Nancy Pelosi Offers the Tea Party Unity With Progressives

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was on ABC’s This Week this morning, where she made an interesting offer to the tea party movement. Pelosi claimed that the tea partiers share the same view as progressives on the issue of the special interests, so they should work together on that issue. Of course, since the tea party is now controlled by special interests, her offer will be rejected. read more

The White House Calls Out The GOP’s Bunning for Blocking Unemployment Benefits Extension

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer ripped Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) for blocking legislation that would extend COBRA and Unemployment Insurance benefits. If the legislation is not passed, 400,000 people will lose their benefits. Pfeiffer wrote, "There's nothing wrong with someone taking a principled stand for something they believe in, but Senator Bunning voted to extend these same benefits in 2008."

Fox Propaganda Alert: Beck and O’Reilly Debate the Meaning of Progressivism

Tonight during his regular segment with Glenn Beck on FNC's The O'Reilly Factor host Bill O'Reilly tried to drag Beck into his feud with Rush Limbaugh over whether or not Obama is a Socialist. Beck claimed that Progressivism is like Marxism without the revolution, while O'Reilly claimed that Progressives just want to "Take your stuff."Once again Fox News offers its views only the finest in narrow minded propaganda.

Healthcare Summit Turning into another Obama Slaughter of the Congressional GOP

Healthcare Summit

Congressional Republicans and Democrats have converged on the White House for a day long summit on healthcare reform with President. If you thought that the Republicans would learn from the beating that Obama gave the House GOP when he spoke to them at their retreat a few weeks ago, you were wrong. Republicans are still sticking to their talking while letting the president make the case for healthcare reform.

Sarah Palin Throws another Top Aide under the Bus

One of the few top aides who were still with Sarah Palin announced her resignation today. Palin has a long history of tossing her biggest supporters under the Palin Bus, making sure to leave their reputation in tatters as the bus rolls over them in its relentlessly ambitious journey to her self-described God-mandated “destiny” as President.

The Media Carries The GOP’s Water With the Govt is Broken Narrative

Democrats are ultimately responsible for solving the problem of the gridlock. But Democrats can't force Republicans to work together to solve the country's problems, and frankly, this meme only reinforces the illogical idea the Democrats have power over Republicans. Blaming Democrat for GOP obstructionism is ridiculous. That's like blaming a domestic violence victim for the abuser's behavior. Democrats have control over their own behavior, and their only choice right now is to overcome the GOP obstructionism using any legal means necessary.

Keith Olbermann Defends MSNBC’s Diversity

Keith Olbermann used his quick comment on his MSNBC program Countdown tonight to answer a video put out by the Dallas Tea Party in response to his questioning of the diversity of the Tea Party movement. Olbermann pointed out that in the entire Dallas Tea Party organization there appears to be nine minorities. I guess in today's conservative movement any group with nine non whites is considered diverse.

Glenn Beck’s Fuzzy CPAC Math

Glenn Beck took advantage of his keynote address at CPAC on February 20th to embrace a fantasy America that, while it might appeal to the Republican base, does not exist. More, it can be proven not to exist. The problem for Glenn is that numbers don't lie. So what do you do when you don't like the numbers? You make up new ones.

Conservatives Argue Against the Constitution When They Oppose Gay Marriage

Orrin Hatch (R-UT) worries that repealing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy which has been in place since the Clinton presidency will result in gay rights groups wanting special rights, but Granting everybody the same rights - to serve in the military, to get married, to have the same rights before the law, are not special rights. They are the very basic rights guaranteed by law to every individual in the United States.