Chris Matthews Slams Sarah Palin for Not Knowing the Founding Fathers

On his MSNBC program Hardball tonight, host Chris Matthews took Sarah Palin to task for not knowing who the Founding Fathers were during her interview with Glenn Beck yesterday. Matthews said, America was the book she didn’t read, yet she is running around this country as this patriotic icon of American what?”

Here is the video:

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After playing the clip of Palin struggling on Beck, Matthews said, “You know in school when you didn’t read the book, and you had to answer the essay question on the book and you didn’t read it. I thought the book was really interesting at times, sometimes it was boring, but a lot of it was really interesting. The book you didn’t read, that’s her story. America was the book she didn’t read, yet she is running around this country as this patriotic icon of American what? She doesn’t know us. How can you not say Ben Franklin? How can you not say Thomas Paine? Thomas Paine is a major hero of the teabaggers and he should be a hero to all. She doesn’t know the names of the Founding Fathers.”

Matthews also wondered why Sarah Palin can’t answer simple questions. As I pointed out in my initial post about her Founding Father struggles yesterday, this was not a hard question. Glenn Beck threw her a total softball and she struggled to come up with Washington.

This is heavy criticism from Matthews who has been known to gush over the charisma and political it factor that he believes that Palin possesses. The reality is that when struggles with simple questions she reinforces the widely held notion that she lacks even a rudimentary understanding of basic US civics.

She could have picked any Founding Father, but if she was a savvy politician she would have named Thomas Jefferson, or pandering to the teabaggers and their warped misunderstanding of Thomas Paine, but should couldn’t even figure that out because that devious Glenn Beck hit her with a “gotcha” question.

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  1. Shut up Matthews…

    Obama thought there were 57 states!

    If you want to nitpick every word someone says nitpick him too!

  2. No matter how much support conservatives will try to give her, she won’t be able to cut it. She’ll quit on you, and blame the media. I’m not saying you should hate her, but sooner or later you’ve got to start seeing her for what she is.
    If she can’t go toe to toe with Glen Beck and walk away the superior, then she has no shot.
    Ignore us liberals, we don’t really care about her anymore, but find someone who can actually start winning educated Republicans over.

  3. Obama didn’t defend that mistake to the bitter end. He didn’t literally think there were 57 states. Palin is an idiot. Anyone with a rational mind can see that

  4. […] Chris Matthews Slams Sarah Palin for Not Knowing the Founding Fathers – view page – cached On his MSNBC program Hardball tonight, host Chris Matthews took Sarah Palin to task for not knowing who the Founding Fathers were during her interview with Glenn Beck yesterday. Matthews said, America was the book she didn’t read, yet she is running around this country as this patriotic icon of […]

  5. Oh please, How about “Shut up Palin”? You can’t compare a verbal gaff with extreme ignorance.

    This women is obviously politically savvy, but extremely ignorant about everything that doesn’t have to do with cosmetics and clothes. And how to get elected to public official without a basic understanding of basic civics.

    It’s too bad there isn’t a fourth qualification to run for President of the United States, that being the passing of some sort of knowledge and intelligence test.

  6. You people are so stupid you can’t even get the gaffe right. Obama mispoke and actually said there were 60 states. He said he’s been to all 50……….7 states with 1 more to go during his campaign. Then he said he wasn’t able to go to Alaska & Hawaii. So if you do the math, 57 + 1 + 2 = 60. It’s obvious to anyone with a working brain that he meant to say 47 states.

  7. Intelligence or knowledge of the Constitution of the US of America is not a requirement for leaders to right wing so called Americans. Obama made a simple error that in no way questioned his intelligence or knowledge. He has no problem correcting himself when he misspeaks. Obama actually taught constitutional law as a professor. The history of this country and its former leaders has been well studied by Obama and he considers the information quite significant. Palin is more interested in delivering a wild and sensational statement that bares no substance in reality. She plays aggressive attack dog then she plays victim to the media when it suits her. There is no comparison between Obama the President and Sarah Palin the governor who quit her job while under ethics investigations who has hustled a book of wild claims to make millions and is now a made up media sensation that the right wing conservative Republican praises to the point of insanity.

  8. All the “conservatives” are doing is helping the liberal / progressive cause (and hurting their own) in fielding the wacky Sarah Palin. Don’t they realize that???

  9. Face it, Sarah Palin is an airhead. I imagine she doesn’t know what day it is until told by her minders.

  10. Hey Mrs. Palin, the Founding Fathers were the ones who wrote the Constitution. George Washington was NOT one of the signers. Why aren’t more folks pointing that out? She couldn’t even name ONE.

  11. when she nattered on about how proud she was of the Pledge of Allegiance that our Founding Fathers wrote and how they would take it (and the God reference that the Founders wanted there- LOL) out of schools over her dead body?

    Yup. That’s our Sarah. Chris needs to start thinking about Palin with this big brain. I mean, he’s JUST noticing this now?

  12. I agree that Sarah didn’t handle this brilliantly. But if I had a choice between someone unsavvy on naming a founder father but agrees with the basic principles of our country’s founding (Sarah Palin), or someone who knows well the founding fathers and loathes them for what they stood for (individual liberty not forced collectivism, personal responsibility not “who’s going to pay my bills, personal accountability not “Big Banks are the enemy so let’s get ’em) I’m sure I’d prefer the former.

    The sad state is that even someone who doesn’t always articulate well like Sarah Palin is still intellectually far ahead on several key issues over current political office holders.

    As an example, while she may not explain perfectly why raising capital gains or other tax rates causes increases on the middle class share and decreases what the wealthy pay, at least she recognizes that’s been the case all during the 20th century.

    Obama knows, and still says things like, “maybe the wealthy pay more, maybe less, but’s more an issue of fairness.” (The top 25% pay 86%).

    By the way, was that also an “oversight” when Joe Biden, senator for several decades, didn’t know that article I of the constitution is not about the executive branch, but his own legislative branch during the VP debates?

    Perhaps Chris Matthews was speaking pertinent truth talking of his own “tingling leg syndrome” when listening to Obama.

    Perhaps Obama, when without his teleprompter, is brilliant with his “ummm, uhhhh, you see, I think that uhhhhhhhh.”

    Sarah Palin…not articulate. Also not as destructive to our economy, jobs, private sector, health care, national defense, welfare state, and standing in the world as Obama has been this last year. It’s a crying shame that out of both parties, she’s the least objectionable we have.

  13. Look at the neutral biographies, like Sarah from Alaska. It provides a lot of insight into Palin.

    Outside of her apple-pious appeal to social conservatives……….this woman is tragically uneducated and unqualified to go anywhere near a public office, much less a national one. The more I research her background, the more credible I find claims like the recent one that Palin didn’t know how or why there is a North Korea and a South Korea.

    Obama hasn’t done so badly with the challenges he’s been handed.

  14. @Anon:

    Obama had a slip of tongue when he said i toured 57 … 47 of the 48 lower states.

    Palin doesn’t know …

    If you can’t differentiate between slip of tongue & lack of knowledge, Palin is the right kind of leader for you.

  15. I am so sad that people like Beck is dragging this country backwards.
    I cringe when i think of all rhe people that beleive his every word without any proof,of what he is talking about.Limbaugh,beck, Palin and others are dangerous and need to be put in check.Timothy McVey thought in this same vein,as a result 166 innocent Americans were murdered.some children

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