An Increasingly Unstable Limbaugh Blames Obama for Ft. Hood Shootings


On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh blamed the Ft. Hood shooting where 13 soldiers were killed on President Obama. Limbaugh said, “We could almost say this is Obama’s fault, because this guy said that he believed Obama was going to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Here is the audio:

Limbaugh said, “I am sure they’re not going to call this hate crime. I’m sure this man’s inner feelings are going to be probed regarding the Bush/Cheney war. You wait, but let’s not forget this man had no problem with killing people, zilch. This guy’s not a pacifist. This guy is not a coconscious objector. He didn’t like Americans in Afghanistan or Iraq, and by the way, playing the game the way the media and the Democrats do, we can almost say that this is Obama’s fault, because this guy said that he believed that Obama was going to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama hasn’t done it, and that’s one of the reasons why the guy cracked.”


According to Rush, it is Obama’s fault that a mentally unstable man shot 43 people last week. It is pretty safe to say that his upcoming deployment was not the only reason why this man decided to go on a shooting. However, Limbaugh’s Obama paranoia knows no boundaries. It is only a matter of time before Limbaugh starts blaming Obama for the weather.

Limbaugh’s act would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad that millions of people listen to this guy. The whole idea that everything bad that happens in the world is Obama’s fault is getting tedious. The Ft. Hood shooting is no more Obama’s fault, then the Virginia Tech shooting was Bush’s fault. It may be difficult for Limbaugh to understand this, but not all people act with a political motive in mind. Once again, Rush tries to capitalize on a tragedy by blaming Obama.

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  1. […] An Increasingly Unstable Limbaugh Blames Obama for Ft. Hood Shootings – view page – cached On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh blamed the Ft. Hood shooting where 13 soldiers were killed on President Obama. Limbaugh said, “We could almost say this is Obama’s fault, because this guy… Read moreOn his radio show today Rush Limbaugh blamed the Ft. Hood shooting where 13 soldiers were killed on President Obama. Limbaugh said, “We could almost say this is Obama’s fault, because this guy said that he believed Obama was going to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan.” Read less […]

  2. There is no doubt that Hasan believed that jihad is good, the US at war with al quida and the other terrorist organizations is bad. There is no way to spin this one. The guy is a radical and he was US military espousing the views of our enemies. How can this be anything other than a traitorous act?
    Of course no one blamed Bush for the VT killings, completely different scenario. The killer was not a jihadist, just plain crazy.

  3. Comments like the recent pronouncements of “El Rushbo” make me wonder if he’s truly over the drugs. But the biggest problem is that so many people just play ditto-head without thinking it through. Logically, this fellow makes about as much sense as his adopted hometown – Palm Beach – gets snow. Then again, he’s been snowing his listeners for years.

  4. … the shooter claimed Limprod as a source of inspiration! Also, I find it interesting that it’s glazed over that Bush is responsible for putting us into Afraqistan and no, he deserves no credit at all! I am in favor of removing our troops from these foreign states in which their true mission is to protect the construction of new gas and oil lines. However, if I put myself in the POTUS’ shoes, I could conceivably find a reason to sustain troop levels, but with the government so heavily shrouded in state secrets, how could I know? Finally, there are many more responsible. What about the guard(s) at the fort that were circumvented? Were they doing their job? Also consider that Colonel Sanders (lookalike) circumvented UN security. Get off it, fools. The government is worthless. Read the freaking Constitution. It is truly We the People who should be making the demands. Politicians should be pandering to us, not the other way around. Stop shirking responsibility. In fact, when you awaken to the truth, you may realize that you shoulder responsibility for all suffering throughout the world. I wonder what kind of heaven on earth would be established if that was our collective mentality. Sigh. To some degree, I patiently await the fall of this great nation, whereby a newer, nobler, freer world will take its place. I voted for McKinney, ha!

  5. You’re a moron Easley. The only reason Limbaugh’s comments are sad are because idiots like you take everything he says literally. Sure he’s pushing his political agenda against Obama, but his point here is that Obama needs to quit wasting time and make some decisions about the war, not that the shooting is all Obama’s fault. Also, the VT shooting had nothing to do with any decisions that Bush failed to make or address so the comparison there isn’t similar in any way… Get a clue.

  6. again, i have to ask you, what has the republican party offered america besides, war, recession, deregulations, and, of course, making millionares into billionares. why and how do they have the support they do? the only logical answer is……cvs and walgreens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep poppin pills america, our demise is comming!!!

