Going Rogue: The Fallout Day One

Fall Out from “Going Rogue”

Palin’s book. Sigh. Must we? I suppose we must (mentally kicking John McCain AGAIN!) Well, I started by compiling the growing list of untruths and flat out fiction, and what some are now calling “libel” …but the list is literally so long, it won’t fit even within the bounds of my rather lengthy articles. And frankly, I can only stomach so much. The lies are so petty, so empirically false, so blatant, so Orwellian, so juvenile, so transparent…It’s hard not to get lost in the Crazy.

Suffice it to say, when the AP calls you on your many lies, the end should be near.

And that’s sort of the problem. The end isn’t in sight. And it really should be. By now. Jeebus, this woman QUIT her job mid-term to “progress Alaska” amidst ethics violation charges of the sort it took Bush and Cheney 8 years to earn!

Palin still hasn’t provided emails that were supposed to be provided under the FOIA ten days after the request – one year later! She has not yet given one press conference and instead issues her “press releases” from her FaceBook Page where no one can question her (hello, Moosilini), covered in sprinkles of “God Bless America” which is supposed to make all of the unethical, illegal anti-American stuff not matter — and the media are still talking about her running for president of the United States of America?

After fact-checking of her “memoirs”(aka;whine-fest/self-pity extravaganza) proved them to be a “total fiction”, and even the right-leaning AP called her out on many lies, she whined some more, calling fact-checking “opposition research”, as if she fully expected the deference shown to her on the campaign trail to continue. (Psst….Sarah! It shouldn’t have happened then. Shhh….don’t tell.)

In her book, she whines about not being allowed to talk to the press, while that the same time blaming the McCain people for making her do the Couric disaster. And that was all while demanding “deference” be shown her before she would deem anyone worthy of a question? See, you’re lost in the Crazy now. I warned you.

I thought we had finished with all of that deference/Queen/her direct relationship with God as her source of Unassailable Political Power nonsense after the Revolutionary War, but the Republicans are apparently none-too-pleased with our democracy, which explains W and Palin.

Unless… Palin and the Republicans view the Presidency as a beauty contest; it’s all about the crown and the title to them. The actual work is not their game. Maybe that’s what they mean by “small government”. Because clearly, they like government well enough to use government and grow government to amass personal power and wealth. They’re just not interested in governing.

So, Palin’s beef about the work she had to do in Alaska and her subsequent refusal to do any research or work to prepare her to be the Presidential candidate (oh….I feel sick…..my country….sweet country….what’s happened to you?) makes sense.

In fact, it all makes sense now. She gave Couric the answers a beauty queen gives and was enraged when it wasn’t good enough for “the low-self-esteemed” Katie Couric. See, Palin projects constantly – so she thinks all women suffer from the same inferiority/superiority complex as she. Yes, she gave Couric the interview out of “pity”. Like the high school prom queen does for the yearbook editor, ya’ know? Only Couric is hard-working, smart, beautiful, popular….

See, this isn’t going to work if we insist on venturing back into reality. So, back to Palin land – Katie was a loser and Palin did her a favor by granting her an interview, which Couric deliberately crapped all over by only showing the parts where Palin couldn’t answer. And we all know that’s not how you do it in a beauty contest!

Shame on you, Katie. Really!

And then we have the “rotund” Steve Schmidt; McCain aide and long time Republican operative/ strategist. Steve’s pretty upset ‘cuz Palin’s telling everyone that he tried to tell her what she could eat and that he dropped “f- bombs” around her little Piper. It’s tough to get too upset for Steve; he is, after all, one of the “brilliant” strategists who underestimated Americans to the point that he thought this woman would be a great puppet for them. And he brought us Bush. Also, too.

So, it’s kind of his fault that we are now suffering from the Whine Flu. And it’s definitely his fault that we are in a major recession, courtesy of that other puppet he got elected with his Faux Poujadist Narratives for the Peasants. But I digress. Steve didn’t take too kindly to being lied about (hey, Steve, join the club!! McCain. Kerry. Obama. etc).

And we all know that Republicans don’t play so nice, so I’m thinking Palin may have stepped in the wrong dog turd here. Yep! Suddenly, emails were leaked which disproved Palin’s version of events. Emails to and from Steve. Oopsie.

How dare the Rotund One disobey the Queen! There will be hell to pay for this! But first, let’s remind ourselves of what we all knew last fall, that these “brilliant” strategists did not. They thought they hooked themselves a Patriarchal Barbie Puppet, but they never saw the Mean Girl comin’.

