Sarah Palin Makes Whining Profitable by Going Rogue

Palin’s ghost-written book, “Going Rogue; An American Life” is set to come out early, on Nov 17, in time for the holiday season! I hear it’s full of blame and accusations for her failures. In other words, a lot of whining. But we expected that.

I’m really impressed that she has now managed to complete, albeit with the help of 4 writers and who knows how many editors, one speech and one book! Looks like she may not quit everything she starts….just those icky, hard things like being governor of a state facing financial difficulties after years of being flush. When the going gets tough, the pitbull gets quittin’!

Sure, the book title steals from Ronnie Raygun the Great, which is worse than stealing from Newt Gingrich as she did with her last speech, because Ronnie is the God of the Republicans. But the rest of the title, “Going Rogue”, is pure Palin! Or, “Goin’ Rogue”, as it should read. Shame on her publisher –the Christian branch of the Murdoch owned Harper Collins — for missing that!

And here, again, too, also, we have another example of epic fail by self-identified “conservatives”/aka: robber barrons, spend and steal from the middle class, lying liars, because not only is the definition of “rogue” uncomplimentary:

“1. An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.
2. One who is playfully mischievous; a scamp.
3. A wandering beggar; a vagrant.
4. A vicious and solitary animal, especially an elephant that has separated itself from its herd.
5. An organism, especially a plant, that shows an undesirable variation from a standard.
1. Vicious and solitary. Used of an animal, especially an elephant.
2. Large, destructive, and anomalous or unpredictable: a rogue wave; a rogue tornado.
3. Operating outside normal or desirable controls: “How could a single rogue trader bring down an otherwise profitable and well-regarded institution?” (Saul Hansell).
v. rogued, rogu·ing, rogues
1. To defraud.”

But the Urban Dictionary is much worse.…and no, I won’t print it here, but it’s worth your while to check it out. We should have seen this coming, as Palin fans are a huge subset of Teabaggers. I just keep thinking they’ll learn the googles.

Palin loves to toss away her bad branding (she was called a “rogue diva” “wackjob” “little shop of horrors” “Wasilla hillbilly looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast” and more by her own campaign aides) with a seeming reckless wink, playing the part of an ‘80’s action hero to her armchair commando cult with great bravado. “I may not answer any of the questions the way you or the moderators want me to!” Wink wink!!!

But the past year has shone a harsh light through Palin’s self-labeled pitbull persona to her paper thin skin. Her relentless whining about the media has been a successful part of her campaigning strategy since she set her small heart on the mayorship of Wasilla, but it played poorly coming from a candidate too scared to do any real interviews and too terrified to allow the media to ask her even one question.

It’s scorched into the psyches’ of real Americans that while Palin hid from the media, she was inciting violence against Barack Obama and his family. She has, in fact, been blamed by the Secret Service for provoking a spike in death threats against US President-elect Barack Obama and refusing to tone it down, even after they begged her to do so.

All the while, she cowered away from the media, insisting that they show her “deference” by not asking any questions, but simply serving as stenographers to her publicity seeking statements. She has been accused throughout her career of behaving as if she has been crowned instead of elected, a trait she shares with another phony cowboy type who just left this country in shambles. Apparently, arrogance based on incompetence and stupidity stands in for courage in the Republican party.

Palin’s whining about the media took on a particularly bitter element when it became known that she had earlier condemned Hilary Clinton for “whining” about the sexism in the media, claiming that Hilary:

“Does herself a disservice to even mention it.. you gotta know what you’re getting into…when I hear a statement like that, coming from a woman candidate,…I think man, that doesn’t do us any good…I don’t think it bodes well for her, a statement like that…work harder, prove yourself to an even greater degree…it bothers me hearing her bring that attention to herself on that level…”

Wooh, the irony meter just flew off the dang charts on that one. Damn that Hilary Clinton for “bringing attention to herself”, because that’s something Sarah would never do! And gee whiz, Sarah Palin can show us all the ropes on that “trying harder” part, especially if trying harder means quitting.

I mean, it’s not like Rush Limbaugh attacked Clinton’s 13 year old daughter and called her an ugly dog, the result of 2 lesbians, Janet Reno and Hilary Clinton….because, geeze, that would be almost as bad as if David Letterman made a joke about an 18 year old unwed mother who was promoting abstinence only as a national spokesmodel… But we know that Palin can take the hits aimed at her family like a pro.

