Copenhagen Smack Down: Der Spiegel Reporter to Inhofe: “You’re ridiculous!”

The ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Jim Inhofe, made a scathingly embarrassing appearance in Copenhagen. While the senator didn’t have any meetings scheduled in Copenhagen, he managed to put together an impromptu press conference, during which he took it upon himself to announce that “global warming was a hoax perpetrated on the world by the UN” and sold to Americans “by the Hollywood elite.”

Since American reporters treat statements like this as if they are just as legitimate as the actual science proving climate change, you’ll be stunned to learn that a reporter actually asked Jim-Bo what possible motive anyone could have for such a hoax.

No, Jim-Bo didn’t reveal the tin-foil hat theory behind this one, but if I had to guess, I’d blame the media elite. Er…darn, those talking points just get stuck in a person’s head. I guess there is no rational explanation for why Hollywood elites would want to sell a hoax about global warming to Americans. But that has never stopped a Republican before.

“COPENHAGEN — Sen. Jim Inhofe flew across the Atlantic and — on little sleep — braved the snow, the cold and the dark to deliver his skeptical message at the international climate conference.

What he found when he got here: a few aides and a single reporter.

“I think he’s going to be a little disappointed,” one of his aides remarked…

Inahofe hoped to spread two messages in Copenhagen: Global warming is a hoax, and there’s no way the Senate is going to pass a cap-and-trade bill. ”

Just picturing Jim-Bo in Copenhagen speaking to foreign press on behalf of Americans is cringe worthy. Why do we have to be humiliated by these pompous know-nothings, and why do they always have to wear black snake skin cowboy boots? Hey, Jim-Bo, why didn’t you just spit yer chewin’ tabaccy in their face and really show ‘em who’s boss?

There’s a saying: “Believe someone when they tell you who they are.” Jim-Bo = skinned snake. Thanks for the warnin’, Son.

Jim-Bo was apparently surprised to learn that the rest of the world doesn’t dumb their reporters down enough to buy a load of crap like he was selling, because after he made his Republican paranoia jab at “Hollywood elite”, one reporter asked him if he were referring to Schwarzenegger, which he ignored. Darn them reporters. They’re supposed to nod in acquiescence whenever a skinned snake Republican points a finger! It worked for Bush.

And are you ready for the real treat? In response to Jim-Bo’s paranoid and inexplicable narrative, a disgusted reporter from Der Speigel shouted , “You’re ridiculous!”.

Oh, gee, I love travel.

Ain’t it fun to go to places where the press don’t pretend up is down and down is up? And ain’t it great when they don’t suck the Republican lies dry in the retelling? Perhaps some countries learned the dangers of coddling nut jobs and selling propaganda the hard way. Oh, America, I fear for you.

Jim-Bo offered no explanation for his bananas theory, but did scurry his black-snake-skinned boots back to America, where his brand of crazy is all the rage.

Apparently flying into Copenhagen to announce that there is no global warming, providing no science to support your position, and avoiding the question by pointing fingers at “Hollywood elites” doesn’t carry as much water in some places as as it does here, in the “land of the free”.

Also, too, I remain ever enchanted with Republicans assumption that they are running the world just cause they said so. There will be no cap and trade, indeed, Jim-Bo!

Hey, Jim-Bo! “You’re ridiculous!” And I can prove it.

Thank you, Der Speigel.

We owe you one.

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  2. So sorry Sen. Inhofe offended your religion. “Scathingly embarrassing”?! You embarrass yourself with your snide, childish writing. Global warming is a mighty tough sell during a protracted period of cooling.

  3. Inhofe made plenty of political hay about how he and his truth squad buddies were going to go to Copenhagen and straighten out all those other countries who were gullible enough to believe the scientific evidence for Global Warming.

    Denmark is addressing the increase to their carbon emissions by buying offsets to counter the increase in carbon resulting from hosting the event.

    It was reported that after three hours of failure in Copenhage, Inhofe turned right around and flew home, tail between his legs.

    More fizzle than sizzle, Inhofe!

  4. First of all, it’s global climate CHANGE. Do try to keep up.

    Second of all, a tough “sell”, to whom? Your friends? Fox viewers?

    I prefer my science from SCIENTISTS. But that’s how we Latte drinkin’ elitists roll.

    Over and out.

  5. Tail between his legs, indeed!

    They don’t go for fear-mongering in the global scientific community. See ya’, Clown!

  6. […] need more journalists like that interviewer who almost made Dubya declare war on Ireland, or this reporter from Der Speigel: Jim-Bo [Inhofe] was apparently surprised to learn that the rest of the world doesn’t dumb their […]

  7. Don’t preach when you cannot even quote me correctly, genius. I’m keeping up just fine. To respond to your inane commentary I’d say that the farce that is ‘global climate change’ is simply an updated excuse to cover the FACT that global warming isn’t happening. Climate change definitely exists: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I don’t need no steenking scientist to ‘splain that to me.