We all knew that if the Country First (is it possible that their entire campaign was an oxymoron?) “team” had won, McCain would’ve been the victim of an unlikely home accident…leaving President Palin to ride her purple dinosaur into the WH and take over the world! Honestly, did they not believe Alaskans who warned that Palin would throw everyone “under the bus”? Of course, being the megalomaniacal Republicans they are, they assumed she couldn’t get them. Oh, “my friends”….when you pal around with a terrorist…er…um…lay down with devil…something like that.

“Fueling Schmidt’s obvious hostility may be an astonishing but little noticed September 2008 “prophecy” from Palin’s prayer group leader of almost two decades, Alaska evangelist Mary Glazier, that seemed to envision John McCain winning the 2008 election but then being killed soon thereafter, tragically, in a terrorist attack that would leave Palin to succeed McCain as president.

On September 22, with the 2008 presidential election little more than five weeks away, Glazier sent a prophetic “Warning of Imminent Attack” out through her prayer network [see 1, 2, 3]. Glazier later released a slightly sanitized version but her original “warning” concerned an “imminent” terrorist attack that could leave American in mourning with Sarah Palin “stepping into an office that she was mantled for.””


Foiled in that plan when they lost, Palin wasn’t going to be ruled by Rotund One/Oz. Nope. You betcha! She was gonna go rogue on them, the country, heck, the world! She was “mantled” for the Presidency and due to their ignorance and incompetence, she lost. War for all!

We all predicted the fallout, but apparently the white patriarchal boys club of the Republican party did not. I have to give it to her; she went rogue on them alright. They’re shocked that their puppet is talking back. After all, limpy wimpy McCain still isn’t. So much for being a “maverick”.

Having lost any semblance of that honor McCain was rumored to have when he picked Palin, McCain’s chosen to continue repeating “I’m proud of our campaign” in response to any Palin drama. Really, it’s like Cue the Lizard. Ask McCain a question about Palin, and get the same canned, cowardly response. He’s proud of the choosing the woman who will be Crowned Queen of the Teabaggers next February. Proud. Really, really proud.
Of their campaign. Of her racist rallies of hate and death threats. Yep. Proud.

McCain is proud of giving birth to the Tea Baggers/Racist Secessionists.

Country First, indeed! The fallout for Palin has just started, but meanwhile, we’re still stuck dealing with the pollution.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Palinapalooza Book Tour.

Crazy chickens are home to roost, peeps.

Credit to Palingates for the Photo

5 Replies to “Going Rogue: The Fallout Day One”

  1. […] Going Rogue: The Fallout Day One http://www.politicususa.com/en/node/7318 – view page – cached Palin’s book. Sigh. Must we? I suppose we must (mentally kicking John McCain AGAIN!) Well, I started by compiling the growing list of untruths and flat out fiction, and what some are now calling… Read morePalin’s book. Sigh. Must we? I suppose we must (mentally kicking John McCain AGAIN!) Well, I started by compiling the growing list of untruths and flat out fiction, and what some are now calling “libel” …but the list is literally so long, it won’t fit even within the bounds of my rather Read less […]

  2. The Queen of Quits and the Queen of Tits?

    Apparently some conservatives are touting Prejean as a future political candidate because she has ‘stood by her values’, and because she has become a celebrity, and celebrity-dumb “opens doors”.

    Yeah, sure you-betcha ——- if the only thing you require when you open the door is some pageant walkin’ pageant talkin’ stupid women.

    It’s not like there aren’t clever and attractive conservative women. But apparently these conservatives like the male ‘headship’, a cutsie word for patriarchal dominance as favored by ‘the Family’ C-street Christian super-secret Cult politicos. So, to find women who go along with that…….I guess they have to find the dumb ones. Ewwwwwwwww and didn’t they just?

  3. I find it hard to believe that anyone with a single ounce of common sense would care what Sara “Blunder Woman” Palin has to say.


  4. I’ve just posted a new one. I think she’s a truly frightening phenomenon.

    And yes, it’s not about “conservative beliefs”. She doesn’t actually have any that I’ve been able to discern, other than the pro-life stance which is now in question.

    There are plenty of conservative women whom I respect, even though I may not agree with all of their policy beliefs. KH, for one.

  5. these folks call it common sense, but it’s really nothing but their projections of who they want her to be. In reality, she is not what they claim they like about her. When confronted with those facts, they simply make excuses for her or change their values to fit her actions.

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