Sarah Palin: Walkin’ the Thin Line with SarahPAC

Sarah Palin raked in around 2 million dollars as the of the end of the fiscal year reporting for SarahPAC shows, but instead of helping the cause, Palin is helping herself to the tune of one million dollars for paying for her private jet charter, billboard faux bus tour, expensive suites, while donating only $65,000 to candidates.

Raking in around 2 million as of the end of the fiscal reporting year for PACs (12/31/2009) — 400,000 or so of which came from her own book sales to her followers (oh, how I love thee…let me count the money), Palin’s SarahPAC is not the front-running GOP PAC, but she is definitely a player. And it’s all for the “cause” ya’ know? “Those common sense causes”.


Like over a million spent on promoting Sarah, paying for her private jet charter, billboard faux bus tour, expensive suites, entourage expenses, various “media consulting” fees paid to long time friends (some of whom were on her gov payroll simulateanously?), and 50k to a web developer last fall who hasn’t done a thing for SarahPAC’s website, at least not visibly.

But gosh, that web designer did a heck of a job, Brownie, on Sarah’s “Alaska Fund Trust”, you know, the place SarahPAC and C4P were urging her supporters to donate for her “legal fees”, only the trust is set up to pay Palin and her family and friends for any reason at all, with no public accounting of the money? Yes, the one that was deemed illegal/unethical. The one she was urged to dismantle by that Ethics Board staffed by her cronies.

Right before she quit. Oh, Sarah. Sarah and ethics, never the twain shall meet, apparently.

This same Sarah is taking a speaking fee of 115,000 to speak to the “populist’ movement of the Tea Partiers in Tennessee. Money she assures us will be “goin’ to the cause”. Palin’s made it clear she won’t profit from the event. And by that I mean, she told Bill O’Reilly (he of unimpeachable loofah ethics),

“I will not financially be gaining anything from this.” Which translates to 115,000.00. So, no financial gain = 115,000.00.

Gosh golly, them teabaggers have got it goin’ on! I wanna join! Darn that fracture among the Tea Partiers which caused her fee to be revealed! And now it seems that tickets to her Her High Holiness speak are not selling. Come on you populists! What’s 500 a ticket to hear your Princess sing her siren call about the impending dangers of the “mandation of healthcare”? Sure, you can hear that on Fox for free, but come on! When will you get to see the Great One in person!?

But never fear, my Real Americans, for she’s managed to be “a little fuzzy” about where exactly the money will be going. “A little fuzzy”. Ain’t that cute? Fuzzy ethics. Awww…that’s so American!

The Problem With The Tennessee Tea Party Convention

That money is goin’ rogue, my friends! Because this woman, who claims to be an advocate for special needs babies and the pro life movement, donated a paltry 1k to National Association for Down’s Syndrome Cause and 1k to a Wasilla “pregnancy” center—you know, those places where they convince poor white girls to not abort their babies, because their babies are “precious gifts from God” (unlike “those Welfare babies”- just so we’re clear). Of course, the center for pregnant teens and unwed mothers had their funding cut by Paylin when she still had control of Alaska’s budget.

That was before she quit for the money. Helpin’ white feti, not humans; that’s the Real American way!

And how much went to the “cause”? That good old American “cause”, you ask? Oh, gee….at least 65,000 was donated to other candidates and the “cause” on the last day of the fiscal reporting year for PACs.

Here’s a gander at “the cause” (thanks for the break down, Bree Palin):

“Doug Hoffman, losing candidate for Congress in New York’s 23rd = $5000

John Kasich, running for Governor of Ohio = $5000 (12/31)

Marsha Blackburn, Congresswoman from TN = $3500 ($2500 on 12/31)

Michelle Bachmann, Congresswoman from Minnesota = $3500 ($2500 on 12/31)

Rob Portman, running for Senate in Ohio = $3500 ($2500 on 12/31)

John Thune, Senator from South Dakota = $2500 (12/31)

Richard Burr, Senator from North Carolina = $2500 (12/31)

Jim DeMint, Senator from South Carolina = $2500 (12/31)

Charles Grassley, Senator from Iowa = $2500

Roy Blunt, Congressman from Missouri = $2500 (12/31)

Bob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia = $2500

Tom Coburn, Senator from Oklahoma = $2500 (12/31)

Jean Schmidt, Congresswoman from OH = $1000 (12/31)

Orrin Hatch, Senator from Utah = $1000

Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina = $1000

Tom Rooney, Congressman from Florida = $1000 (12/31)

Mary Taylor, Auditor of Ohio, = $1000 (12/31)

Susan B. Anthony List [this organization sponsors Team Sarah] = $1000 (12/31)

Donations to Charity:

Alaskans for Parental Rights = $1000

Heart Reach Pregnancy Center, Wasilla, AK = $1000 (12/31)

National Association for Down Syndrome = $1000 (12/31)”

Let’s see…It costs some million dollars for half a year to support the “governor” who doesn’t need a title (but has a contract that you must call her by the title she spit on) and 65 thousand goes to the “cause”, plus a whopping 3 k to her “beliefs”.

Them are some strong Real American values!

It would be heartbreaking to read Palins’ fan club posting about how they’re going to feed their family rice for a year because the “Cuda” needs their donation money to save America, if only those same people didn’t insist on driving this country into the ground with their demagoguery. These are those 23%ers. The W two-time voters who wanted to have a beer with the east coast elite who posed so convincingly as a babbling Texan rancher in his 400 dollar cowboy hat.

Just one of the people. Wantin’ to get in there and “reform” government. Yet, her PAC reporting tells the same story as her governing record. Money for Sarah, money for her friends, money for things that aren’t necessary and don’t further any cause but Sarah’s, and no money or time spent on the very things she professes to value. Those are “common sense” American values. From “Real America”. That’s how she plans to “reform” “Big Government”. Gosh, Sarah, color me naive, but isn’t that a heck of a lot of wasteful spending? “course, comin’ from the Earmark Princess of the North, she of the most pork per capita in the entire country, this is just more of the same.

Apparently, “real America” is that mythical, magical place where it’s OK to give vague answers which mislead your followers, to feel yourself exempt from the very ethical and moral constraints you lecture others about from your Fox News podium, to talk out of both sides of your mouth, to grift from the poor and financially devastated Americans you claim to represent, to call white black in a never-ending Orwellian exercise and accuse the Obama administration of creating “death panels” when they’re trying to save lives with healthcare reform.

Yes, that America: Hypocritical America. Blind America. Soulless America.

It may not be illegal, it may not even be officially unethical, but it sure as hell isn’t moral. And it screams “grifter”, not “dedicated to the people”. This is the GOP front-runner for 2012. Just another greedy Poujadist Puppet, dancing for the money.

Sarah Palin walkin’ that thin line between illegal and immoral.

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