“Constitutional Expert” Sarah Palin Mangles the Slaughter Solution

Sarah is once again forced to think and bad things come from it.

Everyone’s favorite quitter, Sarah Palin was on FNC’s Hannity tonight where she called the centuries old deem and pass legislative technique. Palin said, “The process that Pelosi is pushing right now is unconstitutional.” She then lied and said this bill would not have been passed by both houses of Congress. The problem is that the bill will, in fact, be identical. Once again, Palin mangled the Constitution, and the legislative process.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Palin called the deem and pass process made up, and said, “This is scary place for America to be right now, Sean. Everything that our leaders in D.C. are doing right now with this Obamacare this government takeover of healthcare goes against the will of the people. We’ve learned through America’s history that the government that governs least governs best, and that all political power is inherent in the people. Government originates just from the will of the people. It’s implemented according to the will of the people…The process that Pelosi is pushing right now is unconstitutional. This bill will not have been passed by both houses in Congress, and that’s unconstitutional. It’s cut and dry. It’s white and black. It’s quite clear to most Americans that this isn’t right, and not only again does it go against the will of the people, but it goes against our own constitution. What? Is the Constitution not worth the paper the paper it is written on then?”

Poor Sarah, she is so far in over her head on this one, that all she could do is repeat the talking points. The problem is that FNC’s Carl Cameron admitted yesterday that deeming has been around for centuries. There is nothing unconstitutional about it. In fact when Republicans were in power from 1995-2006 they used deeming to pass up to 42% of their rules, so according to Sarah’s logic, her own party is a serial violator of the Constitution.

Hannity and Palin don’t seem to understand that the bill that will be deemed is not the one that the president is going to sign. It is a legislative technique that will be used so that the House can move forward in the debate. The bill that will deemed is the Senate bill, so that in fact both bills will match and will have been passed by both congressional bodies. This maneuver is as old as the hills, so the right wing outrage is a complete fabrication. Where was Palin’s outrage when the Republicans use deeming to pass a toothless ethics and lobbying bill in 2006? Come to think of it, ethical behavior has always been a foreign concept to Palin, anyway.

It is mind blogging that anyone would want a politically retarded individual such as Sarah Palin to be president. If it wasn’t for talking points, Palin would have nothing to say at all. She brought her populist rage to the table tonight on Fox, except that facts did not match her claims, but Palin has never let the facts get in the way of her television time, so keep on talking Sarah, you are playing the female fool that Rupert Murdoch is paying you so handsomely to be to perfection.

3 Replies to ““Constitutional Expert” Sarah Palin Mangles the Slaughter Solution”

  1. You liberals should stop picking on The Anointed One. She was down one palm during this….and that is the palm where she keeps all of the good info re the constitution.

    You know, like how she was going to run the Senate and the “Dept of Law” would take care of her enemies like those awful liberal bloggers who dared to question the queen.

    If that’s not American, what is?

  2. Hey…they call themselves “Cluster Fox News” for a reason: stupid people interviewing clueless idiots.

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