  7. An analogy does not have to hold every single similarity between two instances as you’re proposing. If it did then you would be speaking of a causal/temporal loop. As far as we know, that’s science fiction. The previous analogy holds and is correct. As far as your summation of the situation, that would explain the term “Dittohead.” Someone who is proud to let the words and thoughts of someone else define their own position. Furthermore, please stop the old tactic of projecting the photo-negative of your own prejudices, hatreds and fears upon people who believe differently than you. The one thing I have discovered is that the first to blame are often the first to misbehave. It’s amazing how the extreme right can justify lying and exaggeration in the process of accusing anyone whos opinions are left of theirs of lying and exaggerating.

  8. It appears that the Wall between CIA and FBI before 9/11 has been re-erected. So in that sense, Obama is responsible. Also the shooter had reached out to Al Qaeda so where is the government tracking this guy. He should never have been on that base! Why weren’t the dots not connected?

  9. During WWII a British talkshow host the soldiers called “Lord Ha Ha”. His
    show was on radio Berlin….beamed to British forces. He said Churchhill
    was going to ruin the UK etc….in June of 1945 he was captured by the British troops and sent to the UK where he was tried for treason and hung
    until dead in January of 1946. In the US he would have become a rich
    man instead.

  10. “The only difference between God and Obama is that God doesn’t think he is Obama.” – Oh, the misdirected right-wing wit!

    That’s great if that’s the only difference. According you your logic, if “God does not think he is Obama” is the only difference, then Obama does think that he (Obama) is Obama! Yay. Thanks for the confirmation.

  11. The gentleman had it right that you shouldn’t take everything that Rush says literally. After all, if you go by what the left is always saying, he’s, “just an entertainer.” Funny how no one says that when janeane garofalo opens her trap. The point of this is that somehow one person’s action can ‘make’ someone do something. For instance, Bush being in Iraq is ‘making more terrorists’. If this is true (Media makes this claim) then President Obama not getting us out has caused this man to snap. Now, here is the part that should be understood. Rush isn’t saying that Obama caused this. He is just using what he calls, “Illustrating absurdity by being absurd”. Just as the idea that Obama caused this man to kill these folks is absurd, so is the argument that Bush was creating terrorists (which they fail to realize that by that logic now Obama is making terrorists). Funny too how we aren’t getting a daily body count these days. Hmmm…

  12. Rush did not say Obama was to blame. LIsten to it. He says the word ALMOST. The author of this article needs to take a listening class.

  13. To all of you who say you cannot take Rushass literally you are wrong! Listen to Rushass he expects his listeners to take him literally, as he said has said in many interviews he means what he says. If you do not take him literally then you are not a true ditto head and to that then why are you defending a racist soulless monster who wants this country to fail? If you are a true ditto head then why are you here go listen to your Rushass you asster. Morons

  14. Don’t come in here with your logic and reason and point out that this is taken entirely out of context…

    I know it is really hard for people to listen to Rush’s actual message rather than just taking quotes out of context. Rush NEVER blamed Obama for this attack. He is making an example, following ONE line of reasoning, to it’s conclusion.

    No one is blaming this on Obabma. That’s OK though, because we are all just a bunch of stupid racist teabaggers. Please resume your scheduled bashing.

  15. We, the United States, are creating terrorists by forcing American ideologies down the throats of other countries. And lo and behold, our invasion of Iraq was on the big Bush watch. Lets think logically please!

  16. Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer, he preys on circulating misinformation and the emotions of the weak minded. Its the oldest simplest trick in the book, get someone to start agreeing with you on something and then spew out information which they know nothing about but will believe willingly assuming your previous agreements lead into some sort of a logical reasoning. People do it with kids all the time, its a no wonder that Conservatives fall for it so easily. Heard them together and you can move them anywhere.

    “And if that isn’t enough to get you mad”


  17. uh i think you’re trying to be funny, but you succeeded in just looking dumb.
    thanks for taking the time to work your mind on that pun.
    whoo. go back to sleep.

  18. The only indications we have that he MAY have had sympathies with jihadists is that he MIGHT have said ‘Allahu Akbar’ while shooting.

    There is no more reason to blame Obama for this wack job than there was to blame Bush for VT killings. Crazy is simply purely crazy.

    Now, should the military have gotten this wacko OUT of the service? YES, and apparently a LONG TIME AGO, not just lately. That would be back while BUSH was president as much as on Obama’s watch.

