Sarah Palin Returns with a New Book Scam

Sarah Palin To Return to the Scene of the Crime
Sarah Palin’s publisher HarperCollins announced today that Fox News contributor, and unabashed media whore, Sarah Palin will be writing a second book. The follow up to her best seller Going Rogue will focus on, “a celebration of American virtues and strengths.” The book doesn’t have a title yet, so may I suggest Going Rogue 2: The Quest for Cash?

In a press release the upcoming book was described as, “Sarah Palin’s new book, currently untitled, will be a celebration of American virtues and strengths. Palin will reflect on the key values—both national and spiritual—that have been such a profound part of her life and which continue to inform her vision of the future. The book will include selections from classic and contemporary readings that have inspired her, as well as portraits of some of the extraordinary men and women she admires and who embody her love of country, faith, and family. She will also draw from her personal experience to amplify these timely (and timeless) themes.”

Sarah is now going to pad this book with selections from other books. That is a lot like when you had a five page paper due in school, but you were stuck on the fourth page, so you started adding lots of long quotes to meet the minimum. I can only imagine some of the readings that have inspired an intellectual heavyweight like Sarah Palin. Books like The Cat and The Hat, and the Harry Potter series are virtual locks to be included.

It is not uncommon for future presidential candidates to put their name on a book in order to get their views out there before the primary season, but it is rare for a potential candidate to release such a lightweight grocery store paper back. She should be writing a book about policy if she is actually going to run for president. Instead, Palin is looking to milk more dollars out of her hopelessly clueless followers who will buy anything she slaps her name.

Her latest ghost written foray into the world of books is nothing more than another lazy crash grab, as it should be becoming obvious to even the blindest members of the Cult of Sarah that she is only interested in making money and being famous. I still think that Palin will run for president in 2012, but being that she is too lazy to do any of the hard work required to be a serious candidate, she will likely try cruise through on winks and buzz words, but as long as fools keep buy her books, she will be more than happy to milk her 15 minutes and cash those big checks.

5 Replies to “Sarah Palin Returns with a New Book Scam”

  1. Any idiot who buys this piece of trash deserves exactly that. What kind of loser idiots read this crap anyway? It boggles the mind…

  2. Picked out of thin air for VP. Here wink was cute. She hasn’t said a damn thing about anything of importance. Yet not many others in DC have either.

  3. When i read the title, I thought it would have been written by Sara Jones. I like her thoughts about Sarah Palin. You could have a new part: Sara on Sarah.

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