Beck and Limbaugh Call Sen. Mary Landrieu A Whore Because She Voted for Healthcare

On their respective radio shows today Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh went on the attack against Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) because she voted for advancing the healthcare debate forward in the Senate. Instead of criticizing her position on the bill, both Beck and Limbaugh took the lowest possible road by calling a female US senator a prostitute.

Here is the audio of Beck courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck accused the Senate Democratic leadership of bribing Landrieu to get her vote on healthcare, “We’re with a high class prostitute. That’s what we’re with…You’re not sittin’ there in a back alley and sayin’ hey what do you say, five bucks? No, no, no this comes to your Four Seasons hotel room and does it right. There’s nobody that’s going to look at her and say oh my gosh you’re with a whore…”

Here is the audio of Limbaugh, also from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “That may be folks, that may be, the most expensive prostitute in the history of prostitution, and she’s bragging about it. Mary Landrieu bragging about a $300 million payoff from Dingy Harry to get her vote on this healthcare scam on Saturday night.”

The “prostitution” that Beck and Limbaugh are so outraged by is actually a grant to help the state of Louisiana cover Medicaid costs for the poor. The notion that Landrieu herself is benefitting from this deal is completely false. It is convenient for Beck and Limbaugh to also forget that these kinds of deals were common place when Republicans were in the majority. The Republicans frequently used both grants and tax breaks for corporations and industries in specific states to sway votes.

The idea that Mary Landrieu is a whore is strictly sexism. How would Beck and Limbaugh react if their beloved Sarah Palin was labeled a whore and a prostitute because she decided to quit the post that the votes of Alaska elected her to in order to sell books and make money? They would be outraged by the notion that Palin is a whore, but it is fine for them to call a sitting US Senator, who got funding for the poor in her state, a whore.

If Mary Landrieu was a man, would she still have been called a whore? I doubt it. This sexist attitude is one of the reasons why the GOP is going to continue to struggle to attract a majority of female voters. There are lots of conservative women out there, but many Independent and Democratic women are pushed away by such sexist rhetoric, at a time when the Republican Party needs to attract more voters, instead of pushing them away.

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  1. Moderates/Independents turned against McCain in 2008 because of Palin (and her Couric interview). How can somebody expect her to win in 2012 when all she’s done to prepare for the presidency is quit a job and go on a book tour?


  2. This is what happens when you see the world through sh*t-colored glasses, an affliction facing Rush since he spends so much time with his head up his ass.

    As for Beck, well he has his head up Limbaugh’s ass as well.

  3. Instead of using the word “whore”, they should just use the title “bought off”. I am from Louisiana, and I am embarrassed to have Mary Landrieu as my senator. I’m angry that her position does not reflect the views of her constituents. I would support any effort to have her removed from her position. This vote buying is well known in deep south Louisiana where Landrieu is from. It comes very naturally to her. It is, and always has been, an embarrassment to our state.

  4. the majority of ethics complaints against Palin were all prior to the existence of the Obama administration, and with one small exception all of the complaints were brought against Palin by resident citizens of Alaska who were fed up with Palin.

    Palin get elected in 2012? Dream on; she couldn’t even get re-elected in Alaska, never mind the poll numbers in the lower 48 that indicate she is not qualified for major public office. You pretty much have to be able to win in your own state to be seriously considered by a party for arun at a political office.

    That best selling book of hers, the work of fiction that is full of factual errors, and which she doesn’t appear to have read, much less written, is being remaindered for $5, when it isn’t being given away.

    That’s because Palin is a celebrity curiosity, a political freak, the equivalent of Brittney Spears when she was cracking up.

  5. First of all, I respect your opinion on this matter. I just think it would be taken more seriously if you learned how to spell “doesn’t”. The American people deserve to be able to read a comment written in English without getting stumbled over a misspelled word.