    Except that thanks to the decisions made by BUSH, our military was stretched too thin to let him out of serving. Hmmmmmmmmm so…..who is responsible for that again? Oh, yeah. BUSH for dragging out both wars.

  19. If you’re going to use analogies when you write, at least use those that are relevant. There is not an iota of similarity in the case that you made that blaming Obama for the Ft. Hood incident is akin to blaming Bush for the Va. Tech incident, other than the fact that innocent human beings lost their life at the hands of a madman. The Va. Tech killer DID NOT belong to the mosque that two of the 911 terrorists belonged to, DID NOT sign his emails SOA (Soldier of Allah), DID NOT refuse deployment to the Middle East, DID NOT openly criticize the US for its presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, DID NOT try to openly recruit for his cause, WAS NOT hailed as a hero by anyone. It’s been shown that the government was fully aware of the shooter’s leanings and beliefs, but did nothing to stop him. That makes Obama responsible, pure and simple. Another thing that has occured on Obama’s watch is the weakening of the US’s position in the world. We’ve been made weaker by his constant apologies to our very existence, his kowtowing to the politically correct left emboldens those that would do us harm and his slashing of the defense budget. When normal citizens, like the Boston police officer, object to the action of anyone who’s not an old white person, we’re racict, anti-muslim or non-tolerant. Fort Hood is a clear example of what tolerance to the extreme of political correctness embodies. Get ready for more. Obama has paved the way.

  20. A better one would be, “blaming Obama for the Ft. Hood incident is akin to blaming Bush for all the deaths in Iraq or for all the deaths from hurricane Katrina.” I guess those wouldn’t be very good analogies either since it actually is Bush’s fault we’re in Iraq, even though, you know, that had nothing to do with anything. Remember WMDs? And it was kind of stupid for Bush to put Michael Brown in charge of FEMA, even though he was commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association. As for the weakening of the US’s position in the world, wake up. It’s no longer post WWII. We live in an age of globalization, there eventually will be a new super power and just because it’s not the US at the forefront does not mean that world will fall apart. End times rhetoric like this is just that, rhetoric. It doesn’t have any truth in it other than fear mongering. Fort Hood is not a clear example of tolerance to the extreme, it’s an example of an extremist being allowed into the military and doing what extremists do best. Be crazy extreme. Come on, let’s look at this through the eyes of a sane person for once. Good luck in your bunker Mr. Anonymous.

  21. You are the one interpreting,

    “and by the way, playing the game the way the media and the Democrats do, we can almost say that this is Obama’s fault,”

    What he is pointing out is the hypocrisy of the Democrats and the media who went so far as to blame a hurricane on Bush. The same media and party who even though they control everything with both houses of Congress and the White House still blame Bush at every opportunity.

    You sir are the one that is easily influenced with no logic or thought processes of your own. You can only go parroting others in a feeble attempt to make yourself feel smart.

    It is no wonder with the government running the schools that people can not read. Can’t wait for them to take over health care.

  22. It was the military that was aware, not the Obama administration. Get your facts straight before you start barking like that drug addict Limbowwow. Seriously, you sound like a total chump with such a clear agenda that you don’t even bother to examine how idiotic it is to blame anyone else but the guy who shot the people. Stop watching Glen Beck while you choke your chickin, douche.

  23. Yeah Rush , and Bush AND Cheney told us “Mission Accomplished” , you dolt. I say its your fault from taken so many deferrments and not doing one thing for this country.

  24. Also, Obama has all ready sent 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan earlier this year, the same amount that Bush sent for his “amazing surge.” So to say Obama has done nothing in Afghanistan is ridiculous.

  25. you moronic liberals i hope it is your family’s that are blown up at malls around this country with your PC bullsh*t na dit is directly obama’s fault . and the demoncrats for taking away the power from the CIA

  26. what an obscure and horrible analogy. did you really just reference an actress who no one cares about, who while admittedly has liberal tendencies, in comparison a man who has millions of listeners everyday, how is that even remotely similar? take a simple logical analysis course buddy. oh wait you probably aren’t enrolled in college just like most of rush limbaugh’s listeners. The problem with the fascist rush limbaugh is not rush himself it’s the lack of education of his followers. the US has taken far too long to turn around its education system that has been failing for 30 years, and now we have millions of fully grown adults who can’t even tell reality from entertainment, such as yourself.