    Scientists are some of the main proponents of the global climate change hoax but that doesn’t give me much confidence. Why is it that the tree-hugger in chief Al Bore refuses to debate his views? Cowards. The ‘science’ is debatable. The data has been proven to be often-contrived. It is anything but settled science. Settled religion? Sure. Science? Hardly.

    The era of the Leftist is coming to a close and it has barely even begun. Your crew is certainly doing its level best to destroy our country but time is running out. I love you latte-swilling elitists, you guys help to keep my local coffee house open so I’m glad you’re around. Heck, one day we might all actually agree but I fear it is going to take a full-on depression initiated by Barry and his crew to awaken the masses to the dangers of socialism in all its guises.

    Time to get back to work so I can help pay for your health care. Your welcome.

  8. Inhofe was a fool to think he could convince the convicted of anything. Reason and logic have no place in religious services. Science my @ss! Why is Godfather Gore unwilling to answer questions by thinkers? Is he s-s-scared? He doesn’t mind putting on the dog and pony show for a safe (and adoring) audience. Let a thinking skeptic (not a drone) debate him on an open floor and see what happens. He runs for cover like a cockroach when the kitchen light is turned on. Love that whole inconvenient ‘climate gate’ mess. Oops! I hate it when information and a little daylight gets in the way of your so-called science.

  9. from the election.

    You were telling us how McCain Palin were going to stomp us.

    Sadly for you, 9,000,000 more people voted for Obama, including moderates and indies, which the R party drove out with their increasing insanity.

    You’re paying for my healthcare? Really? How’s that happening? I haven’t gotten your check.

    I love the way you guys live in an imaginary bubble where it’s you all paying for us, when in reality, blue states support red welfare states…and the country sucks off the teat of NY and CA — all so Fox Viewers can thumb their nose while they take their handouts in federal pork and then turn around and scream about socialism.

    Irony is an elusive game with the right.

  10. The brass were driving Priuses well before the rest of us.

    Furthermore, even during Big Oil Bush/Cheney’s watch, they were sounding the klaxons about global climate change being a clear and present danger:

    Now, they are seeing the myriad worldwide conflict-sprouting potential of global climate change:

    I’m waiting to see how many of you denialist chickenhawks who normally profess to love the military soooo much will suddenly start sprouting hate-ons for it because of the Pentagon’s sensible stance on this issue.

  11. You were one of those yelling about the symbolic nature of this person becoming president. Yelling the dogmatic ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ slogans. What did it mean? Hopelessness and descent into misery is all I’ve seen from boy wonder’s policies. NY and CA is flat busted because of leftist policies and no, the rest of the country is NOT living off the teat of you leftists. Put down that bottle of delusion, friend. It doesn’t suit you well.

    I am paying for plenty of people’s healthcare by Uncle Sugar snatching it out of my taxes. Yeah, I’m one of the forty percent of the people who are actually paying something in taxes. What a joke it is to call a handout a ‘refund’. Just because it doesn’t have my name on it doesn’t mean that money the government doles out doesn’t come from me and the other hard-working tax payers. I don’t suppose it is entirely your fault that you don’t understand basic economics. If so, you’d never have made such an asinine argument.

    When your house is under foreclosure, you don’t go out and borrow money to build a pool. Nope, I don’t think I need a thing from you NY and CA liberals. I’d far rather live in the ‘bubble’ that is the rest of the country than to join ranks with you. As for the 8.58 million people who voted for Obama, I’d say many of them are the types that don’t pay attention and were largely unaware of the Marxist leanings of this man. That and many people I know stayed home and refused to vote for a left-leaning Republican.

    The problem with Republicans is they forgot about conservatism and thought that the way to victory was to try to be popular with Democrats and show how moderate they could be. You can see how well that turned out. If ‘Irony is an elusive game with the right’ then truth is even more elusive with the left. Karma is definitely gonna get you.

    Dude, who stole my country?

  12. Huh? So let me see….the Guardian and MSNBC are your reliable sources?? Please. The military has long been a social laboratory for government elitists to push various agendas over the years. Just because they are doing this or that doesn’t mean all that much to me. They are good at following the orders of politicians that are, in theory, above them.

    There is nothing at all wrong with conservation and wise usage of energy/resources. That’s great and I think most conservatives would agree with that premise. We love puppies and kittens and green grass and clean water just like you. What we don’t love is having an emotional hot button like the environment or health care used as a weapon against us in order to coerce us to do things that restrict our liberties and aren’t in keeping with the intentions of the Founders of this nation. We aren’t dolts and we are more aware of the constitution and liberty than the average liberal. I know it doesn’t sound nice to your ears but sometimes the truth hurts but it must be spoken.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. You libs are like a one track record: Palin, Palin, Palin (Notice she’s polling the same as or possibly better than Obama these days? Seems like much of the nation has a case of collective buyer’s remorse. Can’t say I blame ’em.)

