47 Sexual Assault Victims Associated with Halliburton, KBR and Subsidiaries

Forty seven women have come forward reporting similar experiences to those recounted by Jamie Leigh Jones, who was gang raped by employees of defense contractors Halliburton and KBR. I had previously identified the number at 11, from earlier information in my research; the higher number reflects the more recent numbers who have contacted Jamie Leigh Jones and her Foundation. Just as important is the fact that the Senators who voted no on the Franken Amendment are being held accountable in their home states.

At least two of the women already have had similar court cases challenging the enforcement of arbitration clauses which was the subject of the Franken Amendment, and are mentioned in the May 9, 2008 decision of the Jamie Leigh Jones case in the United States District Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division.

That decision mentions the similarity of the sexual assault in Cravetz v. Halliburton (Southern District of Florida), and the sexual assault in the case of Barker v. Halliburton (Souther District of Texas). While looking into what I could find on the allegations of sexual assault related to Halliburton and KBR, I also came across a reference to a criminal conviction of David Charles Breda Jr. for the sexual assault of a woman while employed by a KBR subsidiary in Iraq. There is a wonderful web site hosted by the Project on Government Oversight, “POGO”, which maintains a Federal Contractor Misconduct Database that is fascinating reading at www.pogo.org.

The political fallout for those Senators who voted against the “Franken Amendment” has begun, with the first Senator, David Vitter from Louisiana (R), to be confronted by a rape victim in his home state, following a public meeting on health care reform in Baton Rouge on Halloween.

Here is the link to the YouTube video of the encounter:

It could be said that the real life confrontation was potentially far scarier for Vitter, at least politically, than any holiday monsters. It should be interesting to see if this vote against the Franken Amendment is more damaging to Vitter re-election hopes in 2010 than the fallout from his prostitution scandal.

Vitter has earned notoriety for his use of prostitutes, including apparently being phoned by the prostitution ring to set up appointments for their services while he was on the Senate Floor during actual votes, according to correlations between phone records and Senate vote records. Apparently the Senator has an interesting way of mixing business with pleasure, or at least the business of pleasure.

It has been the recent pattern when asked to explain their vote against the Franken Amendment, for the nay-voting Senators to state their opposition to the intent of the Amendment, while misstating the position of the Obama White House which supported the intent, and worked with the Senators sponsoring the Amendment to make it more enforceable and broader.

There is every possibility that there are more victims than the 47 who have now come forward in addition to Jamie Leigh Jones. It will be interesting to see how this plays out between now and the 2010 elections for those Senators, and with the Department of Justice.

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  2. While KBR may be wrong, using a 33 year old rape victim to attack a senator is disgusting. The Dems are using women just like KBR. When are women going to stop being used by men?

  3. So what you are saying is a woman who is a rape victim would only feel strongly about someone being raped and not being able to get justice for it because the Dems told her to. It couldn’t be that she relates to other rape victims and wants justice to be served. And KBR may be wrong? So you are saying that even though the proof points to the fact that women have been raped and the people who did it can not be convicted, KBR may be wrong, how about are wrong? I hope Sara Jones (one of the bloggers) does not read this or she will rip you a new one.

  4. No one is USING a rape victim to attack the Senator. I would expect that a lot of rape victims feel the way this woman does, and that more will come forward to confront Vitters and the Senators who voted against the Franken Amendment.

    KBR MAY BE WRONG??????????? It has already been established that Jamie Leigh Jones (and other women) were raped by co-workers. One of them was still passed out in her room when she came to after being drugged and gang raped. He admitted the details to her of the rape. That she – the victim!, not the rapists – was falsely imprisoned and only rescued by Embassy personnel from Baghdad a day later is also a matter of factual record. This was a rape so vicious that the pectoral mucles around her breasts and her chest were ripped away from her chest wall requiring reconstructive surgery to reattach them. Worse, this was a pattern of conduct, about which KBR LIED and conspired.

    And you have the NERVE to compare Democrats to KBR? OR to claim that women being angry with these Senators equates to being used? You have this woman’s age – do you have her political affiliation as well? Do you think there aren’t Republican women who agreed with the Democrats on this amendment? THINK AGAIN, including THREE Republican Senators who are women, Snowe, Collins, and Hutchison, along with EIGHT other Republicans and two Independent Senators who voted for the Franken Amendment.

    This was one of the most genuinely bi-partisan supported Amendments of the year. Don’t perpetuate this ignorance, that this is about women using men or being used, or Democrats playing partisan politics.

