Palin Fuels Her Latest Poutrage with Exploitation of Family Guy and Down’s Syndrome

Andrea Freidman, the now maligned actress who played a well rounded character with Down’s Syndrome on “Family Guy” episode that caused Palin to cry wolf about her son Trig again, hit back against Palin’s Poutrage with a letter to the editor:

“In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes.”

Ouch. Or, well, not so much ouch, because apparently, Palin doesn’t comprehend that Andrea deftly, with great dignity, unmasked Palin’s hypocrisy in one genuine moment wherein she reprimanded Sarah Palin for presuming to speak for people successfully meeting the challenges of Down’s Syndrome.

Palin’s cult have responded to Andrea defending herself by concluding that no 40 year old woman with Down’s Syndrome could have possibly written this letter.

So Freidman had to go on the Insider to prove to the Palinistas that she can speak for herself and really does have opinions and thoughts of her own. Sigh.

After this appearance, Palin followers were even less pleased with Andrea. And being the special needs advocates that they are, they defended their queen by rabidly insulting Andrea:

“Sorry but your a rotten lil bitch…i could care less you have down syndrome you know exactly what your doing. you ARE making fun of ppl with down syndrome to get your 15 minutes of fame…your disgusting!” (sic; this whole quote)

Apparently, water seeks its own level.

I’m going to write really slowly now, so Sarah Palin and her cult of mindless followers can have a chance to grasp this point:

These attitudes and beliefs are part of the problem, not the solution. This is the equivalent of Uncle-Tommying someone while claiming one isn’t a racist.

Palin and her followers’ assumption that someone with Downs Syndrome wouldn’t understand sarcasm, doesn’t have a voice of her own, is being used by liberals, etc reveals their innate stereotyping and diminishing of Andrea based on ONE physically imposed challenge she faces.

A challenge Andrea faces with more grace and courage, I might add, than Sarah Palin has ever displayed in the summation of her 46 years on this planet.

Sarah Palin had a challenge to overcome a bad performance after her Couric interview. She blamed Couric. Sarah Palin had a challenge to face when it was revealed that her husband was a card-carrying member of the AIP. Sarah lied about the facts. Sarah Palin had a challenge to face when she brought McCain down last year. Sarah responded by wallowing in her petty bitterness and overt jealousy of the winner, Barack Obama.

It’s perfectly ironic that Sarah uses her moral poutrage against prominent liberals, while giving conservatives a pass on the very same issue. After all, it’s Liberals who fight for acceptance for the many minorities who have no voice, who were and are stereotyped based on their exteriors. It is liberals who fight today for the rights of all humans. Equality and equal opportunity are the foundations of the current Democratic Platform.

Sarah Palin, who has been blessed with the all the gifts of the gods in terms of external appearance and who faces no biologically imposed challenges, wouldn’t know the first thing about facing a challenge with bravery and fortitude.

When people take a swipe at “retarded” people, I’m willing to bet it’s Palin’s image they have in mind, not the community of biologically-originated mentally challenged people.

Palin is the only willfully mentally, spiritually and morally challenged person in the room.

And a parting note: Sarah’s razzle dazzle distraction routine of poutraged victimhood is working brilliantly! Her
property tax fraud, failure to govern her office as revealed in her emails, and socialized free healthcare she and her family enjoy have been duly glossed over by the “liberal” media. So while she’s feeling sorry for herself for some new and exciting reason this weekend, I hope she takes a moment to thank the evil liberal elites for treating her with the deference of a special needs candidate, and not holding her up to the standards every other candidate has been held to.

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