Insert “Fire Dave Letterman the Pedophile Rally” joke here.

Palin dishes it out with a rabid appreciation for the dirty side of politics, but she can’t take even a simple question about what books she reads in return without embarking on a year long revenge tour. Palin is still holding a grudge against Couric for daring to ask Palin what she reads. Now there’s a gotcha question. Palin couldn’t resist starting off with blaming Katie entirely for Palin’s own epic failure, “I never saw the interview after Katie spliced it together, ” Yeah, because Katie’s editing is what caused Palin’s inability to answer…er…. duck and dodge!! Razzle dazzle! Wink wink!

When asked why she couldn’t answer Katie’s question about what she read, Palin responded, “Because, Katie, you’re not the center of everybody’s universe!” Way to answer the question like a rogue maverick! Be bold, Sarah! That is, if self-pity and bitter resentment is the new bold…and I think it is, for some. There. Again. Too.

In fact, she granted another many-times fired conservative radio host turned “documentarian” John Zeigler, access to the insides of her mind regarding the media. And he’s the perfect person to tell a convincing tale of female empowerment, as “He says that after the age of 40 men get more distinguished and women lose their power in the relationship”.

But have no fear, because this guy also said he “had a very, very, very serious plan to kill O.J. Simpson” after the verdict was returned…so, somehow, instead of saying crazy, that says feminist? OK. It had nothing to do with racism, even though he was later fired after having said the word “n#$#$#” on the air. Yeah. Birds of a feather… the Documentary Czar Palin chose to give an exclusive to has an agenda and he obviously hates America (well, the non-white, non-male parts of America).

Our feminist action hero/Sarah Palin’s champion is also currently being sued by an ex-girlfriend for defamation of character after he spoke on air repeatedly about her private body parts in a disparaging manner. He’s another rightie who goes on about “free speech” after being fired for saying the n word, and then made a documentary about the media’s malpractice regarding Palin. Oh, cognitive dissonance….how you sing to me loudest when I’m swimming knee deep in kkkonservative projection!

Palin starts her “Woe is Me Cowboy Action Hero Lament” /aka: documentary with, “When I heard Barack Obama say his wife was off limits…family is off limits…I figured it would apply to me, but no….only to him and his family…” I swear I can hear “I shoulda won!” playin’ softly beneath her. Anyway, it’s good to hear her feelin’ sorry for herself like a rogue cowboy does! Cuz we all know that when Obama said that, he was in fact, sticking up for poor pitbull Palin. But that’s not the way she remembers it…Oh, if this is any indication what juicy tidbits await us in “Goin’ Rogue”, I can’t wait!

See, y’all just don’t see the world the way Sarah Palin does. Maybe she doesn’t love America the way you and I do, because her version of strong feminist frontier woman takin’ on the media and shatterin’ glass ceilings and mine are different. In Palin’s world, the heroine laughs as her female opponent and old friend is called a “bitch” and “cancer” –even when the woman has cancer! And Palin’s feminist heroine laughs as her female opponent, an old friend, is called “fat”. That’s some glass ceilin’ shattering going on there. Also, too. It just makes me hate mean old Katie Couric for asking Palin’s goin’ rogue pitbull heroine what she reads. As if!

“How Self-pity and Narcissism Blinded Sarah Palin to Her Own Strengths” should have been the title to this book. Sarah, after all, had many benefits other candidates have never enjoyed; the largest being that she was treated with deference and kid gloves by the media. After failing with Charlie Gibbons and Katie Couric, both of whom were meant to be soft-ball interviews, Palin has refused to venture away from her home at Fox, where she is guaranteed positive coverage.

It was Fox’s Greta Von Sustern, after all, who did a moving documentary on Palin, “An American Woman” (the right loves to co-opt “American” as if only they are American…so cute), with tons of great footage of Palin even before she was “tapped” for VP. But when some of that footage (at about 4 seconds in) revealed a clearly flat belly one week before she gave birth to Trig, which didn’t go along with the “Pregnant with Down’s Syndrome Pro-Life” narrative the campaign was spinning for her and only fueled the rumors that had been spinning around Wasilla for months prior to Palin being tapped for VP, Fox pulled and scrubbed that video faster than you can say “I’m goin’ rogue!”

