GOP Sen. Jim Bunning Literally Flips off The Unemployed

Jim Bunning Gives a Big F You to the Unemployed
ABC News reporter Jonathon Karl tried to get Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) to answer questions about his one man filibuster an extension of unemployment benefits. Bunning told Karl he was not talking to anyone and on his way to elevator, before the cameras arrived, gave ABC the finger. Bunning may have thought that he was only flipping off the media, but he was really flipping off every unemployed person in America.

Here is the video courtesy of ABC News:

Here is how Karl described Bunning’s behavior before the cameras got to him, “Senator Bunning was even more expressive before the cameras arrived, using a little sign language. When Senate producer Z. Byron Wolf spotted Bunning exiting his office, Bunning said, “I’m not talking to anybody.” When Wolf asked him to stay and talk to our cameras, Bunning walked toward the elevator and shot the middle finger over his head.”

If Sen. Bunning has nothing to hide, then why is he dodging the media? If Bunning is proud of his filibuster shouldn’t be in front of the camera’s talking about it, instead of running away, and making obscene gestures? Bunning should be ashamed not only of his behavior today, which is no way for a sitting senator to conduct themselves, but also for his one man filibuster.

I can’t recall when I have even seen such a cynical and cold political gambit that is designed to inflict pain on the very citizens that Bunning is supposed to be representing. He has no sound reason for blocking the unemployment benefits extension. His sole motive is to make sure that nothing gets out of the senate that could improve the electoral climate for November. The message here is damn the people, we have an election to win.

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  1. You’ve made quite a few interesting points. I’m not sure if we see eye to eye on everything, but then again, who does? I must consider it more. Nice article regardless, thanks and ta ta! (Added this to FeedBurner, so enjoy! :))

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