  27. The statement is actually fairly complex if you take the time to read the full quote above carefully: Mr. Limbaugh sets up a straw man (media/Democrats) attributes a line of reasoning to them (playing the game the way they do) and approximates claiming to follow the line of reasoning he has created by attribution (we can almost say) to preface his statement.

    Most above, and, I suspect, many of Mr. Limbaugh’s followers simply take away the message that Mr. Limbaugh is blaming President Obama for “the Ft. Hood shooter’s” actions.

    I would argue that with power should come responsibility. Mr. Limbaugh has a great deal of power to influence the thinking of his followers and thus political thinking and discourse in America. I suggest that a real problem with Mr. Limbaugh is that in some of his communications, this among them, he doesn’t speak as responsibly as he should, commensurate with his power. His relatively extremist positions thus make it more difficult to have mature conversations about the issues and philosophical choices we confront.

    I suggest that Mr. Limbaugh is a demagogue and should be taken as such.

    Wikipedia defines demagogy better than I can: ( )

    “Demagogy (also demagoguery) (Ancient Greek δημαγωγία, from δῆμος dēmos “people” and ἄγειν agein “to lead”) is a strategy for gaining political power by appealing to the prejudices, emotions, fears and expectations of the public — typically via impassioned rhetoric and propaganda, and often using nationalist, populist or religious themes. Since its probable first use as a term by Aristophanes in his satire against the demagogue Cleon, the perimeters of what is and is not demagogy is subject to considerable debate and ambiguity. . . .

    The early 20th century American social critic and humorist H. L. Mencken, known for his “definitions” of terms, defined a demagogue as “one who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” ”

    I should add that I haven’t taken the time to listen to the quote in a wider context than the full written quote above.

  28. […] to be outdone, big fat idiot (thanks, Al Franken) Rush Limbaugh chimed in with his own ridiculous attack on Obama.  Let me just quote him for you:  “…we can […]

  29. At Dobbs and Limbaugh? Oh yeah. At Obama for calling them out? Heck no. He nailed ’em. FBI stats show that people who are or are thought to be possibly illegal are targets for violence, the numbers continue to increase pretty sharply.

  30. Hey Anonymous, you forget that when we received all the intel on this guy and his email. Bush was in the White House not Obama. So who is really at fault?

  31. If god is in us all we are all god, and we should know that we are godly. Interesting that personal attacks outweigh facts here. Also that there is so much intolerance. One can disagree without attacking.

  32. How do you know the difference between God and Obama? When did YOU meet God? hahaha. For someone to make a definitive statement like that would have required a person to have met both people. It’s an illogical thought process. NEXT!!!

  33. The irony is that you sound like a talking points memo:

    “Another thing that has occured on Obama’s watch is the weakening of the US’s position in the world. We’ve been made weaker by his constant apologies to our very existence, his kowtowing to the politically correct left emboldens those that would do us harm and his slashing of the defense budget.”

    Are we still in WW2? Is Japan going to rise up and strike back at the US? Why are we wasting resources to prepare for an attack from an enemy that isn’t really there? It’s clear you do not like cutting defense spending because you feel (or have been told to) that you will be less safe. What about job safety and the future of our children because we keep cutting education (to pay for more bombs, of course)?

    My point: instead of wasting billions of dollars in resources blowing people up half-way across the world, let’s take the time to ensure our children have a good future that can remain competitive with the burgeoning global economy.

  34. “It’s been shown that the government was fully aware of the shooter’s leanings and beliefs, but did nothing to stop him. That makes Obama responsible, pure and simple. ”

    You are correct that the government was fully aware of the shooter’s leanings and emails to the extremist Imam, but this was 2008 when George Bush was in office…

    So if you’re going to play the Presidential Blame Game, it’s your guy George Bush that’s at fault, not Obama, for not arresting Hasan.

    Now who has the warped logic?

  35. So you stupid liberals think Rush is tedious when it comes to saying it’s Obama’s fault for why things go wrong. That’s all I heard from you stupid liberals about Bush. Anytime something bad happened it was Bush’s fault.

    Get used to it! It’s our turn now you STUPID Liberals!

    Obama is going down in history as the worst president EVER! And Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpon are licking their chops. HaHaHaHaHa

  36. Limbaugh: “playing the game the way the media and the Democrats do, we can almost say that this is Obama’s fault…” Easley: “The Ft. Hood shooting is no more Obama’s fault, then the Virginia Tech shooting was Bush’s fault.” Those statements are mirror images. Neither is accusing a president of murder; both are comparisons.

