VINTAGE PALIN MOMENT: Sarah Palin Reads Answers off of Her Hand

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 01:37 pm

Palin gave her $115,000.00 speech tonight to an audience of less than enthusiastic Tea Partiers. She appeared off of her game, delivering a rather flat speech, one that at least failed to inspire shouts of “kill him!” as her campaign rallies did. So there’s that.

She managed to get part way through the speech before misspeaking and saying “Alaska” instead of “America”, but what do you expect from an AIP secessionist? What are you? Some kind of elitist? Surely Putin would know what she meant, were she in the office she was mantled for.

“Nations around the world “wonder if Alaska is still that beacon of hope.” Pauses, realizes she meant America, plunges on.” Roger Ebert live tweeting the speech.

She spent a while attempting to mock the Real President for using a teleprompter, which earned her derision and scorn even from her fans on twitter. Why, you ask, would a Palin fan not enjoy a good dash of mock and awe? Perhaps because Herself was reading off of notes for the entire speech….which only served to give us a gander at the odd poof of hair attached to her real hair. Not sure what’s going on there– maybe that’s “Real America” hair?

But that wasn’t the low point. The Vintage Palin moment occurred when she sat down to answer questions, which apparently had been pre-screened. So, she had a chance to study up prior to this moment.

And yet, she actually consulted notes scrawled on her hand while fishing around for the answer. As in, a handprompter. Leave it to Sarah.

God forbid she have yet another “all of ’em and any of ’em” moment. I mean, when she dragged that out during the Beck interview, even Beck was disgusted.

Oh, Sarah. Thank you for the entertainment. I guess the next time meanie liberal elites like Katie Couric ask Palin what she reads, she can say, “My hand.”

Hypocrite Sarah Palin ranting about Obama using a teleprompter? Free. Always free. You can see this on Fox.
Sarah Palin charging to talk about a “populist” movement of the Joe Six Packs? $115,000.00
Sarah Palin cheating during a pre-screened Q and A session? Priceless.

UPDATE: Feb 7, 2010 11:36

On Palin’s PalmPrompter, “The words “Energy”, “Tax” and “Lift American Spirits” are clearly visible.”

One should note that she wrote “Budget” and slashed it out, replacing it with “Tax” for “Tax cuts”. Which sort of implies that perhaps she doesn’t understand the difference or relationship between tax cuts and budget cuts. But then, that’s a common problem among “fiscal conservatives” these days. Unpaid for tax cuts which lead to a huge deficit that one can then blame on one’s predecessor. Or, in Palin’s case, one can just quit and dump those pesky problems in the lap of your previously never even cc’d on state email business Lt Gov. Quit and then get rich leading a movement of “small government” rebels. Oh, the bitter, Orwellian irony of it all.

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