Palin Bans Bloggers and Local Media from “Public” Book Signing in Alaska

BANNED! Palin Bans Bloggers and Local Media from “Public” Book Signing in Alaska

Palin banned Alaskan bloggers and local radio and TV host Shannyn Mooore from her “public” book signing held today in Wasilla, Alaska. The event was held at the Menard Sports Complex that Palin championed which left Wasilla 20 million dollars in debt, due to Palin’s failure to get clear title to the land before building on it.

While Palin has refused to allow any media to ask her questions on her “book” tour, she’s graciously deigned to allow them all to photograph her incredibly shrinking self to their hearts content as she breezed past them in the rope line to Costco from her prop bus. But now she’s laid down the new law and is not even allowing her fellow Alaskans inside the venue where she held her last book signing in Alaska. She had the local bloggers/media identified by pictures, and on a “Banned” list, enforced by local police.

Gryphen from Immoral Minority (an Alaskan blog) explained as he was being escorted out by police, “Another reporter headed toward the entrance overheard us and asked us if there were REALLY a “banned list”. “Yes there is, and we are on it” was our reply. “I have never heard of that!” she said. Welcome to Sarah Palin’s Wasilla.”

And they call her “Bush lite”? She’s Bush Major.

For someone who whines about her first amendment rights (which Palin interprets to mean her right to lie and insult others without pushback), Palin shows no respect for the real intention of the amendment.

The First Amendment prohibits the Congress from making laws “respecting an establishment of religion”, impeding the free exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech and infringing on the freedom of the press.

Sarah wants to establish Christian biblical law over the USA and infringe on the freedom of individuals and the press to say and write what they choose.

In fact, the folks populating the book signing were largely from her Dominonist church and included such respectable folks as Eddie Burk, local conservative talk show host who has worn T-Shirts proclaiming himself “H8TR” and a “homophobic, Red Shirt, Bible-Thumping, Gay Bashing, Tea Bagging Racist, White Guy Bigot”. So, those folks are OK. This is who she associates with and considers “friendly” media, so she gives them full access.


But she’s banning local progressives who have called her out on her lies, who write for Huffington Post and have been on MSNBC discussing Palin’s tanking Alaskan poll numbers, among other Palin particulars.

Nothing like a coward hiding from the truth and banning people who disagree with them to say “I love America!”.

Gee, can you imagine if this person had come any where near the White House? Can you image Palin having the courage to face armed teabaggers wearing “Water the Tree of Liberty with Blood” t-shirts at her Presidential rallies, as Obama has bravely done?

It seems Republicans always need to take away the freedoms they crow about. It seems like they’re always hiding and stifling free speech, among other rights.

Sarah Palin, book-banning hopeful, has now become a proud endorser of media-banning.

Palin joins Nixon in having an official “Enemies List”. Well done, Sarah. And here I thought her resignation speech “You won’t have Sarah to kick around anymore” was her sole Nixon connection. Much to be proud of, this Christmas season, eh, Sister Sarah?

Republican leaders don’t allow dissent. That’s just how they’re “wired”.

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  1. Reading her comments is enough to make one physically ill; from both the sheer audacity of the lies as well as the horror that she ever got anywhere near the WH.

  2. On one hand, if the event was a paid or admissions only event or is a private club event a la the Elks Club or Realtors’ association annual meeting, the authorities grant a quasi private property/private event privilege or license to the hosting group. However, the organization must provide its own security a la AKAL.

    It seems here that Mrs. Palin put out promotions claiming the event was open to the public and then after the fact tried to make it an admissions only or private club matter.

    Furrthermore, since she is not a public official anymore and it was not a city sponsored event, I believe that the media can file a complaint or legal action against the Wasilla Police. They were using official authority to enforce private edicts of a non-city event. The only situations in which official law enforcement can be involved in an otherwise private matter is in a protest or contentious event like the 2000 Denver Columbus Day Parade, in which public safety and property may be at risk. Since this was not a protest or a controversial parade that would involve many people moving about city streets and possibly requiring a shutdown or traffic diversion, the Wasilla Police Department’s acts were purely partisan and not based on any assessed threat to safety or property.

    Sarah Palin shows once again why she is not qualified for high office. Her high school mentality reduces issues to soundbites and personal attacks. That arena she was at is the source of Wasilla’s debt, including legal costs arising from misuse of eminent domain laws and the bonds issued to build an arena that does not carry its own weight.

    Why anyone believes that this woman could be regarded as a stand in/backup for Hillary Clinton or is a contender of any class eludes anything bearing any resemblance to rhyme, reason and reality.

  3. During this season of peace and goodwill, I’ll be charitable. Sarah Palin is a very sick woman, and I feel sorry for her. The bitterness, vindictiveness and paranoia that exudes from her every pore is indicative of a very insecure, frightened individual.

  4. @Handsome 4:17

    I’ve posted your very succinct reply at Gryphen’s blog, The Immoral Minority, as well as at AK Muckraker’s site and

    At IM, the Feedjit is going nuts with locations in Norway, Wales, Australia, and more! This story is going global and rightly so. This fatuous caricature of a woman needs to be called out at every turn! That she could EVER be a stand-in for Hillary Clinton was an insult of the highest order to every thinking woman anywhere! I knew that the first time she opened her mouth to speak!
    If she were a fat, ugly black, Asian or Latina woman, I wonder if her Palinistas would idolize her in the way they do. Please, no insult intended to the people mentioned, but Palin’s major appeal is that “She is attractive,” and she plays that aspect of her persona to the hilt. She is, however, aging rapidly and not aging well.

