A Message for Republicans; By the Way, You Lost.

Dear Republicans,

We know you’re having a hard time with this concept, so we thought we’d send you a friendly reminder about the election results last year.

You lost.

We do not trust you to be in charge of anything, even the local WalMart.

We do not want to hear your opinions on anything. And I mean anything. Not healthcare, not war, not education, not women’s rights, not gay rights, nothing. Nada. Nil.

We are very happy with the President we have now, and the more we are removed from the craziness of the last 8 years, the more grateful we are that you are now out of office.

For instance, hearing Cheney suggest that President Obama do as Bush did and forgo the constitution reminds us that you all still don’t get it. You still don’t think the laws apply to you. You still think that you can tell us how things are, and we will believe you. You’ve re-branded reality for so long, you believe your own lies. Sadly for y’all, we do not.

Sure, we have more cleaning up to do to get rid of all Republicans, but we’ve made a great effort thus far!

I’m sure you all remember the phrase, “elections have consequences,” no?

Meditate on that for a good long while before you speak on any subject again.

See, the last few elections were not a fluke. We really do despise your policies. We have no faith in your abilities. We are sick of your hypocrisy and lies.

Go silent into the night, “friends”. America is through with you.

P.S. Please take your date, Fox “News”, with you when you leave.

Inspired by more Dick Cheney “dithering” comments. See Dick schooled by Dems: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/25/dems-counter-punch-cheney_n_332987.html

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15 Replies to “A Message for Republicans; By the Way, You Lost.”

  1. that for someone NOT affiliated with either party, the original post makes a good point.

    There is a fair question as to how fairly Bush won either election. Perhaps you remember the phrase ‘hanging Chads’ from the first election, and another phrase which was so vicious it went from a noun to becoming a verb, ‘swift boating’? WMD became a well-recognized acronym, as in those WMDs that Bush lied about to justify the invasion of Iraq. Those elections were mighty close, and had there been anything remotely resembling HONESTY, Bush would NOT have won.

    Yeah, Bush got re-elected, “WE-guys” didn’t initially prevail against the Bush lie machine. But man oh man, the anger that didn’t prevail THEN has caught up with the Republican party, and the conservatives, NOW.

    DO REMEMBER there have been not one, but TWO election cycles since then, and the 2006 cycle was during the Republican / Bush tenure, a loss. But heck, mid-term elections often experience losses to the dominant party…….but by the NEXT election – the most recent, the 2008? — the losses continued, the losses got BIGGER. Being associated with Bush became a huge liability, among other losses, it contributed to McCain going down to an ignominious defeat.

    You’re right, the liberals, the Democrats DON’T have everything in the bag. We SHOULD learn that little lesson from history about not being too cocky, not taking anything – ANYTHING – for granted. Here’s another little lesson from history, we should remember that it is ultimately self-defeating to act like……..Republicans.

    That means “We-guys” (I’m also not affiliated with either party, I’m an independent) need to remain inclusive, not exclusive. We need to succeed by being proficient at forming consensus, not by lying like Republicans. We need to continue to be better at hi-tech, including using blogging and the other resources of the internet to puncture holes in the self-righteous, lying, self-gratifying, gloating bastards that form policy AND opinion, like Rush Limburger and Steele and Bachmann and the Republican machine that is soooooooo very good at enforcing conformity at the expense of morality and ethical conduct.

    You say you “really want to know how that is”? I’d suggest you sit down for a few days of self-education and do some serious READING. This blog would be a good place to start, with the serious WRITING by the authors who contribute here.

    I hope that answers your questions.

  2. What you don’t get is that this isn’t a contest to me. I don’t have an ego stake in this, as “conservatives” clearly do. It is their testosterone that plummeted after the election, after all. And that’s indicative of the inherent problem with the Republican party right now. It’s all a pissing match of resentful people who’s lives are out of control, wanting to blame and scapegoat others instead of manning up and reading a #$%$@# book that someone other than Glenn Beck wrote!

    And no, cliff notes to Ayn Rand’s adolescent fantasies/philosophical ideals don’t count.

    I take no pleasure in how the Republicans screwed this country up. I lost over 3/4 of my savings and stock portfolio due to their gross incompetence and mismanagement. People have died. Katrina. Iraq. Lies have been sold as truth. Lives have been ruined. Plame. America has become a shoddy excuse for what it stood for. Torture. Patriot Act Bullshit. I could go on and on.

    Some of us actually care about the ideals of this country. You know, the ideals that Bush DESTROYED. And not one peep out of the Republicans! Not one Fox “news” anchor screaming abut Fascism when constitutional lawyers described what Bush did as “behaving as a dictator”. Not a peep outta the Hatriot gang then! But now they can’t stop screaming and shrieking hysterically and wearing their stupid Hitler mustaches and humiliating America on the international stage with their ignorance and hate.