    Give it up. Gore’s a fraud and a complete joke. If you want a real debate why not hook up your boy Al Bore with somebody who has specialized in your global warming – oops – CLIMATE CHANGE debate. I’d pay good money to see Forest Gore go a few rounds with someone like Lord Monckton. That would be too difficult for Al. I don’t think he has the courage. I saw on the news that Forest Gore was avoiding the questions of reporters in Copenhagen.


  14. name-calling, but no FACTS from the anonymous “Conservative” blogger(s). How about backing up your right-wing retoric with some facts? BTW, please provide link to a reliable source, not Red State.

  15. What blather, friend? I’m the only one that’s commented so far for the conservative cause. What ‘FACTS’ do you want? I’d like some honest to goodness FACTS from your side but I’m quoted statistics and shown charts that are highly subjective. One FACT that I know of is the years and years worth of emails that were leaked from climate gate. What about those? I don’t see you guys wanting to talk much about that. Why not? What are you avoiding there? How about backing up some of your left wing rhetoric with some facts? What reliable source are you looking for from me? I don’t think there was anything I said that stands out as incredible in any way. Let me know and we’ll discuss it again.

    You guys want to talk economics, politics, climate change (what a hoax!) I’m game. As long as you can keep it interesting I’ll take the entire lot of you on. Funny you appear to be calling me out for being ‘anonymous’ and yet I noticed your entry was ‘Submitted by Anonymous’ as well. Name is Dave. I’ll be back here again. I find debating you guys occasionally enjoyable.

  16. You show your ignorance when you assume you are the only person paying taxes.

    I have my own healthcare, which I pay for. I pay taxes.

    We all just got a TAX CUT from Obama and your taxes are lower than they were under your great hero, Reagan. Where’s the sense to your bitterness?

    The fact that I care about the many Americans who do NOT have healthcare is a reflection of my values system; not my wallet.

    The hopeful delusion you folks operate under that only you pay taxes is not only inaccurate, but in fact statistically speaking, the higher income white folks voted for Obama. The super rich voted R, but the educated small business owners the R use to make their points? They voted for Obama. These facts render your tragic argument even more ridiculous. It’s simply hopelessly hypocritical to argue the economic merits of the Right’s ideology for the average American. Epic fail.

    What have you to say regarding the welfare sucking of the Red states? Why bash the hand that feeds you? That’s getting mighty old, you know. You hate the liberal elites, but love Bush? Who grew up on the East coast and is the product of high privilege? You are being used. You think Fox cares? They’ve admitted to making money off of riling up lost old white men. The more angry they make you, the more money they make. It’s very simple.

    As for Hope and Change, I’ve got plenty.

    Thank God Obama got into office to clean up the cesspool of corruption of the DoJ. Bush operated like a dictator. This country’s very foundations were and are still being threatened by the authoritarian dictators you adore.

    Socialism? Ha. Show me an instance of REAL socialism other than Sarah Palin in Alaska redistributing the oil money.

    Fascism is what we needed to worry about — and theocracy. These same teabaggers who claim they’re fiscally conservative (which seems to translate to they want war but don’t want to pay for it) and for “small government” want the country to “return” to biblical law. What’s that all about? Miss the part in history class where the FF were Deists who deliberately separated church and state? Miss the part about WHY? They knew the dangers of organized religion being imposed by lawmakers/kings.

    Taxes are lower than they were under Reagan, and yet you people still want them lower and lower. You want everything your way, but you don’t want to pay for it. You’re like children.

    You don’t want anyone else to have healthcare, so you scream about socialism — and yet, the current system is not fiscally sustainable.

    A true fiscal conservative would have addressed that when they had power. But the tax and spend REPUBLICANS were too busy stealing from the middle class to bother with their principles.

    Have they apologized yet for lying to us about WMD? Plame? Illegal wire tapping?

    Maybe you want to explain why Bush “lost” emails from March 2003-Oct 2005? Tell us all about how dangerous Obama might be, based on scenarios Glenn Beck dreams up as possible. Your gun rights have not been taken away, they’ve been EXPANDED under Obama. How many times do you have to be wrong about your paranoia before you begin to question the source?

    But when you come back to earth, we’re going to be waiting for you to explain what in the hell you allw ere doing during the Bush years.

    Karma is going to get me? Gee, teabagger, don’t ya’ got anything but threats? That’s just sad, honey. Really sad.

    No one stole your country. This is our country. All of ours. It’s a democracy. We have elections and sometimes you lose.

    Believe me, I feel your pain. I didn’t vote for Bush, didn’t want to start an illegal war, didn’t want to have my tax dollars paying to kill people for a lie…but there you go.

    It’s sad that you can’t be a positive part of this country just because you lost an election. Get on the bus and be a part of all Americans working together, for the betterment of America.

    That is what a real patriot would do. Everything else is just an excuse to hate and blame others for your problems.

    Sure, the Bush Market Collapse of Oct 08 sucks and we are all suffering, but why blame Obama or liberals for that? It’s absurd and just shows how irresponsible the teabaggers are.

    Grow up and take some responsibility for your country and yourself. And take the tin-foil hat off. Fox news is porn for angry white men. ENOUGH.

