Sarah Palin Refuses to Talk to CBS, Katie Couric, and David Letterman

Sarah Palin has been all over the media since her book came out, but the one network that she hasn’t been on is CBS. Palin’s reps have turned down requests from Katie Couric, and the former Alaska governor is still harboring a grudge against late night host David Letterman. Palin has made it clear that she is open to all requests, except CBS.

According to Hotline OnCall “Sources tell Hotline OnCall that Couric’s producer sent two requests to Palin’s publisher for interviews during the “Going Rogue” book tour, and so far, Couric has been denied. It’s not surprising — Palin has not agreed to sit down with more than a small handful of mainstream media interviewers — but the move looks to be part of a larger Palin blackout from CBS News and Entertainment.”

When Palin was on Sean Hannity’s program, she told him that she also won’t be appearing on David Letterman’s top rated late night show, “Forgiveness and vengeance isn’t mine. I’m not out for vindication, but I’m thinking, practically, economically, in terms of a David Letterman visit, I don’t want to boost his ratings so — no, I have no desire to.”

Contrary to her statement above, it would seem that Palin carrying a grudge against CBS. It is almost as if she is blaming the network or her own inability to answer simple, basic questions from Katie Couric. If Palin is serious about politics, a few appearances on CBS could go a long way towards rebuilding her image.

Instead of blaming Katie Couric for her own failure, she could prepare for the interview and sit down with Couric again. A serious politician would try to make an effort to rehabilitate their image. They would not mix the personal with the political as Palin is.

Sarah Palin is missing a golden opportunity by not going on Letterman. If she really wants to be the conservative values candidate, she could go on Letterman’s show and contrast herself with the host’s sex scandal. Of course, this would involve taking a risk, which is something that Palin does not do. Instead, she has chosen to play it safe by sticking to Oprah and Fox News.

Palin is getting some really bad advice, but since she doesn’t have any advisers, it is my guess that it is her own judgment that is leading her astray. She will always have her devoted core of followers, which will always be enough to keep her wealthy, but if she wants to be taken seriously, Sarah Palin needs to break out of her self-imposed media bubble.

4 Replies to “Sarah Palin Refuses to Talk to CBS, Katie Couric, and David Letterman”

  1. “If Palin is serious about politics, a few appearances on CBS could go a long way towards rebuilding her image.”

    But she’s not serious about politics. She proved this when she quit the governorship of Alaska.

    She’s only interested in being a “celebrity” for the money and fame (or infamy).

    If she has to play a political figure, so be it, it’s easy money.

  2. Please do many interviews and appearances on every Faux program from Beck to Bill O. Build your base of Joe the Plumbers and by all means run and get nominated in 2012. Start campaigning 18 months before the convention. That way there will be no plank unturned in your pathetic platform. Please give us a chance to count the socks in your dresser drawer and speak ad nauseum with Levi and his family of Wasilla winners. By then will we have purged you completely from the national stage. We can finally bury you in your own moronic irrelevance so that the next time someone says Sarah Palin, the country will say “Sarah who?”.

  3. Did you all see the video of her fans trying to explain why they support her or her policies? they are sound like Glen Beck parrots.

    One said ‘alaska was across the street’ from Alaska and Palin had many boundary issues to deal with like in Mexico.

    Nobody knew anythig about her foreign policy .

    Her fans are as stupid and cluelessly ignorant as she is.

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