Limbaugh Declares MSNBC and the White House the Real Enemy Camp

On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh warped Chris Matthews’ statement that Obama went to the enemy camp last night, by proclaiming that West Point is not the enemy camp, but that MSNBC and the White House are the real enemies of America. Apparently, Chris Matthews now speaks for the entire Left.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Don’t forget in one of Obama’s books, just as an aside here, when he is talking about the first job he had in the private sector, he felt like he was behind enemy lines. He doesn’t like the private sector, just like Chris Matthews last night referred to West Point as the enemy camp. He referred to Obama going into the enemy camp, the United States Military Academy, and people are livid and outraged by that, as they well should be.”

He continued, “Well, of course he told the truth about what he thinks, but it is an outrageous truth. Why should we be? Ok, you want to praise him for being honest, fine, but the United States Military Academy is not the enemy camp. The enemy camp MSNBC, the enemy camp is the White House right now, not to us, for the country. The United States Military Academy is in no way, the enemy camp other than to these people, and it is quite instructive that they so say so. As they panic they get more honest, and as they acquire more power, they get more hateful.”

Limbaugh managed to take Chris Matthews’ statement that is almost universally disagreed with on the left, and turn it into a statement for the left. If Limbaugh wants to fight with MSNBC, that’s fine, but he is not helping the GOP cause by referring to the White House as the enemy to America.

Rush Limbaugh is supposed to be the most influential conservative voice in America, and this is why Republicans are pushing themselves closer to extinction every time that they listen to him. Painting Democrats as the enemy of America is a strategy that is certain to lead to comprehensive defeat.

2 Replies to “Limbaugh Declares MSNBC and the White House the Real Enemy Camp”

  1. “As they panic they get more honest”

    “Ha! Amateurs! Republicans are NEVER honest, even when under subpoena!

    “as they acquire more power, they get more hateful.”

    “Again, amateurs! Republicans can’t BE any more hateful than they already are!

  2. the democratic party is the most dangerous thing to the american people. with their leftist socialistic agenda, they are trying to take our rights away and lead us over a cliff of no return on the national debt. I urge every one to fight back against this agenda on every front, especialy the gop. they should hold up or filibuster every piece of legislation they can until we can vote the democrats out of the majority in 2010.

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