  17. Sadly, Palin is all YOU have.

    Can’t wait to see her crowned Queen of Teabaggers in Feb.

    The excitement never ends! Will she allow the press to ask a question? Will she come out from Facebook to actually debate an issue in person?

    Run, Sarah, Run. I know I’m donating.

  18. Blather is what they do best. They figure it they can hit your hard and fast with accusations and lies, so you won’t realize that they got nothing.

  19. the fact that all you do in your witty little quip is make accusations and lies. Grow up. Grow a set and get a grip on reality. Conservatives have plenty and unequivocally hold the intellectual high ground. Repubicans (no L) and Demwits are equally useless. That is, unless you are talking about taking from the producers of the world by any means necessary to enrich others. For that, you have no equal. Dems win hands down.

  20. No, I don’t assume I’m the only one paying taxes. I don’t think it is, in any way, a stretch to say that conservatives are by and large the group that pays the majority of taxes. They are the ones that don’t seem to have the time to protest all the time because they have responsibilities that liberals don’t (as a group) tend to concern themselves with. I have plenty of lib friends that are wonderful people. Misguided as you can be in your politics, I think that you are usually cool folks to know. I’d sip a latte with most of you as long as we can debate in a thoughtful, intelligent way. I’m not going to convince 95 percent of you and the same goes for your probability of ‘flipping’ a principled conservative. Not likely to happen but I guess we just have to keep on hoping that once in a while somebody will turn away from the darkness and step into the light.

    Now, to your point, WHAT TAX CUT? Where? Where’s mine? How do you call it a ‘tax cut’ when the libs are about to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire? That means that my money just shrunk before it even hits the check I pay myself. That is dishonest and anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of economics can see this. Don’t pee on my leg and try to convince me it’s raining, sweetie. Don’t even attempt to go there with besmirching the greatest President of our time with your liberal screed. He almost single-handedly turned this country around. Remember what it was like when interest rates were over 20%? I do and it was thanks to another useless liberal, Jimmy Carter. The same President that brought us the evil regime in Iran and emboldened terrorists around the world. Obama’s an empty suit and hasn’t accomplished jack prior to winning the Presidency. I shouldn’t be so unfair. He’s deeper than I gave him credit to be; he is certainly a principled Marxist.

    Obama can take absolutely no credit for my current tax situation. He has done nothing to contribute to the bottom line of Americans other to drag us further beneath an endless sea of debt. If you don’t have money, stop spending! We do that in our own lives. How is it that this concept is ignored by your liberal leaders? I was pissed when Bush did it. It was a mistake then and I felt betrayed. By now, there is no manufactured crisis that was created to strike fear into the hearts of the masses. This is deliberate and borderline criminal behavior. Shame on Obama, Geithner, Reed, Pelosi, Emanuel and all the other jackals who are stealing from our kids. How can you support this theft? How can you look your children (or a child you know) in the eye and tell them you stood on the right side of history and supported a regime with fiscal policies that brought our economy to its knees? You all should take a shower (ala ‘Silkwood’ ) and try to get yourselves clean. There’s no way to rid yourself of this contamination.

    Taxes retard growth EVERY TIME they are imposed. It is not childish to say I want lower taxes. I can spend money in my community and the economy at large far more efficiently and effectively than government. I am realistic enough to recognize that we all need to pay something in taxes to ensure stability in our society, enforcement of laws and national defense. That’s it. If the government were truly focused on improving our economy with the $timulus plan, they would have written out some checks to citizens to help keep local businesses open. They could have gone and reigned in the credit card companies enough so that regular folks could start paying down their debts and have more money in their pockets to cover their expenses. Instead, we have the stimulus funds paying the Democrat cronies and little shush fund pet projects. That is both cynical and dishonest. Shame on the government.

    I care about people not having healthcare, too. It is shameful that a great nation cannot manage to find a way to help those who are willing to help themselves *or* those unable to help themselves. All others should pay. Period. Illegals need to get out. That would help our health care and employment crisis right away. They are gate crashers and are thus unwelcome to demanding their ‘share’ of my tax dollars. I’m fine with keeping them alive and giving them care enough to be stabilized but after that, they get a one-way ticket home and my wishes for a happy and prosperous life wherever they go. If we can be realistic about our problems and start addressing those in a logical, sensible way we can accomplish a great deal. Destroying the system in order to provide a few million more people coverage (temporarily – because it will not last long) is insane and misguided.

    Where is the so-called efficiencies the libs are claiming they will deliver if they can just take over the health care system? Why not go ahead and start today? If your ways are so good and effective, show us! If you can demonstrate how you can improve the lives of all the folks on the one socialized healthcare system the government operates ( the Veteran’s Administration Hospitals ) then I’ll be more open to you implementing some of those winning ideas into the rest of the healthcare system. Until you can show me how the government can do that, keep your damn hands off our health care system. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, the government touches turns to crap. This is a well-known fact. What program has the government run well? Wish there were a ratio of promises made to (positive) results delivered by our government. Regardless of who is in charge, government is incapable of efficient, cost-effective operation. It just isn’t possible. How many times do you libs have to be lied to by your politicians before you wake up and realize that they aren’t going to deliver you to any promised land?? Wake up! Recognize that the ‘light’ they are trying to sell you on at the end of the tunnel is actually a locomotive headed towards you.

