A Jealous Sarah Palin Lashes Out at Barack Obama On Health Care

Palin Strikes Out Bitterly at Obama Only to Hit Herself

The half-term governor of Alaska who quit mid-term due to an inability to get her agenda passed and indeed, even her own Attorney General confirmed (a first in Alaska), strikes out at Obama, calling him “inexperienced” and unable to get a bi-partisan bill due to his “lack of management experience.” Sarah is concerned that Obama is in “over his head” on health care reform.

Oh, wow.

This from the woman who was forced to quit after tearing Alaska apart with her lies about her ethics violations, failed fiscal policies, numerous shady dealings, and an inability to even get her own Attorney General confirmed (a first in Alaskan history). A woman so cankerous, inexperienced, and unaware of the legislative process and law that she was charged with over 21 ethics violations during her self-aborted first term. A woman so divisive that her own party turned against her in Alaska, with previous top supporters calling her a “sociopath” “narcissist” and “snake in the grass”.

Yes, this from the woman whose own team members turned on her. One of them is writing a book right now. Her own campaign managers turned on her during her failed 2008 bid, publicly calling her a fabricator and suggesting in no uncertain terms that she has mental issues. A woman whose own campaign managers decided that if McCain won, they would have to force him to change the VP role so as not to inflict Palin on America because she was “dangerous”.

This woman is chastising her President on his inability to get bi-partisan legislation passed?  Does she realize that all of America, save for a few thousand desperate teabaggers,  can see through her venomous attacks of pure projection and jealousy?

In spite of Palin’s confidence to the contrary, Obama is going to get it passed because his own party supports him. And that party is the one the American people trust more than they trust Sarah’s party. That’s why the Democrats are the majority right now. See, this is how it works in Real America. People vote and then someone wins. And then the winner gets to pass their agenda if they’re good at their job and they’re not faced with a obstructionist party which puts power above country. Hmmmm….

And guess what? Obama’s people are not writing tell-all books about him, going on Primetime TV to warn Americans about mental instability, or charging him with ethics violations.

His own party didn’t have to hire a city manager because he was a failure at his job as mayor of a small town of 6000 people. Does that ring any bells, Palinistas? Obama’s wife isn’t cc’d on all of his executive emails because he is actually capable of making decisions without being managed by another person. And while I’m at it, this might be a good time to let Sarah in on the fact that the founding fathers did not write the pledge of allegiance, and they most certainly did not write the part about God. It was, in fact, written by a Christian socialist. You know, one of those people who believe in the teachings of Jesus, unlike Sarah and her cult of Dominionist, end-times seeking, science denying social-Darwinists. Such a Christian socialist would have been FOR this healthcare bill, not against it.

Sarah couldn’t even rally her own party behind her choices. And that’s truly the sign of a failed leader.

Furthermore, her party’s failure to come to the table with a solution to the healthcare crisis is no reflection upon the President or his promise to work with both sides of the aisle. Instead, it is a reflection of the Republican allegiance to the corporate insurance industry and nothing more. It is a reflection of their unwillingness to solve the largest fiscal crisis facing this country right now. And that’s something Sarah knows a lot about, having quit when the going got tough fiscally in Alaska.

Is Sarah really this blind to her own record and reality? How can she go on national TV and spew her Orwellian distortions without ever feeling a twinge of guilt? Exactly what makes up this “person” we call Sarah Palin? What does she stand for, other than self-promotion, greed, lies, and bitterness?

See, Obama is a constitutional lawyer, a community organizer, and indeed, Sarah’s President. Which is sort of like being a failed mayor and a half-term governor besmirched by guilty charges on ethics violations, only with real knowledge about the law and an ability to lead.

Watch out, Sarah, because your bitterness and your jealousy of President Obama is clouding what little patriotism you ever possessed.

14 Replies to “A Jealous Sarah Palin Lashes Out at Barack Obama On Health Care”

  1. You left something out; you said;

    “The half-term governor of Alaska who quit mid-term due to an inability to get her agenda passed”

    It should have read;

    “The half-term, half-baked Alaskan Governor who quit mid-term due to an inability to get her agenda passed”

  2. You hit the nail on the head when it comes to $P. She has, however, recently added to her resume’ that of “city manager”. I know it’s an outright lie, you know it’s an outright lie and I’m sure the person who was hired for the job of city manager while she was mayor of Wasilla knows it’s an outright lie. But does that stop $arah from telling this most recent of lies? Never. She lies so easily and without shame that you know she does it often and without hesitation. She is a disgrace to all women, especially those in politics who have actually accomplished something.

    For all those naysayers who think she’s wonderful, go back and read all the articles about her prior to the V.P. nomination. I say prior to then because you can’t use the excuse that they were “planted by the Democratic party”. You’ll find that the very people who once backed her, do so no longer. She stabs people in the back and promptly walks over them as they fall in order to get to wherever she wants to go. This woman criticizing our President is so ludicrous. Sarah of the six colleges, chooses to denigrate a man who didn’t hop from college to college, but stuck with it and got his degree from Harvard. I never heard anyone complain about education being a negative until $arah came along, what a projection of her jealousy and her inferiority complex.

    Please, $arah, go away. We’ve heard enough. Also, the same God who opened the door for you in 2008 gave you an answer. In case you didn’t hear it, the answer was no. The American people said no and they are still saying no in the polls. Your 15 minutes are up.

  3. I don’t know who you are, but you’re a hell of a good writer. I only hope you’re right about Obama having a “victory lap”. I hate talking about “good” things before they happen!

