Rush Limbaugh Accuses Obama of Hijacking Thanksgiving

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh accused President Barack Obama of trying to hijack Thanksgiving week by holding a state dinner two days before the holiday. Limbaugh asked, “Has any president ever tried to hijack Thanksgiving week with a state dinner two days before Thanksgiving?”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “I have another question, and this question is going to irritate some people which is why I am asking it. Have you ever, do you ever remember a big White House state dinner during Thanksgiving week, a uniquely American holiday. Do you remember, has any president ever tried to hijack Thanksgiving week with a state dinner two days before Thanksgiving. I’m surprised he didn’t do it on Wednesday night, or Thursday night. The Indian prime minister must have to get back home and deal with the nukes in Pakistan.”

Since when did the entire week of Thanksgiving become a holiday? The only holiday on the calendar is on Thursday, so how is Obama hijacking Thanksgiving by intentionally holding a state dinner two days before the holiday? Limbaugh’s not so subtle point is that Obama is not an American because he is daring to do his job on Thanksgiving week.

I suppose that a real American president would display his leadership by already being at his ranch in Crawford clearing brush and pretending to be a cowboy. I guess real American presidents aren’t supposed to stay in Washington and do their job. Notice the use of the loaded word hijack. Who hijacks? Terrorists hijack. Limbaugh is not only questioning Obama’s patriotism, but also comparing him to a terrorist.

Limbaugh is trying to expand the right wing’s war on Christmas to include Thanksgiving, because how else can liberals ever capture Christmas if they don’t win Thanksgiving first. As far as Thanksgiving being a uniquely American holiday goes, somebody better tell Canada because they celebrate Thanksgiving too.

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  1. Dear rush
    We Real American’s are more than happy to have just the one Thanksgiving, Now this may piss you off by my saying It, but I am going to anyway. Maybe you celebreate Thanksgiving for a week, and looking at you I would not be suprised, the rest of us have the one day foodfest/football and family with Thanksgiving dinner.
    Many of my fellow Americans will be doing so in shelters or soup kitchens, and before you start, not everone of them is a lazy non-working scum bucket.
    So while your stuffing your face for a week, give a thought to mabey sending a jellomold down to your local VA. You know, say thanks to those guys you use by talking about, but never give another thought to. I’m sure they would love to spend part of thier day with a draft doger like you. Maybe you could pick up Dick Cheney and make a real time of it. Make sure Dick brings his own jellomold.
    Denise Alene Tenny

  2. The only thing that could be added to your comment that would make it more complete would be if you sent a copy to Limbaugh to read.

    Because, serously – he needs to see comments like yours.

    Well said!

  3. Last time I looked Canada was in America. Along with Mexico and The U.S. we are All in North America.
    Technically Thanksgiving stared with the Pilgrims in BRITISH America. There were no states yet. So Thanksgiving is a …dare I say it, BRITISH HOLIDAY.

  4. Yea go tell the Brits that, see how fast you get your ass kicked, and you might want to brush up on the Thanksgiving holiday history.

  5. Bravo for Rush! Thanksgiving has been such a revered holiday for the United States that the turkey, not the eagle, was seriously considered to become our national symbol. Our current government seems so bent on distancing itself from our national traditions — maybe no wonder because our current President did not grow up here and did not experience our traditions and values. I think Rush is doing us a great service in pointing out the disgraceful direction our country is going. (The word “disgraceful” chosen, because that is what Thanksgiving is all about — we Americans expressing our gratefulness for the grace that has been bestowed upon us.) It is time for us to start listening seriously to what Limbaugh and others have to say and understanding their acute perceptiveness in the damage we are doing to our country and ourselves with our current actions and world view.

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