    The reason the healthcare system is so bad now is that we have copious amounts of regulations, vulture trial lawyers, unnecessary tests to keep doctors from getting sued by the lawyers and and endless parade of illegal aliens (not that cute little term ‘undocumented workers’) clogging up the system. There are plenty of other problems but I think this is enough of a start. Bush didn’t create that system. I have almost no use for Bush but my goodness, I’d take him back in a flash over Obama.

    Holy crap, I could go on and on debating you libs but I seriously doubt anyone is reading my novellas. I’ll keep going if there’s a point but I am doubtful it would make any difference. Sorry if I didn’t respond to each and every comment or insult. I hope I covered enough of them to satisfy you all. One last thing though, you little twit…. I grew up early on in life, being shot at and defending my country. I went where Bill Clinton and his congress sent me. I didn’t like it but I didn’t complain. I shut my mouth, sucked it up and did my job. I’ve taken more than my share of hardship for this country. Nobody forced me to do it so I’m not expecting you to fall on your knees in gratitude but suggesting that I ‘grow up’ only exposes your ignorance and foolishness. I take responsibility for myself. I employ several people (even Obama supporters) and help to keep them out of the unemployment rolls. No tin foil hat here. I’m a patriot. I know my history and I’m unafraid to stand up to liberals who suggest I’m wrong or that I somehow don’t get it. I get it loud and clear. If you truly think that Fox news is ‘porn for angry white men’ then what do you call the highly imbalanced bastions of liberalism that are CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Air America et al?? DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THE NETWORKS ARE BALANCED? They don’t even attempt to be balanced. You are only deluding yourself, SJones.

    Merry Christmas just the same, all my liberal friends. We ALL need some grace from (insert Deity here) to get through these very difficult times.

    Dave K. from TPA

  21. Please, SJones, don’t be so naive. Sarah Palin is a nice enough lady but she isn’t our Anointed One. I do hope you donate to her. That would be swell.

    When are you guys going to get enough of this stupid ‘Teabagger’ crap? You guys appear fixated…almost as if you LIKE teabagging. Enjoy it, do you? How’s the view from where you are?

    Conservatives are still working to sort out who our leader will be. Guys like Huckleberry, Romney, Giuliani are all tragically flawed and aren’t the answer. The general public is crying out for a principled conservative leader to actually come in and help to fix the problems we face. We had plenty of problems before Obama took over. Each administration has progressively (nice name, huh?) weakened this great nation ever since Reagan retired. If we could bring him back from the dead, I’d be all for it. Guess we’ll have to settle for someone else. I’d love to see a guy like Jim DeMint or Paul Ryan step up and act like he owns it. Our biggest enemy is not a democrat – it is the Republican that calls himself/herself a ‘moderate’.

    Dave in TPA

  22. Sorry to jump in here but a moron needs bitch slapped back to reality. First Liberal media your quote “highly imbalanced bastions of liberalism that are CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC” really imbalanced you right and right it is, these corporations are right standing. The only reason we see liberal coverage is that it sells any thought to the contrary is foolish and uneducated.
    Again your quote “Taxes retard growth EVERY TIME” really what is you proof, my econ classes taught me that tax cuts only stimulate the growth for a short time and lead to inflation in the long run where tax an increase in taxes steady the economic situation in the long run by decreasing inflation and controlling spending but you know better RIGHT.
    Your quote “Americans other to drag us further beneath an endless sea of debt.” Most of the debt is from a war that Bush refused to place on the books so wow what logic you have, next the melt down of the banks are you for the bail outs or against if against you do what a depression looks like right (actually I wish Obama would have let the banks fail I a country boy so I can survive; hunt, fish, plant, and build whatever I need, can you).
    Your quote “Destroying the system in order to provide a few million more people coverage (temporarily – because it will not last long) is insane and misguided.” Proof you have none, I do the CBO reports that the current system is going to bankrupt this country but that what you want RIGHT, the reform would lower costs and decrease the deficit, but you knew that or did you?
    Your quote “EVERYTHING, the government touches turns to crap. This is a well-known fact. What program has the government run well?” Well all of the socialist stuff like the roads, the fire departments, the police departments, the military unless you think the military sucks you commie bastard.
    Quote “Illegals need to get out”, well then whom would do all the shit work we Americans don’t want to do Las Vegas could not function without you “Illegals” so you want to shut down Vegas, you prick I like Vegas.
    Quote “conservatives are by and large the group that pays the majority of taxes.” Factually wrong the group that pays the most in taxes is the working poor, most of who are independents.
    So I hope you enjoyed your bitch slap come back again but this time have your facts straight or don’t comment, it called research do some first before you open your mouth and write anything otherwise you just look like an asshole with nothing to say.