  6. We all are in deep trouble ,the elected official can be bought for the right price ,the liberals are hell bent on keeping the poor folks down ,lucky for them they have a flatform and the viewers to do it .It is so sad and so disrespectul for anyone to be disrespecting a senator like that .Thats okay to have your own views , but do not put them out in public .Its like telling the kids its okay to disrespect their teacher .
    We wonder how the kids are disrespectful , come on people wake up .We are teaching our next generation nothing .Can we just put our heads together and quit fighting ,lets come up with solutions to fix the economy .As for glenn beck i guess i did not realise how bias and racis he was ,in his world if you are not white with lots of money you are not worhty of anything .So that the public knows i sent glenn beck a certified letter in feb 2008 asking him to use the resources he has in the media to help poor people get stabality in their lives guess what no response .Now i know why he really does not care about anyone but himself .Glenn Beck should not be on the airwaves his views are to bias and strong .

  7. These two are a**holes they need to go out and look at the world and see there not the only people on earth. If black people had the blood the can help humans heal the sick and suffering these two would have beer and a smoke, to define why this is not going to help white people. So you can’t not listen to these two fat heads. Because they have no life. Peace!

  8. If she is willing to support the health care bill in exchange for money going to her district, she is doing it for money, plain and simple. And to that degree, she is a prostitute. The comparison to Sarah Palin holds no merit, because Easley in the example states that she would step down from public office. Could a better word have been used? Perhaps; however, these are radio hosts that play to their audience. How come this same author is not outraged at the amount of time the President is taking to determine if troops should be added to win the war in Afghanistan? As a former military officer, I was deeply bothered that President Obama would stand before a group of soldiers and sailors and tell them he would not put them in harm’s way. What is he saying to the men and women already over there?

  9. Call a spade a spade. She is a sell out and a whore to boot. She sold her soul for 300 million. Personally I don’t have a price on mine but we all know hers. Actually, I have more respect for the whores on the streets. They actually work for their money and they’re usually high on crack impairing their decision making. What’s her excuse?

  10. Obama is not God. Far far from it but if you would like to worship him, then be my guest and leave the rest of the country alone. 53% of the country now see this man for who he is…a worthless socialist human being not fit for the white house. And his popularity only gets lower the more time passes. And half of your post makes no sense what-so-ever because you have no grasp of the english language. Probably because you were posting with your emotions and not your brain. Just the person Obama wants supporting him.

  11. Obama isn’t qualified for public office either. But at least one person thinks he is doing great…that would be Jimmy Carter knowing he isn’t the worst president in history anymore.

  12. Isn’t Louisana the same state that loved Huey Long, boy I betcha you wish he was back instead of a Senator that is trying to help that state.
    Pres. Obama is GOD, you moron.
    Sarah (laugh a minute) Palin will NEVER
    be president.
    Conservatives/Republicans care about poor people, since when?

  13. Yes, I believe the political party is becoming very outrageous, What is happening to professionalism in our country. Oh, what does the America people think about our leaders, if they care not to show little or no respect at all, perhaps then American viewers, would have an excuse not show respect to their fellow man and when it get to this level, then who would guide? (children)….

  14. Obama is president now pretty much showing everyone how not to do things. why is president plural in your post? Bush is only one person and who is Bushy jr? Amazing how stupid people show their stupidity for everyone to see and probably aren’t even scared to show the world their ignorance. There is no Bush jr. I suppose you’re speaking of George H Bush and not George H. W. Bush? You need to go back to school. Maybe Obama can steal some money from more tax payers and pay for it you societal leach. Only leaches and racists support this failed presidency of Obama now. Which are you? Probably both but you’re very very ignorant. Try thinking for yourself and quit watching Olbermann and MSNBC repeating ignorant and childish mantras.

  15. But I can see why Obama supporters worship him. He’s the king of all idiots and only idiots bow down to him. Follow him if you like. Follow him right into hell you socialist America-hating pigs. Who’s this Palin? You libs sure talk a lot about her to not be worried about someone.

