Palin’s Hagiography Tour Strains Federal Law at Ft. Bragg

Sarah Palin appeared at Fort Bragg today, promoting her book, “Going Rogue” to the military. Palin had promised to limit herself to signing books, no politicizing her visit, amidst general concerns that her signing would violate Federal Law (Titles 10, 2, and 18, United States Code), Department of Defense (DOD) Directives, and specific military regulations strictly limit a military active duty person’s participation in partisan political activities.

“Two sets of rules help protect the integrity of the political process: a DoD directive for active-duty service members and the Hatch Act for federal civilians. These rules keep the military out of partisan politics and ensure that the workplace remains politically neutral….

Of all DoD employees, the men and women in uniform have the most restrictions regarding political activity… Service members as well as government civilians can attend political meetings or rallies. Military members can attend only as spectators and not in uniform. They’re not permitted to make public political speeches, serve in any official capacity in partisan groups, or participate in partisan political campaigns or conventions.”

The Department of Defense defines “partisan political activity” as “activity supporting or relating to candidates representing, or issues specifically identified with, national or State political parties and associated or ancillary organizations.”

Furthermore, regulations for US military personnel are as follows:

Cannot – Participate in any organized effort to provide voters with transportation to the polls if the effort is organized by, or associated with, a partisan political party or candidate.

Cannot – Speak before a partisan political gathering, including any gathering that promotes a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.

Cannot – Participate in any radio, television, or other program or group discussion as an advocate for or against of a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.

Can – Join a political club and attend its meetings when not in uniform.

Cannot – Serve in any official capacity or be listed as a sponsor of a partisan political club.

Cannot – March or ride in a partisan political parade.

Cannot – Sell tickets for, or otherwise actively promote, political dinners and similar fundraising events.

Federal employees should also be aware that certain political activities may also be criminal offenses under title 18 of the U.S. Code.

“Palin’s appearance tested Department of Defense regulations, which prohibit politicians from using installations as a platform. Palin didn’t give a speech and individually thanked soldiers, and a base spokesman said she was not campaigning.

But the bus parked nearby encouraged donations to her political action committee and supporters made clear that she should run for president.”

And her father, Chuck Heath, didn’t help matters when he greeted supporters as his daughter signed copies of the book, and said in an interview that Obama’s handling of the military was “scary.”

“I see a decline in our might,” Chuck Heath said. “People used to be afraid of us and respect us, (but) they’re not afraid of us and don’t respect us anymore.””

It’s noteworthy that Palin’s Facebook page is full of comments calling for the death of our President, sedition, and overthrowing of the Obama administration as being God’s will. She’s also the defacto leader of the Tea Party Movement, to be officially crowned as such by them this February. The notion that Palin is politically neutral and does not represent a threat to the Commander in Chief’s authority is painfully absurd, but irregardless, no one can engage in any political activities “inside the fence line” of any military installation or in any federal building. Even if they aren’t teabagging seditionists.

Failure to follow those rules could result in punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 92, Failure to Obey a Lawful Regulation.

Has Palin inflicted her inevitable brand of chaos to a military installation, where our hard-working troops have enough challenges without dealing with the careless rule-breaking of a calculating politician? It looks like she and her entourage violated federal law while on Ft Stewart.

Of course, her base will find a way of making this about free speech (ignoring the necessity of an apolitical military) and it will be someone else’s fault. Perhaps Chuck Health should prepare to be thrown under the Hate Talk Express, along with all of the other innocents in her book.

Palin may need to remind herself that she is not the Commander in Chief. She seems to have a hard time with this concept, and so often compares herself to Obama that I often wonder if she is functioning in the reality of her failed VP bid last year. Certainly she uses her FaceBook platform as Royalty, dictating her “policy” thoughts as though they should be accepted as part of our political dialogue, while on the other hand claiming she is a private citizen who just so happens to have a PAC.

The only politician allowed to make political speeches on a military reservation is the CIC, President Obama. It is also prohibited to speak out against the CIC within the military, for obvious reasons. There is a chain of command within the very complex organization of our military, and it needs to be respected if we are to maintain order. This isn’t new to the Obama administration. It is the way it’s always worked.

The quickness with which Palin disregarded Federal Law, codes of conduct, and agreements should tell us all just how she would govern should she ever get herself anywhere near the White House. Of course, Alaskans have been warning us of this precise behavior for a year now, and they have the ethics complaints and guilty verdicts to prove it.

Palin also plans visit to Fort Hood, Texas, on Dec. 4, 2009, just a month after the tragedy where 12 people were killed there.

God help us all.

15 Replies to “Palin’s Hagiography Tour Strains Federal Law at Ft. Bragg”

  1. Great says to Palin as they leave Ft Bragg, “that felt like a campaign, not a book signing”.

    Done deal.

    Ft Bragg needs to make this right.

  2. “Sarah Palin brought her book-signing tour to North Carolina’s Fort Bragg on Monday and hundreds greeted the former Republican vice presidential candidate in a campaign-like gathering.

    Palin’s appearance tested Department of Defense regulations, which prohibit politicians from using installations as a platform. ”


  3. Do you mean ideologoy? Do you know the difference?

    What a load of orgnic free range stupid manure your notions are – they don’t rate being termed ideas.

  4. Think about why she caused problems there. Because the military and a lot of other fantastic Americans like her. John Kerry gets shunned by regular soldiers at military bases overseas when he is over there. The military is overwhelmingly conservative in their political views. This massive increase in the size and scope of the gov. is making a lot of people wonder what political theology the current administration has.

  5. “massive size and scope of the gov” re the current administration?

    What caused the problem? She violated the law. That’s what caused the problem.

  6. …as crazy as Palin get access to any military installation anywhere, for any reason? Somebody is asleep at the switch.

  7. Palin’s husband is Anti American .. he belonged (for 7 years) to the Alaska Ind Party, whose goal is secession.

    Her Dad has no business making anti-Administration comments ..especially after what happened at Ft Hood.

    Her site is a disgrace. Racism, Prayers for Obama’s death etc..

    Fort Hood shouldn’t allow itself to be pros**tuted this way. The whole thing is disgusting.

  8. Yes she is. She incites the crowds and endorses Glen Beck who uses his show to promote hate.

    When someone tries to kill the President it will be because of Palin and Beck.

  9. “Palin was robbed

    Sarah Palin is convinced that John McCain’s presidential campaign staff, once they realized that he was going down in defeat, acted to ensure that she lost as well.
    Otherwise, she is certain, she could have easily beaten Joe Biden and been a great help to President Obama.

    Michael Mardikes
    Kansas City”


    This is your typical Palin supporter. They think the VP runs separately from the President. What else don’t they know?

  10. PAO (Public Affairs Office) on Fort Hood. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL when you speak to them. Also, please no profanity or insults, no matter how much Palin might irritate you:

    PA On Call Representative Phone: 254-291-2591

    PAO – Col. Benton Danner


    Phone: 254-287-0103

    Deputy PAO (Civilian) – Mr. Bruce Zielsdorf


    Phone: 254-287-8506

    Deputy PAO (Military) Phone: 254-287-6694

    Remember…RESPECT…and let me know in the comments if you called and what happened. I believe they are 3 hours ahead.

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