  23. I love ya, you cute little feller. Awww….Gawd bless yer little heart. Did somebody kick your ass in the school yard while wearing a Reagan t-shirt? Did they ‘Melvin’ you like Bill and Ted did to ‘Death’? I’m sorry you’ve been so blinded by your hatred that you’ve lost your objectivity. I’m tiring of schooling you libs. Incidentally, I rather like you and I do like Vegas. You might just be the living embodiment of the fact that even a broken clock can be absolutely right twice each day.

    If you read what I wrote (and I understand if you weren’t able to keep up with it all) is that I am a veteran and yeah, I’ve been shot at by pinko commies a time or two. The government must function to build a road or a jail. I’m not deluded, Einstein.

    Speaking of being delusional….Are you actually suggesting that MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Air America are right-leaning??? Oh my God. Stop it!!! You’re going to to make me piss myself laughing. What a comedian. I give you high marks for your sparkling sense of humor, Oldy. Your facts are pretty frightening but your humor is highly-developed.

    You said: “The only reason we see liberal coverage is that it sells any thought to the contrary is foolish and uneducated.” Huh?? Now how does that argument make any sense whatsoever? If liberalism is soooooo popular and so much in demand please explain to me how it is that Air America isn’t profitable? They owe their own talent money because they haven’t been able to pay them. Sounds really profitable. The other mainstream media outlets you mentioned have ratings that are in the freaking toilet. Where is this demand you mention? The Old Gray Lady (NY Times) is laying off more people and is looking for a financial savior before they are completely bankrupted. Last but definitely not least there is PBS. That liberal network funded by taxpayers whether we want to or not. It isn’t profitable. They beg for money every few months with their telethons. Sad. Not much profit when you have no demand and no ratings. Now Fox, on the other hand, seems to be doing quite well. They actually make a point of at least appearing balanced by allowing the opposing point of view. What other networks do that, boy genius? Fox is making money hand over fist. It would seem that Americans are voting with their remote controls.

    In case you doubt me, Oldy, here are Nielson’s ratings from an average day in September:
    FNC – 3,034,000 viewers
    CNN –1,568,000 viewers
    MSNBC-1,521,000 viewers
    CNBC –165,000 viewers
    HLN – 831,000 viewers

    Now….as for talk radio…where’s the demand for good liberal programming? Where is your version of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin or Glenn Beck? Who’s that you say??? Oh yeah…nobody. You’ve got nothing. You remind me of the type of guy that was described in the old days as “Big hat – no cattle”.

    Please, I beg you, PLEASE don’t attempt to school me on economics. I had plenty of econ courses in college and have studied it independently for most of my career. You, quoting your professor, are wholly unimpressive.

    One last little rag on you and then I’ll let you off the mat: The poor do not even pay taxes! Sure, they pay sales tax like everyone else but they also get a very large ‘refund’ check that is grossly disproportionate to the amount of taxes they have contributed. It cannot be called a ‘refund’ if you never paid it in in the first place.

    Okay…I know this trip to the woodshed probably hurt you. I’m sorry, son, it hurt me more to have to write this all down than it did for you to have to read it. I’ll buy you a beer sometime just to show that I’m a person of good will and that I really do like you libs just fine.


    – Dave in TPA

  24. as I said, you do a lot of blathering, but have NO facts. You call everyone names and insist at the same time that conservatives are on the higher intellectual ground.

    Sad to say, but those days are long gone.

    “Conservative” as a concept was hi-jacked by the theocrats and neocons and used to rape the public in a reckless, careless, dangerous manner. Under Republican rule.

    Now, who exactly do you claim is a conservative? Link to their record and then we’ll talk.

    All you’ve done here is blow lots of hot air. And it’s been entertaining, but you haven’t won anyone over because you are so far nothing more than a Fox talking point.

    You’ve laid claim to the intellectual high ground; now take it. That means stop calling people names, stereotyping people based on Fox prejudices, and start linking to reputable sources to back up your claims.

    Name three conservative policies that were successfully implemented in the last 8 years when the R had control of house and senate and the WH. And provide links.

  25. So far, you have NO facts. You call everyone names and insist at the same time that conservatives are on the higher intellectual ground.

    Sad to say, but those days are long gone.

    “Conservative” as a concept was hi-jacked by the theocrats and neocons and used to rape the public in a reckless, careless, dangerous manner. Under Republican rule.

    Now, who exactly do you claim is a conservative? Link to their record and then we’ll talk.

    All you’ve done here is blow lots of hot air. And it’s been entertaining, but you haven’t won anyone over because you are so far nothing more than a bunch of Fox talking points held to together by faulty logic and wishful thinking.

    You’ve laid claim to the intellectual high ground; now take it. That means stop calling people names, stop stereotyping people based on Fox prejudices, and start linking to reputable sources to back up your claims.

