Republicans Only Plan is To “Kill ObamaCare”

Republicans are suddenly worried that just saying “No!” 24 hours a day may not be enough to convince the nation that they are the change we’ve been looking for. Hmmm….

“Republican leaders chose not to draft their own comprehensive bill, focusing instead on attacking Democrats’ plans as too costly and bureaucratic. Some prominent Republicans now fear they are getting tagged as the “party of no,” and they want the GOP to offer more solutions to the nation’s health care problems…”

Republicans had a successful summer blocking any meaningful healthcare debate with crazed teabaggers screaming about keeping the government out of their Medicare, but fall is ushering in a more serious tone for the nation.

The stakes couldn’t be higher when it comes to health insurance reform; For the Republicans, the future of their brand rests on their ability to derail the Democrats in their attempts to improve the healthcare system in our country. For Democrats, health insurance reform is needed because the current system in no longer sustainable. Years of tax-cuts and wars that were kept off the federal budget have depleted our resources and the budget is a Bush Mess. Democrats also know that they promised us this and we (the majority, even though some folks would have you believe otherwise) elected them for it.

Gee, it sounds like Democrats are carrying the burden of being the fiscally responsible party as well as the party of social justice and progress…cuz there really is no loyal opposition, no other party, to debate with. There’s just the party of screeching, whining, lying, misogynistic, bigoted, paranoid, brown-fearing, racist, unlimited unitary executive powers when they are in power and zero when they are not, corporatacracy lovin’ creepy gunservatives calling themselves Republicans.

For the majority of real Americans, the health insurance reform issue is more than a political point; For some, it’s a matter of life and death. For others, it’s about their families. It’s about their ability to keep their homes. For all, it’s pretty basic. We’re 37th in the world for healthcare and we are the only industrialized nation without some form of universal healthcare. We’re knuckle-draggers in this respect…

No wonder the Repubs don’t want anything to change.

Republicans have sold the meme that they just need more “time” to draft a good health care reform bill. More time? They had control of the House, Senate and WH for 6 years and they never even brought this issue up! They’ve had all summer to review the various plans and come up with an idea. Heck, they took us into a pre-emptive war with a sovereign nation quicker than that!

What’s the rush? People are dying! That’s the rush!

Never mind people dying. Those people should go beg for charity. And pray. The Gunsevatives’ main concern, they say, is to kill “Obamacare”. Well, gee, that sounds like a great first concern…something they can campaign on, for sure, to their Sarah Palin (white supremacist) base, but wait…

“Obamacare”? Is there a plan put forth by our even-tempered and fair-minded President? Well, no…. But gunservatives don’t let the facts get in the way of a good smack down! Take that, President Muslim Kenyan No Birth Certificate Say-You’re -Sorry -Boy Obama! They’ll be no “Obamacare” for you! Huh!

“A fundraising letter from Grassley to his constituents starkly proclaimed his desire to defeat both “Obamacare” and the proposal from Ted Kennedy’s committee — raising yet more questions about what, exactly, Grassley is prepared to support.”

“Kill Obamacare Through a Backdoor”

“Dick Morris Knows How to Kill Obmacare”

Dick Morris Knows How To Kill Obamacare


(Er, you get the idea…I’m getting sea sick from the cognitive dissonance…please don’t make me read any more Republicans talking about healthcare!)

Clearly, “Obamacare” sneeringly refers to any Democratic attempt to save American lives, ‘cuz we all know how un-American it is to want to live and most certainly to want to save other people’s lives, especially after they’ve been born. Shame, shame, Mr. President. Next thing we know, you’re going to want us all to have food and shelter!

But don’t be disgusted with the cons. Give them a break! Your life is their political strategy. Snide and contemptuous “discussions” of “Obamacare” emanating from privileged white men with health insurance (that you pay for) is part of their winning strategy. One day, you too won’t have to worry about healthcare. That is, if you pray to the right God. You know the one; the C-Street God who forgives Engisn and Sanford but not Clinton?

If they can kill health insurance reform, it will be “Obama’s waterloo”! Careful– I’ve actually seen spittle drooling out of some Southern Strategy Republicans as they say this — and will usher in another 40 years of Republican dominance!! Good times (Hold on to your wallets, whatever is left of your 401K and dump any stocks you have)!

So who can blame them for their desperate and repeated use of “Obamacare” in an attempt to brand the reform bill they hope to kill with the President’s name, even though the President does not have a bill under consideration. Facts, schmacts.

Course, this makes me wonder if they have even read the bills being considered right now, since they don’t even know who authored them. Republicans warn us that we should slow down so they can be a part of the process. How slow do they think we should go so they can catch up?

When will they read the bill? When will they come up with an idea? When will they stop whining and blaming others and present a plan? Just when would they say they will have “time” to look at a plan? They’ve had all summer, just like you and me…

and I have a lot of ideas about health insurance reform. Fiscally conservative ideas, too!

When will they have one?

3 Replies to “Republicans Only Plan is To “Kill ObamaCare””

  1. “Some prominent Republicans now fear they are getting tagged as the party of no…”

    Wow….stunningly slow on the uptake much??

    They really believe that there is somebody out there that hasn’t written them off long ago as the “party of no”?!?!

  2. And a stake driven through its heart.
    I guess the majority of Americans aren’t “real Americans”, since there is no majority support for this bill. The Republicans didn’t try it because after Clinton did, they realized there was no majority support for it then, just as there isn’t now.

    Get off the Bush budget mess, the President has no authoritiy to spend a penny, the only money that can be spent is by the congress. His congress spent like crazy only to be outdone in a matter of just months by Obama and his congress.

    Healthcare does need an overhaul, but not the way it’s being done now. Obama signed his secret (before memo was leaked) backroom deal with the drug companies to protect their profits. This healthcare reform bill isn’t being written with the people in mind. It’s being written by lobbyists for every interested party to make sure their ox isn’t going to get gored, in the end, it’s going to be the underbelly of the people who gets the horn.

    It’s high time the PEOPLE, contacted their representatives and simply said STOP. If this thing is worth doing, with the sweeping changes needed, it needs to be done right. That means, NO LOBBYISTS of any political stripe or industry are to be consulted, heard from, of bribe taken from PERIOD. Only then can those in charge of formulating it sit down and civilly discuss it and come up with something constructive.

    We’re talking about something here that is going to run costs that this country has never seen before. You think war is expensive? Wait till you see the cost of healthcare reform. To keep quality up and costs down the bill has to focus on many different facets of healthcare.

    Tort reform–currently off the table by Dem’s catering to trial lawyers lobby.

    National Insurance Regulation–currently regulated by the states which creates less competition because of the smaller pool of insurers keeping rates up.

    Coverage for illegals–currently wanted by Dem’s opposed by Rep’s, and a vast majority of the people of all political stripes.

    How is it going to be paid for?

    Drug costs–most people can afford the trip to the dr. they simply can’t afford 3 or $400/month for prescriptions. What are we going to do about this?

    With the exception of the military, there’s not a single thing the gov’t has ever done with any measure of competence. The only reason the military does well is because essentially, it’s run apolitically. Politics only comes into play in base closings and weapons contracts, which should also be exempted from politics. Anything else the gov’t involves itself in has been an abject failure, run too inefficiently and too politically to be of any value. This is what people are afraid of in the healtcare debate.

    Do it right with transparency in lighted hallways and the people will participate in the debate in a civil informed manner. Develop it in cloakrooms, out of view and the people are going to fight it tooth and nail simply because they aren’t going to trust what’s being foisted on them.

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