Sarah Palin is the Radical Right’s Weapon of Mass Destruction

Palin is the Radical Rigth’s Weapon of Mass Destruction; Palin’s Unique Brand of Christian Political Porn Hides the Ugly Underbelly of the Radical Right.

One thing Palin’s ghost-written hagiography has made clear is that Palin is constantly dabbling in Christian political porn; her tantalizing naughtiness always right out there for the repressed, as she dangles her poison apple in phrase, deed, and clothing.

Somehow she’s naked when meeting important people; She met Steve Schmidt et al wet, freshly showered…in nothing but a towel. “One night, Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter went to her hotel room to brief her. After a minute, Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair.”

Her phrases “flowing to hungry markets”, “drill baby drill”, etc always have an implied sexual overtone. Her use and manipulation of language has been studied and resulted in fascinating (if not disturbing) conclusions. Her use of the first person plural to refer to herself (we/our) is apparently indicative of her dishonesty.

In fact, according to WordWatchers, “Palin’s language fits the basic deceptive profile. She doesn’t use a single exclusive word in the response above, and she uses “I” fairly rarely (4%; 6.3% is average), both indicators of dishonesty…. Strikingly, Palin – unlike Obama, Biden, and McCain – used first person plural (we, our) significantly more in interviews than in speeches. Using “we” more often than “I” tends to put a chilly distance between a speaker and their audience. In speeches the royal “we” is sometimes warranted, but choosing “we” over “I” in less formal interview situations tends to alienate audiences.”

The repression of the radical right’s daily lives and fundamentalists beliefs makes Palin’s combination of authoritarian, royal dishonesty and sexuality irresistible. It also makes it OK for her to use words like “ass” and “asinine” in describing her “opponents”, a choice she describes as “tellin’ it like I see it” and refusing to be “shackled” (again, too) by “political correctness”.

And yet, she cries sexism when Newsweek runs a photo she posed for very recently, in short shorts, so political correctness is a whip she intends to keep at the ready, to keep the main stream media and those pesky reporters from daring to ask any questions of Herself. Amazingly, she can jump from cries of sexism to a story where she seems to whisper of her wet nakedness whilst praying with Pastor Warren, nothing but a “shower curtain for wardrobe”.

I actually feel badly for Pastor Warren, who may have had no idea when he called Sarah Palin to pray with her that she would tell the world about their wet, naked prayer session.

Oh, Eve. You bad girl, you.

Her naughty monkeys and librarian porn glasses promise sweet release to the repressed, many of whom long to be schooled by a dominatrix sexually at night whilst keeping women in their second class citizenship by day. And Palin delivers. She gives them porn they can look at in the day. She sends a “thrill up their legs”.

Palin’s stylist was paid $54,900 for picking clothes for her, not doing hair and makeup. That bill was even larger. The clothing itself came to more than most Americans make in a year (over 150,000.00 for two and a half months of clothes). In fact, “One aide estimated that she spent “tens of thousands” more than the reported $150,000, and that $20,000 to $40,000 went to buy clothes for her husband. Some articles of clothing have apparently been lost. According to Newsweek, an angry aide characterized the shopping spree as “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast,” and said the truth will eventually come out when the Republican Party audits its books.”

Packaging costs. Especially when you’re packaging a Queen Ester/naughty librarian remix for the GOP to sell to the Evangelical Christians. Just ask Carrie Prejean, who managed to get her breast implants from the pageant folks before she left them for better pastures. There’s growing bond between failed beauty contestants, porn, and conservative Christian Republicans; the Political Christian movement (itself resembling more and more a fundamentalist terrorist movement) seem to have found their American Idol in these overly-sexualized and willing-to-be-packaged/used women.

Now that Palin’s on her book tour, letting the real Palin “loose”, having been “unshackled” (oh, tie me up, Big Daddy, but I’ll always struggle to be free in my spunky glasses and short shorts!) from the “ties” of her “handlers”, we’re seeing the mean, vindictive, girl who uses her religion as callously and calculatingly as King Henry 8th.

And while this sort of strikingly unchristian behavior should turn her followers off, it actually makes them love her more. Because what we have all missed is the Dominionist take over of the Christian faith in this country. And the Dominionists play to win. It’s all about the political power with them, and the God/Jesus stuff is just the dressing that makes their appalling behavior acceptable.