    Name three conservative policies that were successfully implemented in the last 8 years when the R had control of house and senate and the WH. And provide links.

  26. I can easily name three conservative policies that were highly successful in the last 8 years:

    1. Steal from the poor and give to the rich. But let’s add one more awesome layer to this. Besides just stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, we were able to funnel public money (tax dollars) into private hands (Halliburton, Blackwater, etc).

    2. Destroy “intelligence” as any factor to government or life. So long as we have faith in a mighty lord, anything can be explained and everything will be alright. Global warming/climate change, whatever the hell libbies want to call it, doesn’t matter. It simply doesn’t exist because our loving God will never do such a thing to our planet. God will always provide. Who knows more about climate and the earth? Gore, scientists, or God, the guy who created everything?

    Religion is now on the same level as science and that’s exactly how we wanted it. See, science requires thinking and facts, which we were never really any good at. So we’ve managed to absolutely dupe a large segment of the American populace into thinking that faith is fact. Who needs facts when we have “our gut feeling.”

    3. Conservatives and Republicans can only be judged by God Almighty and history. Nobody else. Especially educated people. What do they know? Books don’t teach anything unless it’s the Bible. It doesn’t matter what we do or how long we fuck things up, only God and history (100 years later) can judge us.

    However, liberal commie bastards can be judged on day one. In fact, your lousy president Obama hasn’t even been in office a whole year yet and we already have the right to sum up his entire presidency and legacy: EPIC FAIL!

  27. Oh, and here’s one more conservative policy that has worked wonders in the past 8 years:

    4. If you and your commie friends don’t like what we say, what we do, then GO FUCK YOURSELF.

    Why? Because God’s on our side so we’re always right…YOU BETCHA!

  28. The problem is you have no facts; your opinions are just that. Quote “You, quoting your professor, are wholly unimpressive.” Not my prof but the books and scholars papers I did my research on for my previous comment, and so you admit I am right good we agree your wrong. “Now how does that argument make any sense whatsoever?” it makes sense for the only reason we see Obermann and Maddow is because they make money you see the media is actually conservative owned by conservative men I expected you to do some research but you did not again I am right you are wholly wrong. AGAIN do research before you post, not only will know the facts you will stop looking like an ass when proven wrong, as for the woodshed bring it morons like you need an ass beaten again I have facts look them up try a Google search of scholar works do not post opinion as fact or yet again I will show that you know nothing. Quote “One last little rag on you and then I’ll let you off the mat: The poor do not even pay taxes! Sure, they pay sales tax like everyone else but they also get a very large ‘refund’ check that is grossly disproportionate to the amount of taxes they have contributed.” So do they pay taxes or don’t they? here is the data from 2002 “The top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 33.7 percent of all individual income taxes” that means the rest of taxes are paid by someone else “The average tax rate for the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers is 27 percent” the working poor pay 27% of taxes in this country, the middle class make up the rest of the 39.3% research dumbass and by and by Reagan was a moderate NOT a conservative. Good day goodbye I am done with someone who cannot be bothered to do a little bit of research enjoy your ignorance Jackass.

  29. I love when mockingbird comes to play, commie scum sell that crap somewhere else, climate change scientist 1000 last count and falling fast,
    denying scientist 3100 and growing faster.

    Why is it everyone wants to come to America, try to emulate her in every way yet continue to try and destroy the very republic. blind idiots leading even blinder idiots.

  30. If I could say something here…

    Um – first of all…I found this article to be hilarious, and right on target!

    Second – I think american imperialism is coming to a screeching halt – as it should. Obviously, there are some countries that aren’t buying into the “We’re the greatest country” rhetoric, especially when we provide evidence to the contrary.

    Thanks to the former nut-job of a president who not only got us out of a surplus and into the one of the greatest deficits we’ve ever seen, but also thrust the country into a defunct war that didn’t produce anything but a guy hiding in a fox hole. But hey – at least he was a “prayin’ president” that liked to hunt and fish, so he couldn’t have been all bad!

    By the way – what ever happened to Osama Bin Laden, weapons of mass destruction, etc.)??? Oh yeah – that’s right – we caught him in the time period we were given and ….what?….oh, sorry, never mind.

    Well – we definitely found those weapons of….what?…we never really?…there never were?…and we’re still there because?….oh, ok, nevermind.

    Ok – well at least our education system is the greatest…what? Really? Our kids rank lower in math and science than who? Is that even a country?

    Well, hey, our justice system is the fairest…Oh COME ON!!

    Well – we have the best health care….I know not everybody can have access to it, but…well the case can be made that the insurance companies definitely help the system by….huh?…oh – they were the problem?…say what now?…everybody has to be making a profit or else we slip into the hell called socialism, huh? Well, what is socialism anyway? Oh, it’s from the devil! I see!