    It’s not a contest and I didn’t write this full of smugness. I meant every word.
    I wrote it full of disgust for the smug self-righteousness and lack of accountability of the Republican party.

    I wrote it because they’ve been stealing elections and inserting themselves into our lives for so long, they’re out of control and they don’t know how to stop. They’ve been told by the voters to get out, and they keep driving the bus. They’re abusive, insane, crazy people whose ideas almost destroyed the global economy and have killed hundreds of thousands in a Holy War. It’s 2009.

    They couldn’t have learned about the bloody pointlessness of Holy Wars by reading a history book? Was it too much to ask that Bush stop drinking for one week and read some history so he wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes? Too much to ask of a PRESIDENT? Yes, he’s the guy you wanted to have a beer with. And you think I wrote this full of smugness? Do you have any idea how angry people are at the morons who voted for this guy twice and now have the nerve to run around in their Hitler masks trying to get in the way while Obama cleans up their mess?

    Always wrong. Always on the wrong side of history, and not one time, do they stop and ask themselves WHY did I vote for this guy? Nope. They just go and pull the lever for Sarah Palin. Another Poujadist Puppet hell bent on taking over the world for her Dominionist beliefs. Another epically stupid person. Another cult of personality that the Republicans made a fake narrative about and sold to their foolish voters.

    And you think I’m smug? I’m not smug, friend. I’m enraged at the nerve of these people. You so don’t get what went on in this country. And the entire WORLD watched, so while the right can spout their revisionist nonsense in their Orwellian TV tour, it’s not going to work.

    It’s never going to work again on this generation. They burned us way too badly.

  3. And the truth is you can’t dismiss this as partisan glibness. I am not a registered Democrat. I haven’t voted for a Republican in a very long time. But that’s not because of their party affiliation; it’s because Republicans have been selling shit dressed up as “family values” for so long, I haven’t had a decent Republican to vote for. I am a progressive, and we don’t give a hoot about party. We’re looking for ideas, integrity, respect for our fellow man, dignity, pragmatic solutions, etc. None of which can be found in the current manifestation of the Republican party.

    This is about a paradigm shift that’s been in the works for a while, as the above poster explained beautifully. It’s not about “parties” because the Republican party has become an utter joke – a radical movement of sedition and theocratic ideals. They don’t represent small government or fiscal conservatism, and each time they implement their “ideals” which they have in the last 8 years, they turn out to be complete failures.

    Then, instead of owning up to their neo-con/theocracy (leaning toward Fascism more with each King they appoint) , they disown their last guy and his Republican majority in the House and Senate and somehow find a way to blame Democrats for their failures.

    The failures are failures of IDEAS.

    Buttressed by failures of implementations. But who’s fault is it that they catered to the religious right for so long that they’ve become fringe nut jobs consisting of Klanners, bigots, and Dominioinists talking in tongues? The party of big ideas is gone.

    The Fox viewers and the Beckers like to come here and spout off whatever they hear on those shows about big govt take overs, believing in their hearts that they are once again right and once again the more patriotic of the country.

    Sadly, not one of their accusations is empirically accurate. More to the point, their accusations are proejectiosn of what Bush accomplished, and by that I mean, it’s measurable and provable. But these people are so dogmatic and ignorant that they can not or will not think for themselves.

    SO, they come here and say we’re being partisan. Again, I have to say, I could care less what those people think. I’m only glad the country isn’t being ruled by the guy they wanted to have a beer with again. Take your Poujadist worshiping theocrats and your corpotacracy masquerading as “conservatism” and kindly exit the building. Or at least stay away from important things like wars and floods.

    The rage inside of most thinking Americans toward the Republican party’s irresponsible peddling of this CRAP has not even begun to unleash itself. How DARE they even make one suggestion, one criticism, one smug Sunday morning slander? How DARE they? Who in the HELL do they think they are? This is OUR country and we took the reigns back from those dangerous, cruel, greedy bastards.

    Thanks, but no thanks, to that party to nowhere.

  4. There is no less government, there is either government under your control or you under government control. Or worse you under the control of a shadow government allowed to germinate under weak regulation. Governing will be done by someone somewhere your argument is fatally flawed because of this obvious fact. Please try to keep things realistic. We want a government under OUR control and we want it to be big enough to get the job done that we need it do.

    BTW great article-A Message for Republicans; By the Way, You Lost.