  16. It seems we all have forgotten that this counrty did not get where it is in one year. Our present state has been in the making for at least 10 years and most of (or shall I say almost ) all of the people that sat on their behinds and actually faked or lied about being knowledgeable of the economic state and or all the crap that happen on wallstreet that snow balled into what we now have. These are the same people that said that the CIA , FBI and the Whitehouse and all the lieing bureaucrats in Washington had fair warning on 911. These people tell us what they want us to hear and what they think we want hear. Obama isn’t any different from any other whitehouse patsy, just a different color and of a different source. He might not be as bright but he sure is in the seat. And that doesn’t take any brain at all. Or haven’t anyone noticed this in the last 200 hundrend years.

  17. What proof do you have that the current president is not qualified? Are you basing that on the previous administration? What is your basis for such a comment?

  18. Listen,

    what would you do given an economy wrecked by corporations reeking the benefits of the Bush administration.

    How can you provide such comments. You are obviously a fan of Limbaugh and Beck.

    You need to provide a firm basis for your opinion. Did you ever thought what you would do if you are president? Are you ludicrous enough to believe that there is a presidency 101 class anywhere.

    If people like you belong to the Republican Party. I am glad that I am an independent.


  19. And you’re obviously a drone of Keith Olbermann and MSNBC, “Did you ever thought what you would do if you are president?” Who taught you how to speak? You have no business posting on a forum of adults. You prove my point that only racists and illiterate high school drop out support this failed president named B.O. Liberals have no shame and should really start thinking for themselves instead of listening to the whores of Barack Hussein Obama. President in thief! Our troops die while Obama lies! B.O needs to go back where he was born…that little hut in Kenya.

  20. We should really ignore these Obama supporters even though there aren’t many left around anymore. Somehow ranting against an unelected citizen (Palin) is supposed to distract from the abject failure that is Obama. These few remaining Obama sycophants are grasping at straws trying to defend this failed president who is only 10 months in making Carter look like a genius in comparison. Don’t take the bait of them changing the subject on the worst president this country has ever seen. But do take some sense of pride that the country is finally seeing who this president really is and the only people supporting him ARE truly illiterate and have no grasp on reality. No amount of postings and no amount of Bush hatred will ever fool this country into believing this man has a clue on what he is doing. 17 percent unemployment, bowing to foreign leaders, being a laughing stock all over the world, over 500 banks failing this year alone and spending more in 10 months than ALL our presidents combined will seal his fate as the worst president the world has ever seen. That’s a fact.

  21. During the end of 2008, the economy had taken a major slump heading us for a great depression. Billions of dollars were blown on failed projects from the last administration. It is customary to blame the leader in charge, because nobody dared to open their mouth about the last sitting President who got some shoes thrown at him. Lol. The prospect of change scares some people because it forces them to think and charter in a new direction. A man who is well respected around the world, & who is able to articulate his point while getting things done while moving away from a familiar course leaves some people unsettled.

  22. Both of those dirtbags are simply whores for the Republican party. They make a living by agitating and upsetting anyone who hears them, and by promoting hate at any cost. They crave turmoil and civil unrest the way a john needs his daily fix. Limbaugh, Beck and their ilk have nothing constructive to offer, but go through their disgusting existences simply hanging nasty labels on everyone and anyone else while they rake in undeserved money for doing so. They have sold their souls – they are the biggest whores of all, and are not worth the time of day.

  23. With his history of pill poppin’ Rush ole’ boy HAS to work himself up into a frenzy every day – its the only way he gets a woodie … (think Sarah Palin lingo as you reread it – Rush & Sarah deserve each other – we could call them SARRUSH – LOL)

  24. We’re talking about Rush and Glenn right? You don’t expect two pigs in a pen wallowing in mud and shit to snort poetry do you? Same with the rest of the GOP (Gang of Pigs).

  25. Hey genius, it’s “leech”. Don’t critique others about their English when you can’t even spell a simple word.

  26. Really sir, if the simple misplacement of an apostrophe “stumbled” you, you must be extraordinarily thick. And I do mean it in the most sympathetic way.

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