    It IS about which Senators are in the pockets of these particular contractors, or alternatively, getting bribed by payoffs from less than honest organizations on their behalf.

  5. I had also written about this on another blog, Penigma.blogspot.com, so I didn’t think she’d mind me providing the update.

    And I hope I did as well by her original article in setting the commenter straight on the facts of this issue. I did email our Sarah J about the update, and this particular commenter……….

    busy or not, I guess she wasn’t TOO busy to ‘remodel’ that commenter with a new orifice, LOL. Thank you Sarah! applause applause

  6. Seriously, friend….

    “while KBR may be wrong” : You’re suggesting here that rape may be right. Are you sure you want to stick with that line of thinking?

    “using a 33 year old rape victim to attack a senator is disgusting”: I know Republicans have a hard time with this concept, but some of us women actually have ideas and thoughts of our own. We then use our voice to articulate such thoughts. See, we’re not all puppets happy to be dressed in red hooker shoes and paraded around as “glass ceiling breakers” whilst the repressed Palivenglicals look up our skirts and shout “hottest governor!”. Yes, indeedy, we like to think of ourselves as…..


    And sometimes people

    (that would be us, and this woman who you identity solely based on her experience as a rape victim) get mad when their bodies and souls are violated viciously and cruelly.

    Sometimes, we even like to speak up about it, though we know it makes you uncomfortable…unless, of course, you’re still screaming “sexism!” when anyone dared to ask Sarah Palin what she read.

    Because I can so totally see why it might outrage you to have a woman asked what she reads, whereas a woman speaking up against rape is just….a woman being used.

    So, you’ve assumed that the “dems” put a woman up to this; which also assumes that the only party who would give a crap about a woman being raped would be the Dems, and on that score, I have to agree with you. However, you haven’t proven this as a fact, so in addressing it, it’s important to note that you’ve jumped several Fox holes over the moon in your desperation to discredit this brave woman.

    But let’s just pretend that your point is accurate for a moment. You’re now equivocating rape to asking someone to speak about their experience in order to make a point about much needed legislation.


    I know empathy isn’t a strong point among the Rebiblicans, but surely your brain can wrap itself around the differences here, no?

    See, one is physical and one is not. One is an assault that is against the law, and one is not. One is the way we debate issues and is an exercise of our constitutional rights to be heard by our representatives and one is not.

    Oh, I see. This is where I lost you…I realized after listening to the Orange Man recite the declaration of independence as the constitution that the “patriot” party is actually grossly unfamiliar with the constitution, which explains a lot!

    So, maybe you’d like to review our laws and the basis of our democracy first,a nd then we can debate the finer points of your argument.

    But I’ll leave you with something simple…One of these things is not like the other.

    Surely you can pick out the thing that doesn’t fit into how we dialogue about our laws? Because I’m thinking that rape doesn’t belong there…but that’s just me, and I don’t happen to be dressed in red peep toe heels and short skirt at the moment, so my opinion may be meaningless to the party of women’s rights.

    I do hope that you never learn about the absurdity of your comment the hard way, and that your life continues to bless you with the distance and privilege which allows you to make such disturbingly false equivocations.

    I will leave you with the thought that this line of reasoning doesn’t strike me as particularly “big tent” and there may be women who are offended by the Republicans defending rape as being the same thing as speaking to our representatives. The utter lack of respect and comprehension of the problem is indicative in this very absurd attempt to discredit the survivor as a political operative.

    Notice that you still aren’t hearing the real problem.

  7. I know that if you respond, you will most likely claim that you are not a Republican. It seems to be an epidemic these days:-) You’ll claim you’re an “independent” sick of parties and the corruption in DC.

    But then, after more interaction, I’ll be discern the stink of Fox News talking points and all denials will be lost forever. See, “independent” when coming from the far right doesn’t mean independent at all. If it did, I wouldn’t know what you were going to say next.

  8. the smell of dead ideas, much like dead fish. Or from Rush Limburger, er, Limbaugh. The veritable cyberspace / right wing media delicatessen of dead ideas.

  9. WHY are these cases even in court!??!?

    I have been in a union and we had contracts with the company, and we had things that would be arbitrated, BUT NONE OF THEM WERE CRIMES!!!

    I mean ‘arbitrate’ a felony??? Are you friggen serious???
    Why are the judges even reviewing such fantastic claims that a company can arbitrate a gang rape & armed kidnapping???

    This is beyond stupid….so courts would have people believe that corporations are a law all unto themselves?

    If I am missing something here, please let me know what the heck it could possibly be…

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