Sarah Palin Urges Tea Party to Join Republican Party

Sarah Palin Urges Tea Party to Join Republican Party

Tea Party Queen Sarah Palin stuck the knife of betrayal into the cause yesterday while speaking at an event hosted by the Arkansas Republican Party.

Sarah Palin warned her audience that the Tea Party is not strong enough to run its own candidate. She urged them to pick a Party, reminding them that the Republican party is most in line with the Tea Party’s values of “small government”. Yes, she said this with a straight face in spite of Republicans, including herself, growing government and creating deficits for the past 40 years.

The Mavericky Rogue one has cashed the Tea Partiers’ checks and accepted their crown as Queen of the Tea Party, and now the Queen urges them to mainstream it on over to the GOP.

Now, why would she do that when she has them in the palm of her hand (along with her three main “ideas” for America)?

The last few months since Palin’s book was released have been challenging for the half-term governor: Palin’s sweetheart deal with the media has taken a turn for the ugly; in fact, this last week in the press was particularly brutal on Palin. In addition, America has suddenly been treated to thousands of Palin emails which were requested by MSNBC in 2008, but which were not released (even in their current redacted and withheld due to “privilege” state) until two weeks ago. Emails that proved secessionist party member Todd Palin ran his wife’s governor’s office. And the latest polling shows that 71% of the country does NOT want Palin to run for the Presidency (leaving us with grave concern for the other 29%).

Just months before, Palin was a media darling being courted as a uber successful (another Right Wing Orwellian manipulation) “author”. But the WMD narrative masters running the GOP, with an eye on 2010 and 2012, have shrewdly manipulated the “mood of the country” by dropping warning tidbits and teasers inviting endless criticism of Palin. Nothing she can’t recover from if she straightens up and flies right. This is what the GOP does best, after all…. When they’re not obstructing America’s safety and progress.

I’d wager that Palin was put on notice after the release of her largely unreadable (due to the need to fact check every line) hagiography in which the then “Goin’ Rogue” quitter took aim at the Holy Puppeteers behind the GOP machine.

Palin played that game of pitting herself against Republicans and claiming the “reformer” mantle successfully in Alaska; However, in spite of Palin’s misunderstanding, Alaska is not actually a microcosm of America. The GOP party machine at the national level plays a game Palin doesn’t grasp and can’t control. She thought she could get the Tea Partiers behind her and use them to control the GOP, bending the national party to her will as she used her “reformer” image to blindside the Alaskan Republican party. But Palin miscalculated.

I’m sure she was warned before her book came out, but with Mary Glazier (her spiritual warfare advisor who first informed Palin that she was “mantled for the Presidency”) feeding Palin the ego crack necessary for a narcissistic puppet of a faux populist movement, Palin blindly hurled herself into the eye of the GOP hurricane.

And she was met with the resulting sudden release of emails, leaks of campaign tidbits, humiliating public fact-checking of her “memoir” and even her erstwhile mentor, The Dick of War Crimes, refusing to endorse her. All of which has indeed turned public opinion the way the GOP wanted it to.

Against Sarah.

Her attempt to merge the Tea Party with the GOP is the dim dawn of panic as she frantically attempts to correct her impending collision (and resulting inevitable implosion) with the patriarchal, authoritarian leaders of her party. Leaders who, despite running Palin as a VP, have no intentions of letting any candidate (let alone a woman) destroy their 2010 or 2012 chances.

Palin seems to have misunderstood that glass ceiling charade. She didn’t get that they weren’t serious. She didn’t understand, even as she made her Faustian deal with the devil, that she was their puppet. She had power only so long as they want to grant it to her.

Which means she has no power until she regains Big Daddy’s approval by doing things his way. Doesn’t the “progress” for women just warm your heart? Aw shucks. I’m getting’ all misty for red CFM pumps and short skirts. One day, we will all shatter the glass ceiling and be used as a sex object. And we can thank Sarah Palin’s ego for it.

Palin, with an eye on 2012 (which is sort of like her eye on Putin, only scarier), is trying to get back in the good graces of the Republican party leaders. So here we are, watching a desperate Palin try to sell her dwindling Tea Party fans on the GOP.

And by dwindling, I mean: “Less than half of the seats in the lower bowl were occupied, and the entire upper level was shrouded by black drapes.” Ouch. “Shrouded” in black is never a good thing when describing a possible candidate’s public speaking events. More help from her friends in the RNC, I’m sure.

Palin is trying to save her RNC hide by urging her Tea Party fans to go GOP. If that ain’t goin’ rogue, what is?

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