Obama Cleans Up the Bush Debacle of the Deptartment of Justice

Evil President Obama is taking on the stinking cesspool that was the Bush Department of Justice by shining some light on the problem in the form of the President’s Initiative on Transparency and Open Government.

While this initiative applies to all branches of the Obama administration, its impact on the DoJ should be a huge relief to Americans, who may have been confused as to why issues from the environment to voting rights were seemingly forgotten or down right abused during the Bush administration.

During the Bush administration, the Department of Justice became increasingly politicized, or as Bush would have said, a great patriotic tool for his agenda. What harm could come from illegally filling all of the life-long career positions with far right ideologues, who were vetted based on their religious and political beliefs? Huh? Hehhheh??!

FYI, “Hehhheh??!” Is that weird sound McCain makes when he’s experiencing a strong wave of contempt and superiority:

Good times! Especially since these folks will be with us until they die or retire! Kinda hard to mandate “change” when your predecessor violated the law, thereby hampering you with an entire department hell bent on keepin’ America on the path to GOP dictatorship! But that won’t stop The Dick’s army or leftists from blamin’ the Socialist for the next 7 years, so there’s that. Heck of a job, Brownie!

“The Bush administration attempted, and succeeded in large measure, in transforming a major federal government department into an instrument for the pursuit of extreme right-wing policies.”


Only fundamentalists Christians were allowed in the Bush DoJ, and you had better not have ever whispered a word about the environment other than drill drill drill, or you were not a contender. You could take your fancy Harvard resume and your arugula-eating latte-drinking self back to the 60’s where The Dick still thinks you reside. Oral Roberts U? Game on! Hehhheh??!

Yup. You betcha, the DoJ is stacked sky high with far right ideologues; The impact of their politics can be felt in every department, from the failure to investigate anti-trust violations to their blatant disregard for the environmental laws being abused. Aw, say it ain’t so, Joe! Wink, wink.

As Obama (the un-American usurper who’s trying to restore law and order) often noted on the campaign trail, the Bush DoJ had “what may be the weakest record of antitrust enforcement of any administration in the last half century.” And by weakest record, he means the FTC and Justice Dept challenged less than half of the cases challenged during the Clinton administration’s 2nd term.

Obama the evil Muslim who does not love America as you and I do also noted that the Justice Department failed to bring a single monopolization case under the Bush administration.

Blah! What’s all of that about, Obama? Forget democracy! We need to see your long form birth certificate and discuss death panels!!!! Boogie woogie, look over here. Razzle Dazzle!!

Right wing tap dance of distraction commences. Que Sarah Palin, Newt, and The Dick: “Dithering!” “Not listening to generals!” “Weak!”. Oh, my. Rinse and repeat to the cadence of “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!” I swear, it’s just more American when you can sing your policies. Hehhheh??!

The press saw it rightfully fit to ignore the fact that W,who started this war, never bothered to listen to his generals. At all. In fact, when told by Gen Shinseki that we would need a lot more troops than he was dedicating if he were to invade, Bush ignored him because he knew he couldn’t sell that to the American people. And, well, he was already selling crap. Didn’t think it wise to make it taste bad to boot.

So he sent our troops into the beginning of what quickly became a mismanaged, un-planned disaster helmed by several old white guys who had never served in the military, thanks to their elite backgrounds. But they have the flag pins, by golly!

Yes, who better to take advise from the press wondered? Let’s have The Dick on. Let’s ask John McCain! He said he had a way to find Osama, but he would only tell if he got elected. Country First! Hehhheh??! Or should we ask Sarah Palin?! Yes, if she can only take her eye off the airspace over Aleeska for a second, we could really use her advise. Again. There, also, for the job manufacturing and again, to shore up health care.

But no, President Obama (usurper, unAmerican, Muslim Socialist and also, too, and Commie) is working on restoring independence and integrity to the judicial branch (Department of Justice). Hey, Mr. President! That’s not American!

On Tuesday, Dec 8 2009, Uppity President Obama released the “Open Government Progress Report to the American People — and the ‘Open Government Directive,’” Ick. I don’t hear any wars in there. He should’ve called it “The War on Information” or something catchy like that. Wars scare people. Terror is good. This transparency baloney is a real problem.

Former special assistant to W, David Frum, says so!

“”Why don’t they just install a 24-hour Web cam in the Oval Office and be done with it?” he said in a CNN.com commentary.” This new policy is crazy, utterly counterproductive and will only make the work of the White House more sluggish and inefficient than it already is — and it is plenty sluggish and inefficient now.””

Yeah! Translation: We can’t operate under these rules and we don’t appreciate Obama trying to restore transparency, because it’s just one more thing we have to destroy when we get into office again. Sigh.

Of course, “leftist” organizations that like democracy, like CREW (nonpartisan legal watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), think this is a good thing. Tip: if it’s a non-partisan organization specializing in ethics, it’s a “leftist” org, or “opposition” research. Just FYI. ‘Cuz askin’ questions ain’t ‘Merikun!

“In a statement to CNN, Anne Weismann — CREW’s chief counsel — said the directive “represents the kind of bold and far reaching initiative President Obama promised on his first full day in office. … By establishing a new paradigm of public access to government information, the administration has paved the way for a truly transparent and accountable government.”

In addition, The White House is publishing the names of everyone who visits; publishing data online about federal spending and research; the publishing of updated Freedom of Information guidelines from the attorney general.

“There have been other advancements, from providing online access to White House staff financial reports and salaries, adopting a tough new state secrets policy, reversing an executive order that previously limited access to presidential records, and web-casting White House meetings and conferences,” Orszag added.



Just like Hitler would have done!!! Oh, boy. Trouble is a brewin’ because now the Dept of Justice responded to the President’s Open Government Directive issued Tuesday by issuing the FOIA Annual Report in more accessible format yesterday.

Didn’t anyone tell Obama that you don’t make FOIA reports accessible because you don’t intend to fill them, ever? Why on earth does he think the Dick and W told him to use a yahoo account like they did (and Sister Sarah!) to avoid FOIA requests?! Ha! The non-dithering Patriots are still managing to stave off FOIA requests, destroying Government servers before they left in January and dodging subpoenae like pros.

Obama really needs to get a clue.

See, he must have read the Department of Justice’s mission statement:

“To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.”

And took it seriously. Hehhheh??! Hehhheh??! Hehhheh??!

That just ain’t right. Can we do a rewind?

Every time Obama restores a portion of our democracy, a right winger loses his freedoms.


Edited: 12.10.09 3rd paragraph to remove error re: Dept of Justice branch of government, per Editor’s note

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