    Well – at least we don’t have to worry about some mean ole devil that’s gonna lead this country down the path to communism!! You know, those founding fathers must’ve known what they were doing when they were wanting to create a free country for all….say what?…they didn’t mean freedom for the people they actually owned themselves??? Really??? Well, at least women had rights and…oh – they didn’t. Ok, what about the pilgrims that came over and shared thanksgiving dinner with those savage indians? What? The indians were only trying to help and were repaid with small pox and grave robbings and rape and pillage? Really? So you’re sayin’ this country was founded on stolen property? Well – I’ll have to look into that, my friend!

    Speaking of the commies – exactly how much do we owe the Chinese? Really? That much? hmmm

    Well – I don’t care what anybody else says! WE’RE NUMBER ONE! In something, I’m sure….

  31. Oldsun, you simple twit. You’ve proven not one thing. I know my facts and am very capable of research. Don’t try to parse bullshit with me, scream louder and profess you’ve won the argument. You are a loser. I’m afraid you are so bent that you are beyond hope. Not surprising but disappointing. I honestly wish this country could just split into conservative and liberal areas. Allow all the libs like you and Sarah to go there and tax the living hell out of one another, impose draconian business and social regulations to your hearts content. What a wonderful world you would create! You’d sure show us conservatives how much smarter you are, how cool and snarky you can be and still live better than the rest of us. Riiiiiight.

    Your argument and rebuttal are so lame that I’m tired of even going back to the well and wasting my valuable time. Wisdom should be invested in those who aren’t beyond reach. You deserve everything you are going to get with Boy Wonder in office. Unfortunately, the rest of us are going to be drug along for the ride. Barack Obama is going to make Americans actually feel nostalgic for Jimmy Carter. I’d love to talk to you guys in another few years and see how you like this socialist theme park you helped to create. Good luck and you definitely deserve all you get.

  32. Everybody doesn’t want to come here

    In fact, some people want to leave

    And – not everybody wants to “emulate” “her” either

    There are actually people from other countries that are proud to be a citizen of their own country and have no desire to come here – I know that’s a blow to your self-esteem – but it’s true

  33. And so do the smarter people in this country (Democrats). I just fear Fox is dumbing down the (sadly) growing number of idiots who have no clue what science is (again, the GOP). Global warming is real. Every single person with a brain knows it. NASA pictures from space prove it. Inhofe is a bought and sold whore for the Oil & Gas industry, who are solely responsible for funding hunk science and bogus news stories in an effort to sway public opinion. The idiots of this country (yes, once again, conservatives) are buying the lies hook, line and sinker. So sad.

  34. You want to talk about sad?! This isn’t some fictional story you clowns are screwing with. The jerks are attempting to bring this country down and you either don’t understand (best case scenario) or you you do understand and want to do it anyway. An emotional knee-jerk response to a policy matter is ‘the right thing to do’ for you guys. We are flat broke and your insane, idiot narcissistic LOSER politicians steal our checkbook and write a ONE TRILLION dollar check that we cannot possibly cover. Yeah….’Democrats are the smarter people in this country’. You certainly sound smart !

    Bush was a miserable failure in many ways. He misused the trust placed on him by conservatives. Guess that makes him a typical politician. The Repubican (again, no ‘L’) congress and senate were dominated by imbeciles and I’m embarrassed by their utter lack of leadership. This country has been raked over the coals by loser politicians on both sides of the aisle. Time to clean house and get some honest people who go there to actually SERVE the needs of their constituents and not for their own enrichment. Until we can be honest about this, we’ll all continue to argue the semantics and waste our energies fighting one another instead of those reprobates who are destroying our country on our dime. I don’t love my party more than my country and hope a few of you might be strong enough to push away the grape Kool-Aid they are passing out to the masses.

    Dave in TPA

  35. Let’s see. According to CNBC, that bastion of extreme right wingism (sarcasm) we have the number one welfare state, California. #2 is Maine, #3 is Tennessee, which I will concede actually is somewhat red, #4 Massachusetts, #5 Vermont, #6 D.C., #7 New York (all upstate though I’m sure (snicker snicker), # 8 Minnesota, #9 Washington # 10 tied between New Mexico and Indiana. How we doing so far? I was waiting for Wyoming, or Texas, or Montana, or Nebraska, or some other red state since you specifically claimed “red welfare states.” These rankings are based on percentage of a state’s population on welfare, total welfare expenditures, unemployment etc. Seems like you’re making crazy crap up, then accusing people of making crazy crap up. It’s almost like it’s projection or something. Weird.

  36. I’m afraid I’ll need to interject here on the taxes claim…

    Updated to 2007, the top 1% pay 37% of taxes, but earn 19% of income. Top 10% pay 68%. The bottom 50%? Actually just 3% with 13% of the income.
    Another article cited the top 20% paying all but 18.5% of all income taxes, up through the bottom 40% getting extra money back, on average than was paid in. So I’m definitely calling bull on your stats.

    Repeat: the bottom 40%, on average, get more money back than they paid in.

    Don’t use my cited article, look it up anywhere you want. And please don’t dismiss people “who cannot be bothered to do a little but of research” if you’re going to put false numbers out there. That’s pretty lazy.

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