Alaskans Adamantly Rebuke Palin’s Denial of Stoking Violence

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Alaskans Adamantly Rebuke Palin’s Denial of Stoking Violence

Palin Aims at Democrats, denies responsibility for her own words

Palin’s target map with the cross-hairs on vulnerable Democrats raised a fuss in the liberal media, but even Elizabeth Hasselbeck called Palin out yesterday. Meanwhile, John McCain is still defending Palin, since he needs her to campaign for him against the Tea Party candidate in his home state. But Alaskans know the Real Sarah, and they say this kind of rhetoric is par for the course for Sarah Palin.

Even the Anchorage Daily News, the conservative paper that is often confused as the Palin fan club came out a swingin’.The ADN starts off with, “”RELOAD!” Sarah Palin shouted at right-wing supporters via Twitter on Tuesday after President Obama signed the House health care bill. On her Facebook page, she posted a U.S. map with crosshair targets in states where she’s planning to campaign against moderate Democrats who voted in favor of the health insurance overhaul. “We’ll aim for these races,” she wrote, in the “first salvo” leading up to the midterm elections.”

Palin’s pr team issued a fearful statement of denial (kudos to her new team who did not find it appropriate to call Americans “asinine” as Palin has in her press releases in the past) claiming Palin had nothing to do with this. CNN reports: Palin “has been vocal about condemning violence.”

But back in Alaska, those who know her best beg to differ. The ADN collected a series of damning quotes:

“I would not find it surprising if someone from the Department of Justice rang [Palin] up to advise her that what she is doing is inciting violence – which is a federal offense. As if it weren’t bad enough that people were spitting on legislators, yelling epithets and wearing sidearms into Starbucks, here comes Sarah Palin using the language of guns … and this in a country that has seen political assassinations in our lifetime. Hate speech, anyone? I would suggest to McCain’s Mistake that she, well, think before she speaks. Or better yet, just stop talking.”

And Linda Kellen Biegel, a former federal employee and Alaskan blogger, came out with a compelling vblog taking the viewer through Palin’s history of aggression against her own constituents in Alaska. You really must watch this to understand Palin’s tactics of intimidation and threats. She was, after all, dubbed “the Rabid One” in junior high. This only endears her to the angry white supremacists claiming to be Christians who are her base. Because powerless impotent people who fail to take responsibility for their own lives love to worship a bully who will sadistically punish others for them.

Former Alaskan family lobbyist Leah Burton wrote:

“More people are starting to see why we have felt this way from the beginning and have maintained our stance in the face of opposition and ridicule, mocking us like we are the misguided. These posts being written for her at Facebook is evidence of why we have felt this way all along….It is aggressive, militaristic and combative. Palin may not be the sharpest harpoon in the whaling shack…but she knows damn well that an enormous segment of her followers are paranoid as hell that the government wants to take away their guns, freedoms and liberty. This dangerous rhetoric plays on those fears and endangers the rest of us in the process.”

Huffington Post blogger and Mudflats blog owner called it out:

“I propose that instead of asking domestic terrorists to “channel their anger” into voter registration, that maybe it would be a better idea to arrest them. And instead of defending people who use these incitement techniques for political purposes, perhaps it’s time for some condemnation from the Republican Party. Just an idea.”

Alaskans are more than familiar with Palin’s violent rhetoric and incendiary remarks. Even Republicans in the state, her former allies, have come out to accuse Palin of being a “snake in the grass”, a “sociopath”, and a “narcissist”. She has been accused of behaving as if she were coronated instead of elected ever since she got herself elected as mayor of Wasilla with 600 votes. Palin has always been power-loving tyrant who refused to deal within the law, announcing cheerfully that she “would do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can’t.”

Geoffrey Dunne, who is writing a book on Palin’s lies, reported on the underbelly of Palin politics in Alaska: “An editorial in the Wasilla Frontiersman once opined that Palin had “little understanding or little regard for the city’s own laws.” Or apparently the State of Alaska’s, either. In 1993, while she was a member of the Wasilla city council, Palin was busted for using a drift gillnet to harvest salmon in Bristol Bay without an annual permit. She was also charged with fishing without a photo ID. According to Alaska Criminal History Records, she plead guilty to the criminal negligence charges (it was originally recorded as a felony), while the charges for fishing without the proper ID were dropped.

This sense that she was above the law followed her to the state house in Juneau. According to the Associated Press, Palin accepted “dozens of gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars since taking office [as governor], including two free trips last year that she failed to report on disclosure forms, despite criticizing state legislators for the gifts they take.” ”

Even a court warning Palin to cease and desist abusing her sister’s children by consistently and relentlessly disparaging their father to them was not enough to stop her. No, that was years before Troopergate ever happened. So, the courts don’t really stop Her Holy Self either. After all, God has anointed her, so our laws don’t really apply to her.

In fact, even the secret service warning that she was to blame for the spike in death threats against Obama and his family (including his children) failed to move Palin into toning down her rhetoric. Newsweek reported:

‘The attacks provoked a near lynch mob atmosphere at her rallies, with supporters yelling “terrorist” and “kill him” until the McCain campaign ordered her to tone down the rhetoric.”

The Obama campaign was provided with reports from the Secret Service showing a sharp and disturbing increase in threats to Obama in September and early October, at the same time that many crowds at Palin rallies became more frenzied. Michelle Obama was shaken by the vituperative crowds and the hot rhetoric from the GOP candidates. “Why would they try to make people hate us?” Michelle asked a top campaign aide.”

Sarah Palin’s ties with the AIP (which itself has strong ties with white supremacists groups, the same groups the Secret Service blamed for the death threats against candidate Obama) should have been a warning about what kind of person she was, but the media were charmed by her folksy mom image. And while Americans finally decided she was unqualified to be Vice President, they never got a glimpse of the real Sarah.

The real Sarah is a dangerous extremist. And she has the past to prove it.

Edited 11:44 PM to correct “Alaska Daily News” to “Anchorage Daily News”

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