    One your points is particularly important. That of the American public having made a choice at the polls in November 2008 and electing Barack Hussein Obama as our president. (I often refer to him by his full name, because multiple repetition makes it a whole lot less “scary”). The idiot Tea Baggers running around, talking about a “revolution” and “taking our country back” are ignoring history. In full and free elections, a huge number of our citizens went to the polls 16 months ago and voted a man into office.

    No one coerced me into voting Democrat, I did so with my own free will. I was part of a “revolution” that has just occurred. I was also part of “taking my country back” from eight years of Bush/Cheney, when I, a 58 year old white woman, stood with my three white children, in a huge, cheering mass on the lawn at the Capital and watched and listened as Barack Hussein Obama became our 44th president.

    Sarah Palin and the people who think as she does are scared. They’re scared of so many things about America today. Hell – even I’m scared after Bush/Cheney! They’re scared of the non-white faces they see everyday. They’re afraid of this country spinning out of their control. They want to return us to the “good old days” that no longer exist (if they ever did.)

    No, let’s all “real” Americans go forth and try to help our fellow Americans. No matter the color of their skin, the religion they profess (or choose not to profess), and the amount of money in their pockets.
    We’ve had our “revolution”; let’s now keep going.

  4. @phoebes, I am not sure whether the good writer comment was directed towards Sarah or myself since you referenced both of our posts in your comments, but regardless we both thank you. I don’t think that it is premature to call Obama’s speech a victory lap, when the leadership dropped deem and pass that a big tip that they have the votes necessary to pass this thing in a straight up or down manner, so relax. They’ve got the votes.

  5. Jason, if you’re the author of the post, then my praise is directed at you. I don’t think I could ever praise anything about Sarah Palin!

    And – forgive me – but I am superstitious. I’ll believe the vote tomorrow when I see it (or hear about it) because that’s the way I am. I was a nervous wreck the entire summer and fall of 2008. I didn’t believe anything til 8p PST when the entire West Coast came in for Obama.

  6. Thanks for sharing the info regarding them having the number of votes necessary that they dropped the “deem and pass” notion. Although it would have been a legal maneuver, there are too many people in this country who believe everything they hear on FOX news and think it is a “scam” of some type, despite the fact that it has been used during many votes by the Republicans over the years.

    I was watching a video earlier today on the Immoral Minority blog about Teabaggers and what they stand for. The ignorance displayed by these people is astounding. They have no idea what is in the bill but they believe it is a government takeover of all health insurance. The worst part of the video, and also the saddest, was the fact that they didn’t give a damn that there were people in this country without health insurance. They either didn’t believe there were people without health insurance or that those that didn’t were lazy and expected others to take care of them. The ironic part is that these are the people who usually loudly proclaim themselves to be Christians. There is nothing Christ-like about their actions or words.

    As someone who supports our President, although I don’t always agree with him, I think we need to speak out as loudly, if not louder, than those who don’t. At this point, the only ones who are getting airtime or press are those that disagree.

  7. @Kate,

    Yes, apparently Palin thinks she was the city manager, even though the city council was forced to hire an actual city manager when she became mayor after they realized she was not up to the job.

    Palin never doubts herself or the veracity of her claims, which is the indication of either extreme ignorance or a lack of conscience. Neither is preferable in an elected official.

  8. @phoebes,

    Hi! Welcome to Politicususa:-)

    I join Jason in thanking you for the compliment. Jason wrote about Obama’s victory lap — an amazing moment in our legislative history:

    and I wrote this above piece on Palin.

    I’m glad that you referred to the election as a revolution. It was.This country suffered tremendously under Bush and needed a revolution of the peaceful kind that we are entitled to during an election.

    What a moment for you and your children, celebrating the inauguration on the Capital lawn!

    Whether the teabaggers like it or not, we are moving forward with this country. Progressives move forward. Conservatives attach themselves to the status quo as a matter of their philosophy. The conservatives didn’t like social security when it was first introduced either. They don’t know what’s best for them sometimes, and we have to move on in spite of the screaming, spitting, and threats.

    Years from now, there will be new illiterate, Fox-viewing teabaggers, screaming “Don’t take away my government health care, you socialists!” It’s just what they do:-)

  9. @Kate,

    And many of them do not have health insurance. They simply do not understand what’s going on. They’ve been fed a lot of misinformation, deliberately, by Fox and the GOP. Sadly, these folks are easy to manipulate and primed for senseless rage.

    Yes, we do need to speak out loudly about their behavior and about the expectations of civil discourse. The things that went on with the teabaggers in the last few days are not OK.

    NOT OK.

  10. @phoebes, I am the author of the Obama post. Sarah Jones is the author of the Palin post, so I think you meant to praise her. :) We both thank you for visiting and commenting, and hope that you feel free to stop by regularly.

    I understand your nerves about health care, because this has been such an ordeal, but are acting like they have the votes, even Republicans are admitting that they have the votes, so I think that we all should be feeling pretty good about it.

  11. @Jason Easley,

    Stop trying to off compliments intended for you onto me, policy wonk:-) And by the way, where are all of the usual haters? I fear they’ve been driven to find me on Twitter, though the number of Palinistas seems to be dwindling right along with the GOP’s hopes of destroying Obama’s presidency.

  12. just wanted to make the obeservation that the ‘baggers and their ilk would be the first to scream if their healthcare was denied/cancelled/rationed … I find i laughable when the repubes and their cronies decry cuts to Medicare and Social Security – I guess eliminating them as they have historically called for is not a “cut” Just because these MORONS dont follow history doesnt mean we all dont follow history … I just stumbled on your site today {defrinately bookmarked it} and have the answer to your wonderment at the lack of ‘BaggerTrolls – being home schooled by the likes od Scary Palin they cant complete the math problem in order to submit a post

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