  5. Granted the Republican party had us over a barrel for a long time we were flustered by the abundant ever changing moving targets and dismayed at what was being done by a party that was tough to hit on the chin because they simply had no convictions or beliefs on which they would stand long enough to provide us with a target, and they haven’t changed.
    But we have. As progressives we have learned that is our sacred duty to the country we love and to the world at large to keep Authoritarian RWNJ’s a safe distance from the legislative levers of our nation. This is the underpinning of everything that moves us to action and we have the tragedy of the last administration to thank for that single thing. In closing welcome to republican hell. RW is now apposing a party that views it’s responsibility to protect those levers as a constant obligation we are principled and determined and we will not loosen our grip. It will take a great deal to beat us again. I promise.

  6. …And so did george bush; remember his “Crusade?” “Gog and Magog?” “The Axis of Evil?” The bush administration obviously studied well the 10 steps to fascism, even while ignoring pre 9/11 warnings, financial market instability, educational needs, family planning, etc, they did fulfill their own sick, greedy agenda, at least for the most part. Too bad it ruined the ecomony for the remaining 90% of us…

  7. Cheney…hmmm…Cheney? He was a VP??? Are you referring to Spiro Agnew?? That was a LONG time ago…and I think he’s long since dead. Was he speaking through a medium or something??

    Cheney…hmmm…I’m gonna have to use one of my lifelines for that one.

  8. The way to a prosperous and “Changed” United States it so back and support “Conservatism”. The last 8 years were not ruled by conservatism, out of control spending on both the Rep and Dem sides. We need a change towards LESS Govt control of our lives and NOT more Govt control that is running amuck with the Obama administration. Everything is an Emergency, everything require govt intervension. What is requires is for the Govt to butt out our lives and let “We the People” live our own lives and Pursue our own Happiness. Your right, the current Republicans need to move over and get out of the way and let TRUE Conservative candidates run for election. What we have now with the Obama administration and their Chicago style politics will RUIN this country for us and our children.

  9. It was directed at Republicans. The two are obviously not one in the same if you base your analysis on definitions, but then, the “conservative” movement is no longer conservative, but rather a radical movement of sedition and expanding government into every aspect of our lives (medical, social).

    TO say that Bush/Repub spending of the last 8 years reflects upon the Dems is disingenuous at best. It’s attitudes like that which keep the conservative movement from earning any respect. Bush was the darling of the conservative movement. They voted for him, He was their evangelecial war monger. When things go wrong, they want to disown him?

    not so fast.

  10. , the “conservative” movement is no longer conservative, but rather a radical movement of sedition and expanding government into every aspect of our lives (medical, social).

    Excuse me ? You just described the Obama administration. “Tarp, Car Co Bailouts, Net Neutrality, Cap and Trade, HC Reform, Executive Pay Limits” What did you not understand about the statement “Less Govt not More”. Conservatives, true conservatives do not want Govt involvement in our lives.

    Also, Bush was NOT a fiscal conservative and took heat because of it.

  11. You are aware that Bush drove the economy over the edge with conservative ideology of “free markets” and he in fact initiated the first round of bailouts, right?

    Furthermore, if conservatives really wanted “freedom” from government, they wouldn’t be advocating that women have to have an invasive vaginal ultra sound before an abortion, or advocate for women to have to answer 37 questions which will then be put online for the govt and anyone else to see and read if they want an abortion, or try to tell people who they can love or sleep with or what they can do with their doctors. They wouldn’t be trying to do a Chrsitian take over of the government. Inserting religion into government is NOT conservative; it’s radical and anti-American.

    Name me a “fiscal conservative” who has been in office for the past 8 years. Name the person who followed these “conservative” rules. Bush was adored by the far right conservatives. You can’t disown him now unless you admit that you made a mistake, and then you should be willing to have an honest discussion about WHY you voted for him in the first place.

    Are you a glibertarian or a constitutional party member? If you’re right of Republican, is Palin your ideal? I’d love to discuss her fiscal record with you, but more than that, I’d like you to examine her fiscal record and then come back here and defend her as a fiscal conservative.

  12. Have to say that, as someone not affiliated with either party, this post is complete and utter crap.

    I love the air of smug contempt dripping from every word here.

    But the fact of the matter is – you guys couldn’t beat an incumbent Bush when he was at his low.

    I really want to know how that is.

    Politics are really all just a game, and let’s face facts – they play the game a hell of a lot better than you do. So yeah, all that self-gratifying crap you just wrote, devoid of substance save for your gloating? All amounts to nothing. Way to agree with everyone in the room, and feel like you’re making a difference.

    So, when you get your head out of your ass, let’s stop and reflect that – hey – maybe we don’t have everything in the bag right now?

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