid! I kid! I don’t remember the Fox News scandals of reporting the McCain campaign talking points as news…no, no, it’s all fun and games, I’m sure.

Perhpas this is how Murdoch plans to sell Sarah to a hopefully ADD segment of voters, but one wonders if they merely reprint a speech written for her by someone else, how exactly are they selling Sarah? Oh, the puppet again. Got it.

““We have much in common with Hong Kong. We’re both young and transient, independent and libertarian. Places that continue to show the world, the power and the resilience of the free market system at a time when too many are questioning it. So for Alaska, which is the air crossroads of the world, to this prosperous dynamic force in the world, Hong Kong, I bring good tidings, wishes for more blessing and vibrant life and even more freedom.””

So, she’s equating Alaska with Hong Kong here and noting that both are Libertarian. What a great shout out to her John Bircher friends and the AIP! Neither of which are represented at the CLSA….but hey, it’s a start. A Libertarian Puppet to divide the ticket in 2012? I can get behind this idea, but I’m sure the Republicans will claim the Poujadist Puppet as their own, desperate as they are for what passes as charisma within the GOP.

“It closed the speech to the press because she indicated she would say different things if reporters were present, Agence- France Presse reported Sept. 21, citing Jonathan Slone, CLSA’s chief executive officer.”

“Some of those who attended …. walked out early in disgust…Two US delegates left early, with one saying ”It was awful, we couldn’t stand it any longer”. He declined to be identified.

According to delegates, she said US President Barack Obama’s administration worsened an already difficult situation when earlier this month he imposed duties on Chinese tire imports blamed for costing American jobs…

As fund managers we want to hear about the United States as a whole, not just about Alaska. And she criticized Obama a lot but offered no solutions.”

Another said he was disappointed that she took only pre-arranged questions.”

To be fair, Agence_France Presse may still be harboring the distinct image of Palin as an international joke over the Sarkozy prank of Mrs. Palin last year, wherein Palin, who didn’t get a passport until 2007, didn’t recognize the clearly fake French accent of a radio host pretending to be Sarkozy while praising Palin’s work in a pornographic film. Palin giggled in response. Rather unnerving for a VP candidate.

Give the woman a break! She’s trying to falsely equate herself with the President in a desperate attempt to seem Presidential! I mean, the man simply will not pay attention to her! She screams “Death Panels” and he just bats away the buzzing gnat. It’s frustrating for a person who’s used to getting what she wants from men.

She tried seeming presidential on her own; who could forget her Turkey Pardoning video, meant to emulate the annual Presidential turkey pardon! Of course, we all remember how that turned out…At least we can be grateful to Palin for turning scores of children into vegetarians after witnessing the bloody turkey slaughter on live TV.

So, it’s better if the person who quit her first term as governor mid-term let’s fired McCain aide Randy write speeches for her that she doesn’t understand and refuses to take questions on and then takes desperate shots at the President’s tire tariff. That’s a heck of a lot more Presidential than the alternative!

Hey, looks like the Republicans can claim:” Mission Accomplished” again, because they’ve managed to prove once again that they hate America when they lose the election.

Republicans dishonoring America internationally out of spite; Just another day in a Democratic President’s term.

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  5. Looks to me like business people in Hong Kong would pay for the right to get GOP contacts in the States.

    But, May I ask, who cares what Palin has to say, maybe the dumb and the fools within the GOP. Also the I hate men women’s club who would also love to see Miss Piggy as President.

    Palin, please tell me your bra size, they look large. Could this be the reason some people think she is pretty. I just do not see her as a pretty woman with my eyes.

    Mrs. bridge to your bank account—she approved and supported it until Washington said no—for that she claims her words of, thanks, but no thanks. What a fool. But the bridge would had pass if more GOPers won elections.

    Also she claim to be against higher taxes—let me tell all you GOP people, she added big taxes on the oil within her state for a few to benefit and the whole of America to pay for it by higher prices at the gas pump and home heating.

    But we love her—need a two face woman to lie to us to make us feel so happy. Maybe not lie, just to dumb to know what the truth is or paid a lot of money to say what she saids.

    By-the Way Mrs. Palin, I can see New York City from my New Jersey house, so will you support me to run for office in New York.

    But unlike you I had a passport for over 15 years and traveled the world—so do not tell me how bad the health care is outside the USA, that also is a lie on top of more lies or just a dumb person’s outlook or a person who is paid to make such remarks—you pick which case it is—maybe a little of all!.

    Frank Fama

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