Glenn Beck Calls his Audience Fat, Stupid, and Lazy

On his FNC program tonight, Glenn Beck apparently came out in favor of childhood obesity, because he attacked First Lady Michele Obama for her initiative against childhood obesity. Beck said, “Do you really think Michele Obama is worried about your child’s BMI?” Beck also went on to defend his audience’s right to be fat, stupid and lazy.

Beck said, “Another example of that control is Michele Obama’s obesity program…food deserts so are we going to have to take over supermarkets now? Food deserts? That’s fantastic. We need more information to our parents. Here is all the information you need. Doughnuts will make your kids look like me. We are looking into this fiasco right now. Mark my words, I’ll bet you, I will bet you that we going to find some corresponding piece of legislation in the healthcare bill that was rejected that relates to the First Lady’s initiative, and who wants to bet that SEIU is involved?

He continued, “Do you really think that Michele Obama is worried about your child’s BMI, or is more likely that she and her husband are doing what they said they would do during the campaign? I mean what kind of America is that? If I want to be fat, stupid, lazy, I can be that. I can be that. Do you know why he is going to force you to not be that, because you are a drain on everyone else’s pocket? See that’s a case for smaller government.”

What Beck failed to mention was that <a href=

/laura_bush_hhs_launch_initiative_to.html>Laura Bush</a> launched an initiative to fight childhood obesity back in 2007. Was she a part of some big government conspiracy too, Glenn? I guess Laura Bush was a socialist too, who had no real interest in children, only some secret government agenda that Beck and his viewers are privy to.

Beck’s claim that the First Lady does not care about children’s health, despite the fact that she is a mother to two young girls, ranks right up there with calling Barack Obama a racist, on the absurdity scale. Major props to Glenn for managing to insult his audience by calling them fat, lazy, and stupid, but we all know why he defends his audience’s right to be stupid. If his viewers ever get off their butts, and learn something, then they will realize how they have been misled by Glenn Beck.

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