Rush Limbaugh and the Fox Nation Both Get Duped By Obama Thesis Hoax

Today the Fox Nation and Rush Limbaugh ran with a quote from Barack Obama’s thesis while he was a student at Columbia today that the Founding Fathers did not allow for economic freedoms. It turns out that this was a satire/hoax, which was a fact that was initially lost on both of them.

The original story which had beenrunning on the Fox Nation front page, a post by Michael Ledeen features this supposed quote from Obama’s thesis, “… the Constitution allows for many things, but what it does not allow is the most revealing. The so-called Founders did not allow for economic freedom. While political freedom is supposedly a cornerstone of the document, the distribution of wealth is not even mentioned. While many believed that the new Constitution gave them liberty, it instead fitted them with the shackles of hypocrisy.”
Rush Limbaugh jumped on the quote on his radio show today:

Limbaugh said, “The Constitution is the most liberty promoting and freedom acknowledging document in the history of the world, and this little boy in college writing about it with utter disdain, and he still shares those same feelings.”Later Rush said that he didn’t care if the quotes were real or not because he knows that Obama thinks it.

In an update to the story Ledeen acknowledged that the quote was a hoax, “The hoax/satire was written in August, so it’s not connected to any current event. I cam across it on Twitter, read the blog, found it interesting, and posted on it. I failed to notice that one of the tags was “satire.”So he got me, and lots of others. It worked because it’s plausible.”

The quote is only “plausible” to right wingers who are desperate to believe anything bad about Obama. The original blog post was written in August by Brian Lancaster at Jumping in Pools. This is where a little common sense needed to be exercised. If the above thesis quote was true, don’t you think that it would be a huge news story that would have been broken sooner by someone other than the unknown Brian Lancaster? (No offense to Mr. Lancaster intended).

Then again, these are the some of the same people who want to believe that Barack Obama is not a citizen of the United States, and that he is a “socialist like Hitler,” so they will pretty much believe anything about Obama.

Worst of all is Limbaugh who upon finding out the quotes weren’t true said that he didn’t care if the quotes were real or not because he knows that Obama thinks it. Their desire to believe the worst about Obama is exactly why they will continue to fall for hoaxes and be made fools of, over and over again.

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  1. For all of America I apologize, however is there is nothing I can do about the ignorant morons that think they are better because of the color of their skin.

  2. Rush is just doing to Obama what the left wing idiots did to him with his ownership bid for the Rams. You guys are such dorks. No wonder the country’s going down the tubes with you chumps in charge.

  3. I am not in charge of the country. Obama is not in charge of this country by himself. Why Do I have to be a chump. My job is saving lives and loving myself , family, and others. You sound so unhappy and bitter. Maybe you are unfulfilled in life and at a standstill . You would have to be to call people names like chump and idiot without knowing who or what party and values I have. You guys…. who are the you guys you are talking about. Maybe the real dorks are the ones who didn’t give you enough love and self-esteem as you were growing up. What scares you? You have met the enemy and it seems to be you.

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  5. how much wider the original bad info has circulated, but that it is a hoax………not so much, in conservative circles.

  6. Why, O’ why is this monstrosity called limbaugh allowed to continue his idiotic bullying in public? Isn’t there some way to silence him and relegate him to a funny farm of some kind? He’s confessed druggie, an irrelevant product of the tabloid media, yet he is actually looked up to by some feeble minded retards like himself! Mind stupefying!

  7. lmao!…limbaugh successfully wrestles the title of world’s ugliest person from dick ‘torture’ cheney…this will probably be the first in a succession of scams perpetrated on limbaugh…he’s already being used like a tool by the other 80% of people who aren’t ultra-conservatives…he’s like Pavlov’s dog, ready to salivate and howl at any silly fictional story about obama…limbaugh’s certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed…too many painkillers mixed with viagra, i guess…not even the conservative NFL will condone or entertain the idea of him being a minority owner!…he’s a stroke waiting to happen, so he won’t be around much longer…and fox! way to go! you must have been too busy making up other drivel for the party of fear to see this coming! we love it! keep hating, keep doing what you’re doing boys! sentient people see right through the facade


  9. @Neocon. Please learn to disagree calmly & intelligently rather than with namecallling and screaming (all caps). As it happens, I agree with you, but you’re not helping your own cause by behaving badly.

  10. I am a registered nurse, wife, mother and grandmother, and my grandson literally gets teary eyed wondering why we as blacks are so hated and vilified for something we had no control over. Obama’s election has reared bigotry and hatred’s ugly head. But I ask too, why oh why are we hated so much, just what did we do.
    Former slaves were bought here against their will. And yet we are put on the lowest rung of society. Even the President is still called “boy” by Rush Limbaugh, what does he want Obama to do? What is his answer to the current administration. But I digress, again, please, I want somebody white to please answer, what did we do to be so hated?

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