Bitter McCain Criticizes Obama for Giving Himself a First Year Grade

John McCain was on Fox News Sunday today where he criticized President Obama for giving himself a first year grade last week. McCain said, “I don’t — presidents I know usually don’t grade themselves. Usually they let the people grade them.” Do you think McCain is still a little bitter?

Host Chris Wallace asked McCain, “The president, talking to Oprah Winfrey, gave himself a grade of B-plus the other day and said if we get health care reform it tips into an A-minus. What grade do you give him?”

The Arizona senator answered, “Well, I would still give him an incomplete, because I still think we can win overtime on this health care issue. I think he has found out in Copenhagen in some rather bizarre scenarios that maybe it’s more important to be respected than to be loved. And by the way, I don’t — presidents I know usually don’t grade themselves. Usually they let the people grade them.”

Earlier in the interview McCain tried to sell the idea that Obama is more partisan than Bill Clinton was, and that the lack of bipartisanship is the president’s fault. In short, McCain blamed Obama for everything short of the snowstorm that hit the East this weekend, but it is his implication that Obama is some kind of egomaniac because he assigned himself a grade that I found most bizarre.

John McCain sold his soul and completely reinvented himself last year in the hope of being elected president. After he lost the election, McCain has drifted even more to the right, because his worried about facing a far right wing primary challenger in his reelection campaign.

I realize that McCain is stubborn and that he would never listen, but he sounds like a man who is still not over losing the 2008 election. Criticizing Obama for answering a question that Oprah Winfrey asked him is petty. Obama has made his share of mistakes in his first year, but assigning himself a grade was not one of them.

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  1. This business about bipartisanship is getting tiring. At it’s best in application, bipartisanship is mixing some right with some wrong. Here’s how it gets applied by the parties. If you agree with us, then we’re bipartisan. If you disagree, then you’re obstructing “progress.” Why don’t we get down to what has worked and what hasn’t…what’s right and what isn’t. Who cares about the parties. Both are full of self-serving air bags.

    Obama gets an F and a permanent suspension from school, forget B anything. Unemployment goes up at a higher rate, but that increase in rate he says is still Bush’s fault almost a year in. Afghanistan/Iraq he doesn’t move forward and doesn’t withdraw either. Indecisiveness is not a highly prized value in commander-in-chief. There’s not much else to consider. His “bailout” has targeted almost exclusively government jobs (read non-wealth producing) and has punished business into receding and having to lay people off, banks into investing and loaning less etc. Almost everything he’s touched has turned to dog doo doo. B+? Not even close. McCain may be no genius, but he can see an arrogant yet clueless self promoter who is out of touch with himself, the nation, reality, the economy. While Bush was not a great president by any stretch, it is not his policies that are destroying our economy, our image, our morale etc. Obama has “accomplished” this destruction with the help of the non-bill reading congress. He can take responsibility now, and his F is well deserved.

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