Pot Meets Kettle as Glenn Beck Accuses the RNC of Fear Mongering

Beck Accuses RNC of fear mongering
Beck to RNC: leave my gimmick alone!!!
On his radio show, today Glenn Beck went off on a rant against the leaked RNC fundraising power point. Beck told his listeners that they should be “hacked off” at the RNC because they are playing on people’s fears. Without a hint of irony in his voice, Beck was upset that the RNC was using people’s fears to make money.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Speaking of the Republican fundraising memo, Beck said, “It really, really hacks me off. When you really start to think about it, it was a fundraising power point, and basically it was taking people through, and saying ok, this is what you, if you want to raise money for the RNC, here’s what you need to do, basically play on their fears.” The Beck crew was upset because the RNC used Beck as an example of how to exploit people’s fears.

Beck then launched into an attack on the Republican Party, “The more you think about this. The more hacked off you should be, because this is what America is looking for. Someone that’s not going to play on our fears, or on the other side, prey on our hope for change, but actually change things, so what are the Republicans saying, because what the Democrats said is they’re just going to play on our fears, meaning that our fears are unfounded. Are the Republicans saying that our fears are unfounded?”

Beck and company claimed that the Republican Party doesn’t get it and they don’t have any principles and values. Beck said that the Republican Party didn’t even have principles and values under Reagan, “They really didn’t even under Reagan. Reagan had them, but very few others actually had them, because as soon as Reagan left, it all went to hell in a hand basket.”

Some might view Beck’s comments as a sign of his independence, but what is really going on here is that he is trying to split the Republican Party in order to advance his Tea Party movement. Glenn Beck wants to form a third, more conservative, political party in this country. He has been open and upfront about his goals, and if he has to split the Republican Party to do it, then that is what will happen. Beck was trying to openly discourage people from giving to the RNC. He was discrediting the motives of the entire Republican Party.

The RNC was right to use Glenn Beck in their power point on how to raise money by exploiting the fears of others. Beck has made himself a millionaire many times over by relentlessly exploiting the fears of others. Glenn himself seems to have forgotten that he didn’t always hold the views that he has today. It is no coincidence that his fortunes raised after he re-crafted his persona after the election of Barack Obama. Beck is just as much of an exploitative charlatan as the RNC. The only difference between the two is that Beck does it better.

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