Sadly for the Great American Whiner—er, Pitbull, it seems some industrious bloggers (those who haven’t been threatened and terrified into giving up their free speech after being attacked by Palin’s cult and ironically, her “Going Rogue” ghost-writer’s co-author on another conservative whine /book) dug down through the scrubbed interwebs and found this little gem:

And not one person in the MSM has asked why…save Canada’s MSM.

We’re not supposed to ask why! That would be sexist. It’s only OK to ask John Edwards about pesky videos, because you know, he had that expensive haircut! Elitist! Maybe he didn’t get a $250,000 make over, but still…don’t pick on Sarah and quit makin’ things up or
Sarah and her cult will call the Dept of Law on you! You evil American with your free speech rights!

I’m jealous; it seems Canada is getting the real scoop from their media along with universal healthcare. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they valued their people over corporations.

So, Sarah’s had plenty of help and protection from the media. Help she shouldn’t have ever had from a “news” outlet…but heck, we all know that Glass Ceiling Shatterin’ Pitbulls Goin’ Rogue need a lot of pampering.

Get yer order in now for Going Rogue! It’s sure to be a big hit – and take a big hit out of Dominionist Christmas wallets. And isn’t that the point? We al know why she quit. For the money….er….to “better serve Alaska!”

But if you want the real scoop, watch the CBC clip. It’s free, short, and the host can speak English.

….Wink wink!

8 Replies to “Sarah Palin Makes Whining Profitable by Going Rogue”

  1. I have waited long for a “mainstream” blog to mention Sarah Palin’s faked pregnancy. Congratulations! You are the first! The rest of the MSM will look pretty stupid once this hoax has been exposed because they have completely missed it. It’s their own fault. They should do their job, but that’s apparently too much to ask for.

  2. A warning label has been issued to liberals reading her book:
    headache,n­ervousness­,hot flashes,mood swings,loss of
    appetite,t­rimmers,na­usea,vomit­ing,insomn­ia,depress­ion,and thoughts
    of suicide may occur.

  3. “If you’re going out shopping for a ghostwriter, how hard is it to find reputable people without extremist views and associations?

    There are thousands of people who could have done this job. Sarah Palin picked one who is an extreme anti-abortion creationist, associated with an open white supremacist.

    Bad judgment doesn’t even begin to describe this.”

  4. S. Jones, thank you for a great article!

    I have asked elsewhere, and perhaps you will know the answer, but I want to know why any mention of “babygate” or anything to do with Sarah Palin’s fake pregnancy is not allowed on Huffington Post comments. I am appalled at the nasty vicious comments that are made of President Obama, and those comments are allowed. But it is extremely rare that any comments get through about the biggest political hoax ever – a sitting governor who embarked upon a scheme to cover up her teenage daughter’s pregnancy by pretending to be pregnant herself! People have been kept in the dark about Palin’s fake pregnancy and I want to know why Arianna Huffington’s moderators keep it that way. Is that Arianna’s policy, or are her moderators minions of Sarah Palin?

    Palin never seems to have an original idea, she even stole the idea from Season 4 of Desperate Housewives! At first I did not give much thought to that when I heard people mention Desperate Housewives on Palin’s Deceptions, but when I finally googled it, the timing was uncanny. It ran in 2007 (when Bristol was pregnant with Trig) and Sarah embarked upon the same fake pregnancy idea on 2-19-08 when she began to wear the long scarves, and then announced she was 7 months pregnant on 3-5-08, significantly the day AFTER John McCain won the Republican nomination.

    With your resources, can you find ANY articles or pictures of Sarah Palin “and family” attending Track’s graduation from Basic Training at Ft. Benning, Georgia on 1-17-08? Give it a try. Can you imagine Sarah Palin not taking an opportunity for a photo-op with troops??? Could it be that they were elsewhere at that time, like at a secret location where Bristol was giving birth? My best guess is Fairbanks, where Sarah toured the new Providence Hospital Center on 10-25-07, scouting where to hide Bristol when the time was right. This was 2 weeks after Sarah and Bristol went to NYC.

    Hope you can find the answers to my questions about HuffPo and the graduation.


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