  5. If you read Gryphen’s blog, the justification was that Harper Collins had paid for the use of the facility, thereby making it a ‘private’ event and certain people were not ‘invited’. But Palin had promoted this as a public event, so that doesn’t work so well as a justification.

    One of the police officers quoted in an article seemed to feel that the bloggers and media listed were being banned for their own safety. Now what does that say about Palin followers that they can’t be trusted to act within the bounds of law around those who oppose her?

  6. Funny thing is that James Hastings, the Wasilla Recreation and Cultural Services Manager, claims that Zaki et al were banned for their own protection:

    “At the end of the day, if something had gone wrong, it would have been my responsibility,” Hastings said. “If I take three minutes on Google I can see that, given the nature of the people who were here, it wasn’t in his (Zaki’s) best interest to be here. He and others could have found themselves in a negative situation.”


    Hastings also states that the signing was a private event paid for by Palin’s publisher, Harper Collins, and Zaki and the others were not invited.

  7. “In August 2005, a Delaware State trooper ejected teenagers from from a Santorum book signing at a Barnes & Noble store at the request of Santorum-event organizers, and briefly arrested two of the teens. Together with the ACLU of Delaware, the ACLU-PA brought claims for violation of First Amendment and false arrest against the trooper and the unidentified Santorum staff. In discovery we identified the Santorum aides involved in the ejection. The case settled in Fall 2007 with the aides paying $2500 in damages and sending the teenagers a written apology. The Delaware State Police paid $15,000 in attorney fees and passed a policy to prevent officers from excluding non-disrutpive people from property open to the public simply because of their viewpoint.”

  8. I’ve been to concerts at the city convention hall that had more people than were
    at this book signing; a Megadeth show mind you, where people mosh and push and go nuts. Guess what? The concert did not have city police do security.

    The only public facility events I have been to that had municipal police or sheriff’s deputies were the OzzFest shows in 2003 and 2005; held at the county’s new concert venue just outside city limits. Once again, that was done in conjunction with LiveNation and OzzFest because of the large numbers of people that would be attending and the anticipated risk to safety e.g driving under the influence(something Mr. Palin knows about) and risk to property. Even with all of that, no one was banned from entering and seeing Ozzy and co rock the house.

    I am in real estate and am a supporter of private property and private events rights, as long as the club is willing to pay fair rent for public facilities and is willing to pay for their own security. Police can only be involved in large events where large quantities of people will be involved and there are logistical, traffic and public safety issues at risk; examples being large concerts like OzzFest or protests like the 2003 and 2005 Iraq War protests or the 9-12 event in DC where mobs of angry tea partiers were and are mad at a black man for being President .

    What is amusing is that Palinistas play the “pretty” card every time someone criticizes Palin, saying her critics are either bitter old and fat hags or metrosexuals who cannot handle such a strong and beautiful woman. Please. Strong and beautiful is Jenny Sanford, who told her Christian values husband he can keep his “soulmate.” Or Barack and Michelle Obama, two attractive and smart people. Or, Megan McCain; smart and attractive. Same with Shannyn Moore.

    That argument means that there is no defense of her based on policy or substance so they go for glittering generalities. One of the local female newscasters in my hometown of Albuquerque is smarter and prettier than Palin.

    If she cannot even handle some small time local bloggers, how would she handle Putin or Ahmadinefraud or Chavez? If she cannot deal with Letterman making a joke gone awry, how is she going to deal with economic shock and financial meltdowns, where EVERYONE is mad and unhappy with any course of action a President takes? That job entails the whole media-NY Times, CNN, WaPo, CNBC, MSNBC, The Daily Show and the AP/Reuters are going to write or publish mad smack talk.

    McCain and his staff have to feel like Richard Larsen did in 1979-80. Who was he? A Seattle Times writer who covered local politics. In 1972 Washington state elections, he befriended a young GOP staffer named Ted Bundy. After Bundy was first arrested and the evidence piled up, Larsen had to face facts that the handsome and charming young politico and would be attorney was a sociopathic and murderous maniac; hollow at the core. McCain, Wallace and Schmidt have likely come to similar point: Sarah Louise Heath Palin, the energetic and spunky Alaska conservative and lovable “rogue” is a sociopathic and narcissistic personality; hollow at her very center and lacking any sense of remorse or responsibility.

    This incident shows she will never grow up and reach the maturity and inquisitiveness needed to be President. I only hope the GOP’s primary voters actually hand her the 2012 nomination, insuring President Obama would not need to campaign until the end; run the ship of state and phone it in.

  9. that Sarah Palin promoted an enormous sports facility for a tiny tiny town

    but not the expansion or support of her local library, that had those awful awful books people like to read. At least, the educated ones.

  10. Error Failin’ is at a free public event at a public venue. I think the Alaska Press Club attorney needs to get involved. It’s one thing to refuse to answer questions from the media, but she can’t ban them from the venue, and the Wasilla Police Department should know better about enforcing this BS. It would be one thing if this was an event with a paid admission (and media members still could buy tickets), but this was a free event. Also, these “banned” media members were no physical threat to her, so they couldn’t be banned for that reason.

  11.’s an ‘OFF WITH THEIR HEADS’ type of thing, actually.

    Her OFFICIAL Facebook site is highly censored too. Posters are deleted and banned if they dare to question or challenge her.

    The Palinbots on her site, seeing only adulatory comments, are convinced that everyone LOVES Sarah.

    Palin’s site is the meeting place for every Obama hater to find a place to spread whatever conspiracy theory they can dig up …. (I collect idiotic Palinbot comments there!)

  12. Methinks she violated the constitution….but I hear she’s blaming her publishing company now.

    Just how much room is there under a Palin bus, anyway?

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