Republicans Express Shock That Obama is Acting Like He Won an Election

We can all agree that President Obama is a ditherin’ fool, who should be more like the Great One, George W. Bush.

Obama should have waited six days to answer questions about the foiled Christmas attack, because six is a magic number in the world of Gog. Instead, Hopey charged forward within 72 hours with a response. C’mon, Obama. The people have come to expect a certain somethin’ from their leaders and that ain’t it.

Obama should have been on vacation in Camp David and THEN gone to his ranch before answering questions, because that’s what patriots do. There’s something about a cowboy that just scares the terrorists, ya’ know? Heh. Obama should have given a press conference and been fawned over by a press who never even asked about the shoe bomber, because that’s how you do it. Duck and dodge, baby, that’s the name of the game!

“Four days after Richard Colvin Reid, 28, tried to set fire to his explosives-laden shoes on a trans-Atlantic flight, neither the White House nor other authorities had spoken officially on the alleged would-be suicide bombing,” AFP wrote on Dec. 27, 2001.

Geeze, President Obama – what’re you trying to do here? Obama is politicizing terrorism by actually addressing it, which he must know makes the Us Republicans look bad. Obama is really getting’ uppity, and the Democrats are joining him. They act like they won an election or something.

“This hypocrisy demonstrates Republicans are playing politics with issues of national security and terrorism,” DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan said. “That they would use this incident as an opportunity to fan partisan flames … tells you all you need to know about how far the Republican Party has fallen and how out of step with the American people they have become.”

What?! Outrage is OUR thing! How dare the Democrats try to co-opt it! Also, too, we are the party of keepin’ America safe! We are STRONG against terrorism, except when we don’t read intel and we get hit a few times. But heck, if you don’t count those times, we are totally the most patriotic of patriotic. Drill, baby, Drill! USA! Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!

Good thing the press is still treating Democrats like the ugly stepchild, or we could have some real change on our hands. And god knows, things are just fine the way they are. The American people may have voted, but they didn’t mean it. We know what the American people want; better than they do…and we’ll tell you what it is. All you need to do is put us on every TV channel and let us explain to you how Obama is bad for the country. Sheesh. How hard is it?

Rep Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), who’s busy campaignin’ for governor of Michigan, has really done us proud by parading himself to every media outlet known to man and reminding them all that he is SO disappointed that it took Obama 72 hours to respond and plus, too, this delay shows that Obama is “weak on terror”!

Yes, ratchet it up, Petey! You know how the Fox viewers love them their terror fests (see Petey talk about the “Christmas Day Terror Attack!” on Fox here: Oh, the shiver of pleasure we repressed family values peeps get when we can feed the fear gnawing away at our constituents. It was super clever of Petey to use this foiled terror attack (oops, we don’t call it “foiled” ‘cuz that implies strength and general well being) to raise money for his campaign, threatening his poor economically devastated constituents with the “fact” that if they leave the Dems in charge, they’ll probably get hit by a terrorist.Please donate now if you wanna live.

Nothing like a country divided against the terrorists to really say “Country First”.

Also, when Bush single handedly took on that shoe bomber, he was a hero! Mission Accomplished, Brownie! Ehhhhh? Ehhh? Hopey is a weakling because he admitted that there were problems with intelligence and the TSA, and we all know, you never let ’em catch ya’ with your pants down. Er…

Heck, Petey is one of the few who spoke up immediately, before the facts were in and also, too, talkin’ about confidential info to the general public, thereby endangering our safety – but heck, if the guy had a cowboy hat, he’d really be presidential material!

Extra points for Petey sayin’ it’s “fair” to blame the Obama administration for the foiled attack, even though he didn’t know why. It’s more important to point yer finger, as Petey knows, than to address problems.

It was most unseemly that some in the press asked Us about the difference in our criticism of Obama versus how Bush reacted. Bush was actin’ on Gog’s behalf. DOH! You do not question the Gog! Plus, Gog hates liberals and black people. He just does. Haven’t you seen baby Jesus? Hello. He’s white! And I think that says about all that needs to be said on this subject.

We need to take this country back to the slave owners who knew what it meant to be an American!

How dare liberals and Democrats push back on Us. We are still in charge, whether the people voted for us or not. We used the Supreme Court to get our last guy in and we can do it again.

Obama needs to start being more like Bush. This actual governing thing has got to stop. Next thing you know, he’s going to address the people’s needs like with healthcare, and they we’ll never get back into office!

Terrorism is a Republican thing! We know all about it. We know how to use it, package and sell it, so ya’ll think about that when you go to the votin’ booth this next year.

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  2. The Obama White House statement in response to Darth Cheney was masterful, a deliberate, calculated, tempered slap-down.

    It may not have fit in my Christmas stocking,or under any holiday tree…….but it was like a late Christams present, just the same.

  3. Republicans like Cheney are fuming because President Obama, a Democrat, is refuting their old, tired, and inaccurate arguments about how Republicans are tough on national security and Democrats are wimps.

    For someone who was nowhere to be found during GW’s administration, this bitter old man and others like his daughter Liz and Palin have a whole lot to say. I think Cheney’s anger stems directly from the fact that his policies are being refuted. In fact, Bush distanced himself somewhat from Cheney later in his administration.

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