Glenn Beck Compares Healthcare Reform to Roman Polanski’s Statutory Rape

On FNC program tonight Glenn Beck compared healthcare reform to the statutory rape committed by Roman Polanski. Beck said, “We’re the young girl saying no, no help me, and the government is Roman Polanski.” I think the victims of rape would disagree with Beck that passing a healthcare reform bill is just like being raped.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Beck was talking about healthcare reform when he said, “America has spoken clearly, consistently, we don’t want this, and for the first time in history, we don’t think it’s the government’s place to give it to us…We are excuse this analogy, but I feel like it’s true. We’re the young girl saying no, no help me, and the government is Roman Polanski. In the end, I think we’re all going to be cowering in France.” Beck pulled out the standard conservative distortion that America can’t afford healthcare reform.

Once again, Glenn Beck has managed to ignore all of the polling data which shows that a majority of Americans support healthcare reform. Beck has it totally backwards. The people aren’t saying no, no. They are saying hurry up and get this done. Only in right wing bizzaro world is healthcare reform unpopular with a majority of Americans.

Notice how when right wingers talk about healthcare reform, they always mention the cost, but leave out the long term savings, which is their way of presenting a deeply distorted picture.

Speaking of warped views, I am certain that any victim of rape would not only be insulted by Beck’s analogy, but they would also confirm that the passage of a healthcare reform bill is nothing like being raped, but this exactly what we have come to expect from the uninformed, tasteless, and juvenile Beck.

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  1. and leans whichever way the wind blows (or the money beckons). A couple of years ago he was in the hospital and did a segment on how terrible healthcare was and how badly we needed healthcare reform, and now he’s screaming the opposite. Also, up until recently he was all gooey over the GOP, but now he’s anti GOP, anti gov’t, and pro tea-bagger. This guy is as flaky as they come and will say anything for a buck; anyone who listens to him has rocks in their head.

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