Would Martin Luther King Be a Republican Today?

Recently I was doing some research on black history and I ran across an article relating to politics. It stated in the article that Dr Martin Luther King was a Republican. So I decided to go further into Black Republicans. I was astonished to learn that when back after reconstruction the Republican Party was similar in ideas as the Democratic Party is today.

Later on, they more or less became increasingly more conservative in their views. I have often wondered since I found this out if Dr King was alive today, knowing what the Republican Party stands for, would he still be a Republican? Makes you think. Then I went online and researched the current black republican movement in this country and I must say I was mortified by some of the things I read.

The way the Republican Party is treating people in this country right now is deplorable at best and to see these Black people literally eating up everything they say is literally repulsive. People like Michelle Malkin and Michael Steele evidently were bused in because back in the day, the federal government told them to integrate.

Both of them are out of reality and haven’t got a clue about the wants and needs of the Black community, but that is to be expected. I have seen people like them all my life. They are typical of some Black folks. They struggle all though their early lives and when they attain a little success they get uppity and think they white and the first thing they do is forget their roots and where they come from and all the people who were pulling for them to get to where they are today.

It is truly a sad sight to see, and now they embrace the Republican Party. A party that is slowly being taken over back Rush Limbaugh and rural southern white men who haven’t got a clue about and could care less about this country’s needs. If that’s what you want and that is your vision of where this country needs to head then you are just as sick and diluted as they are.

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3 Replies to “Would Martin Luther King Be a Republican Today?”

  1. came out in favor of civil rights in he mid 60s, all those old white southern racists turned republican. There were a few northern republicans who crossed the aisle to support civil rights, but not many.

    It’s the origin of the fundamentalist bible belt racist birthers in the predominantly regional GOP of today. MLK would feel vrty strange as a black republican in thisday and age; but it may not have been all that comfortable in the GOP back in the day either.

  2. Facts:

    The Voting Rights Act: 87% R voted for, 78% D voted for. Neither party can be said to be “anti voting rights” based on this vote.

    The Civil Rights Act: 79% R voted for, 64% D voted for. Again, neither party can be said to be “anti civil rights” based on this vote.


    It is the zenith of hypocrisy to suggest that Blacks must be liberals and socialists to be authentic blacks. This is the same kind of “appeal to authenticity” for which the Fascists are rightly denounced. (Fascism has an entire philosophy of authenticity that sounds frighteningly like those who complain that Black Conservatives are somehow not “authentic”.)

    Any people group that is politically mature will have a diversity of opinions. Only a politically immature demographic groups insist on opinion hegemony and define out of the group those who disagree with the leadership.

    King became most successful in his rhetoric when he appealed to the conservative principles of the American Republic (republicanism), demonstrating that white America was not living up to the high ideals found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These ideas did more to undermine racial bigotry than all the class warfare appeals being advanced by the left wing of the Civil Rights Movement. King also appealed to the Judeo Christian foundations of American ordered Liberty rather than to the hard left secularism of the Marxists and the hard left paganism of the Fascists who make up the bulk of the American Left. (BTW Facism is a left wing not a right wing movement.)

    It is reasonable and rational to believe that MLK would have been more comfortable with Religious Conservatives than Secular Liberals based upon his writings and the later structure of his appeals against the structural biases of the era. In that regard, it is not at all unreasonable for Republicans to celebrate MLK as being one of the great contributors to the Republican Party’s rich history.

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