Frank Schaeffer’s visit on Rachel Maddow last night revealed the sickening truth of these hatriots for Jesus. He warned us that the imprecatory prayers they’re indulging in are not just rhetoric. Sarah Palin’s mean girl vindictiveness is like a siren call to the insatiable desire for cruelty and pain coursing through these hatriot’s veins.

“Psalm 109:9 “Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.””

Leah Burton, an expert on fundamentalism within the GOP, described the imprecatory prayers the right are saying against Obama “ a direct call to the wingnuts who are teabagging ‘c’hristian hatriots wherein lies a percentage of people who will take this as a mandate to assassinate the president in the name of God.”

Palin’s appearance on the 700 Club left me physically ill. I don’t believe in the devil, but if I did, I’d have to say that Palin is pure evil. And she comes just the way Jesus warned she would. In a pretty package with all the right words, using God as her excuse for her maniacal power grabs.

The interviews with her “base” in Michigan (the bused in people notwithstanding and the fake Fox footage aside) were deeply disturbing. They don’t care that she was for the “bellout” (bailout) even though they loved her because she was against it. They don’t care that she’s not a fiscal conservative in action or deed. They don’t CARE. She is “real”. That’s one thing her cult members say over and over again, and I think it’s important because in point of fact, their Sarah is not real. Not at all.

She’s a figment and projection of their own imaginations, preying on the weak, the angry, the confused, the desperate and the misinformed.

While she’s turning into a national joke for all who are capable of coherent thought and logic, her base is strong. So strong that Nate Silver warns us she could be the actual Republican nominee for President in 2012.

Palin is a weapon of mass destruction of the political fundamentalists who’ve already been identified by the Department of Homeland Security as the largest threat in terms of domestic terrorism. The Christian porn hides the ugly insides. She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In fact, Palin’s brand of fire and brimstone crazy violence scares me so much, she makes me long for Bush.

Edited Nov 28, 2009 to change “third person plural” to “first person plural” thanks to an astute reader.

9 Replies to “Sarah Palin is the Radical Right’s Weapon of Mass Destruction”

  1. This is the best assessment and article that I have ever read about Sarah Palin. Thank you for a refreshing view of the ugly truth. When I watch the crowds following her, it’s frightening! It’s a relief to know that there are real thinking people still in America. Spread the wealth….. Thanks again.

  2. Bravo. This was spot on accurate and is exactly what I have been thinking about Ms. Palin. You just said it better than I ever could.

    She is a mean vindictive person.

    I grew up with Evangelicals and still have family who are Evangelical Christians.
    I am so surprised that they still continue to support her after her public swearing (Hell, yes) and back-asswards comment (among Evangelicals…that is still swearing and a no-no). But, it seems the men at the top of the Christian movement are dazzled by her sexy rhetoric….drill baby drill.

    Thank God my family has enough sense to dislike her. They think she is mean and very unChristian like. Palin is a divider so it will be interesting to see if she even divides the Evangelicals. Look at her history, she has divided every group that she has ever touched.

  3. I think you mean “first person plural”. Great article with plenty of good references to back it up!

  4. I have said from the night she gave the speech at the RNC: That woman is hate personified. If I had to name the Anti-Christ, it would be Sarah Palin. She creeps me out.

    I pray there are good and decent people among the religious community who see she is not what she pretends to be. People like Sarah Palin is why I hesitate to get too involved with an organized religion.

  5. I wish her supporters could see what she really is. But, as proven they really don’t care what she does..and it is quite scarry that her followers have that mentality or should I say no mentality.

  6. I have always been amazed by her dull, flat lizard eyes. They seem to sparkle fiercly only when she is uttering vindictive, hateful language during public speeches, at anything and everything the least bit liberal, or even just plain Democratic. Then, when in interviews (The few times she is atypically self controlled enough to speak in a more reserved language style), her eyes glaze back over, reptilian. I am not a strongly religious person, but I do follow the very wise teachings of Jesus, and I do have knowledge of Revelations. Palin is far to empty and ignorant to be the Devil himself, but, if you read Revalations, she fits the bill to the Whore of Babylon to a Tee.
    What I’m trying to do is figure out how to relate McCaine to a tortoise, because she is introduced in Biblical Mythology as riding in on the back of a tortoise. (But obviously, McCaine himself did not choose that woman, it was a puppeteer much higher up the chain of the “Fourth Riecht”. Can anyone think of someone? Or some Corporation more likely?

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