  37. used to be a talk show host in miami called mike reneri many years ago ,he said this man was a lunatic .. does anyone listen to this vile right wing nitwit

  38. I’m in the camp in the middle who is more confused than ever. I’m thinking, how can anybody be convinced of his buffoonish, laughable statements? And then i see that there are plainly people who are, which confuses me. Then i say, how can sane people even rebut these statements, they’re too silly and can’t be taken seriously. But yet I read many seemingly logical people trying to do just this, which is an exercise in total futility, considering the utter absence of their opponent’s intellect, and this should be realized. I am more and more convinced though every time i read one of these weird things he says and see everybody’s reaction to it, that all this is is just simple old-fashioned entertainment, although it gets kind of tedious when it is on the radio way too much all the time. They should maybe tone it down to the Rush Limbaugh minute maybe once a day where he can spout out his nugget for everybody to digest.

    Let’s look at Rush’s various comments in context. I’ve heard him in the past say that Obama persecutes minorities because the smallest minority is the minority of one: you the listener, and he is persecuting you because he is raising taxes to pay for the wars, economic meltdown, the deficit, or whatever, and thence Obama is persecuting minorities. He repeated this point home to us listeners several times very carefully with what sounded like a straight face.

    He has made many statements of equal absurdity many times before. His interpretation of this overtaxation and his recent personal blaming of Obama on the ft hood shooting and his many other similar outrageous statements all have one thing in common: They only hold water in the vacuum of logic used to convince 2 years olds, maybe 3 year olds, no exaggeration. I think once you get to be about 4 or 5 years old, you can start poking holes in his logic pretty easily, again no exaggeration. It should be beneath everybody having an intellect stronger than that of a small child to be even slightly compelled to point out the glaring deficiencies of his logic to others. You would merely insult the intellects of normal people.

    These ridiculous stances should be dismissed out of hand immediately as the ramblings of a large insane silly child behind the mike with a seemingly inexplicably large audience (i admit, i listen to him when im tooling around in my car and there are commercials on the sports talk shows, just for giggles), although his ramblings taken as a whole present us with a broader conundrum. If we further delve into this morass called Rush Limbaugh, we subject ourselves to larger mysteries and paradoxes.

    Is this a grand social experiment to see if human listeners can be successfully dumbed down to the level of a moronic talk show host? If enough people listen, will they start talking about statements obviously void of any logic as if they were actually valid talking points because it’s the only thing on, and does this reduce the intelligence of the population as a whole? Will people actually be convinced? If so, what is the foundation of reason for these people? Do they have use for reason? Maybe it is an experiment on the “sheep” mentality or blind loyalty to an ideology or an attempt to tally the feebleminded or hateful. Could it be a giant SNL like skit where the joke is on everybody alike: the dumbasses who are actually convinced of these statements on the one hand and on the other, people who are duped into trying to somehow rebut his ramblings as if they were actually worthy of being rebutted? The efforts are comical due to the nature of the material.

    I’m telling you, there is something going on here. Somebody somewhere is getting a kick out of this. Others are disappointed, confused, or otherwise intrigued by the larger phenomenon. Some simply laugh out loud at his statements taken at face value. Still others are rolling their eyes and shaking their heads and lamenting that there isn’t something better on during the frequently endless commercials during the sports talk radio shows.

  39. This guy is perfectly stable and sane. He is a Muslim and his religion demands that he slaughter infidels in order to accomplish world domination. Pull your heads out of your butts and get some facts.
    The level of gun control on Army bases is retarded. We can trust people with millions of dollars of equipment and with bombs, but we take away their ability to defend themselves and others as soon as they are released for the day! How are they supposed to defend the country from enemies foreign and domestic if you dissarm them?
    Progressive politicians, judicial activitists, and political commanders are to blame for the weakening of our military might,and pointless, corrupt civillian government agencies are to blame for the HUGE gaps in homeland defense and border security.
    The liberal rags are just mad that they can’t blame another shooting done by a socialist on poor old Rushie.

  40. No his religion does not demand that he slaughter infidels. The extremists do. And there is a reason why people do not carry weapons on a base. You obviously know nothing about it. The rest of your post is garbage

  41. You can deny facts all you want, but instead of lashing out at those who try to help the blind you should listen and seek the truth for yourself. I happen to know EVERYTHING about it. Is it fun living in Opposite Land? It’s been nice talking about extremism with the god of death. Don’t forget your Xanex.

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