Glenn Beck Compares Himself to Martin Luther King

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck began to lay the groundwork for his big political movement of 2010, which includes a march on Washington, D.C. on the anniversary of the civil rights march, by comparing himself to Martin Luther King. Beck also implied that the Democrats opposed the civil rights movement.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck was defending himself against charges that he is anti-government by claiming that he is battling to protect the rights of the American people just like Martin Luther King did, “How many times do I have to say peaceful? As Martin Luther King did, was Martin Luther King, was he anti-government? Well, he certainly took the government and turned it upside down now didn’t he? He totally transformed the parties in this sys in this government. If you remember right it was Robert Byrd who was filibustering against the civil rights movement. Yeah, nobody really remembers that.”

He continued, “If the government is going against the rights of the people. If the government in this country is violating the constitution or reinterpreting the constitution, it is not our right, it is our responsibility to speak out against it.”

It is laughable that Glenn Beck’s ego has grown so large that he thinks that he is on par with the greatest civil rights leader in the history of the United States. In his own mind, Beck is Martin Luther King. He is leading a group of angry white people who believe that their rights are being taken, yet they can’t tell you what rights they are losing.

The “right” that they are most upset about is their belief to the right to be in power. They have not lost any of their constitutional rights. Beck can pretend to be Martin Luther King, but he never will be, because he isn’t trying to be. His sole purpose is to fan the anger of the right, which in turn makes him more money. The irony here is that by giving Glenn Beck such a giant platform, Fox News may have sowed the seeds of the Republican Party’s demise.

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  1. thank God someone in media has the stones to stand up andexpose the lies and decit of this administration.
    Would the same had occurred in hitlers era !

  2. Jason, you imply that Beck can’t compare himself to MLK because…I guess because he’s white… Jason, that’s racist, which leads to the conclusion that any political judgment you offer is open to doubt. Serious doubt.
    When the gays compare their movement to the civil rights movement, do you scorn them too? I somehow doubt it. MLK has lots of white admirers, even lots of conservative admirers, so why can’t they compare any movement to protect people basic human rights to that of MLK’s philosophy or efforts? Beck didn’t compare his movement to the Civil Rights movement, but why shouldn’t he, now that the door has been opened by all the leftist movements?
    So how is the Changey Hopey thing going these days?

  3. MLK stood up to real and hateful oppression, Bleck is really hateful, MLK inspired a nation with peaceful and passionate speeches, Bleck inspires racism with illogical and error filled speeches. MLK walked with angles Bleck talks like the devil, so no Bleck cannot compare himself to MLK unless it is to show how polar opposite they are.

  4. You are stupid and a complete moron, Bleck only stand up to receive his paycheck, it is all an act. To that good for him on fooling you, and to you it has not even been a year, the world has not stop turning there is still democracy in the US, and you are a racist.

  5. @, “When the gays compare their movement to the civil rights movement, do you scorn them too?”

    I am white to start off, so we can go ahead and avoid calling me racist against white people.

    Let me ask you something, because I am quite concerned about you. When was the last time you got the crap beaten out of you because you are white? When was the last time that you told a family member that you were a republican and they disowned you. I know, i know, leftist emotional crap. You are mad because you think that you are losing power that you never had. Trust me I never had it either, but nothing you do in this world matters. Your entire life doesnt leave a mark on this reality. I know you cling to your beliefs because as a human being you want to think you matter, but niether you or myself does at all. So get together with your friends and talk about the end of the world, feel important. In fact I hope you don’t realize how meaningless your life is until you are on your death bed, so that your last few moments alive are miserable.

  6. Whether you like Beck or not, he has told many things about Dr. King that are true. Many of MLK’s views were conservative. Whether he was a Democrat or Republican, will be debated until doomsday. George Wallace and Strom Thurman were both Democrats (and segregationist). The Dem’s were heavily influenced by the Klan. Strom Thurman remained a Democrat (Dixie-Crat) until a few years back when he retired.
    Dr. King was not asking for reparations. He did not call whites, “White Devils”.Remember, that if it was not for the Abolitionist Movement(Whites), the Underground Railroad would not have existed.He also did not disgrace the memory of whites who died to free the blacks in the bloodiest war this country was ever in. He did not claim that you “Were Not Black”, if you did not support President Obama’s Health Care Bill.
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. claimed that we should not be judged by the color of our skin. We should be judged by the content of our character.
    We have Good Whites and Good Blacks. We also have White Crooks and Black Crooks.
    I take issue with many of today’s “so called” civil rights activists”. When they don’t instill values of personal responsibility, or when they tell young people that if you get an education and try to succeeed, you are just an “Uncle Tom” or a “Tool Of The White Man”, they are dispicable. During the days of slavery, it was illegal to teach slaves to read. Education gives a person self-reliance and freedom. Why would a “Civil Rights Leader” try to keep the people he supposedly represents, in ignorance?…unless he figures that he can more easily influence them to keep him in his position of power.

  7. I may be called a racist, because of the comment that I just made. If so, please elaborate on the reason that you call consider me a racist. Please stick to the issues. If you call me a hater or racist, tell me what I said that was racist or hateful. Also, calling me a Redneck, Hillbilly, Klansman, or any of the negative personal attacks that I see on these debate sites, detracts from the debate. It only shows ignorance and “Contempt Prior To Investigation” (a.k.a. prejudice).
    Please state your view point, with an intelligent description of how you reached your conclusion. Calling someone a “hater” without provocation or proof is hateful, in itself.

  8. I really need to know what “rights” he is fighting for??????

    Secondly, if you tell Beck that the police would be there with their batons and hoses to beat them maybe he might resort to just crying in the studio as opposed to showing up that day.
    What a flaming idiot?
    I wonder if he knows how many african-american teenagers showed up knowing fully well they would be beaten and humiliated but yet they showed up each time.

  9. You really didn’t say anything but allot of nonsense of what you may think other people think of you. Sounds like you may feel persecuted for some of the mentioned apathetic rhetoric you are speaking of. Ignorance can be bliss.

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