According to Bill O’Reilly MSNBC Not Fox Traffics in Hate Speech

According to Bill O'Reilly MSNBC Not Fox Traffics in Hate Speech
Bill-O is back in his MSNBC conspiracy theory land.
Fox News keeps trying to spin itself away from Tea Party violence. The latest example came tonight on The O’Reilly Factor as host Bill O’Reilly made the claim that MSNBC engages in hate speech and promotes violence. O’Reilly said, “You’re talking about MSNBC and they traffic in hate speech from sign on to sign off.”

Here is the video from Media Matters:

O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham were talking about how the media ignores how the left incites violence, which led to this nugget. Ingraham brought up the hateful things said about people in the conservative movement on another network, which led Bill-O to say, “Look you’re talking about MSNBC, and they traffic in hatred from sign on to sign off. We know that takes place.” In the delusions of Bill-O it is the left that is out there driving people towards violence, not the right.

When in the left 25 years has anyone on the left incited violence the way that the right wing and Fox News has been doing for years? The odd thing about O’Reilly and Ingraham’s claims about the left wing inciting violence in America is that they never give specific examples, because they can’t. It is pathetic that Fox News is trying to justify its stoking the flames of violence with the excuse that the left does it too. The left doesn’t do it, but the Republican Party found a winning combination 30 years ago by scaring people into believing that Democrats were going to destroy their God, guns, and unborn children.

The entire right wing movement is based on fear, suspicion, and objection. MSNBC makes its daily bread by highlighting and condemning the violence on the right. No one at the network has ever acted as irresponsibly as Bill O’Reilly, who gins up the anger of the anti-abortion movement on a regular basis, and Glenn Beck, for whom violent rhetoric is a staple of his shows. Unlike Fox News, MSNBC, except for Olbermann, does not pander to the angry. Until MSNBC sponsors a bus tour for angry white people, as Bill-O’s network has done, I will continue to find it difficult to take their criticisms of other media outlets very seriously.

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12 Replies to “According to Bill O’Reilly MSNBC Not Fox Traffics in Hate Speech”

  1. Bill O’liely? Why is he worried about anything if Fox doesn’t promote hate? Why point the finger at someone else?

    I got a feeling this whole tea bag/hate/GOP senators whining is going to be the straw that minifys the whole shooting match for them. Its going to be funny. Approval for the health care bill is rising, Obama’s approval is rising, and the only whine they will have in November is jobs.

    And we know what the republicans did with jobs last time.

    Can You SMELL the GOP on the grill?

  2. The GOPers are a hateful, selfish bunch whose chickens are coming home to roost.I predict that it will get very ugly when those chickens arrive at sundown.

  3. The Fox cast of characters HAS to lie. It’s in their contracts.

    Will we ever hear them say, “The Healthcare Reform bill is a good thing.” “OK, so we never realized that Sarah Palin was THIS stupid.” “Yes, we do tend to incite violence with our batshit rhetoric.”

    I don’t THINK so.

  4. I thought the liberal viewpoint embraced the distinct right of Americans to express their view regardless of how popular it is.

    You expended the energy to write a diatribe against people that do not agree with you. Nothing about issues, nothing about reasons for your opinion. Just inappropriate jeering, stereotypes and repeating the ideas of others.

    Pointing to someone and laughing, calling them names, telling others not to listen, telling them not to believe the other side. You do it, not with solid comment and arguments, you do it with the technique of someone that doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    You stereotype people, group all together in one clump and decide for them how they feel and why they are doing something. You don’t know me. You don’t know the guy on the other side of the park. He and I may agree, we may not. We have some ideas in common that unite us to express them in public. Our country needs more people to come out of their safe places, talk, engage in debate and decide TOGETHER what to do. We certainly don’t need to lock 1/2 the legislature out of the room while deciding what will be demanded of the people.

    You did not attend the event in Nevada. You take someone else’s close minded account of the day. Do you let others tell you what to think? The accusations of violence, overthrowing the country, racism, stupidity and all the other outrageous attitudes applied to anyone with a conservative viewpoint only continue to show you up for the closed minded group that you wish to be a part of.

    Why don’t you give them the respect to listen and engage in a true discussion? Oh yeah, the President is the champion of the belittle them tactics, your model to emulate. Give it a try.

    You may find that we agree on some issues and we can work together to get the word out.

  5. msnbc promotes free health clinics. fox news promotes tea parties and faux patriotic rallies. which network serves the needs of the nation best?

  6. Yes, our country was founded on the principles of free speech and freedom of religion. But when a person’s free speech is based on lies and intended to incite misguided fear and hatred among the uneducated and ill-informed, that becomes dangerous. That leads to anarchy. What Fox News does on a regular basis is lie, lie, and lie again. They are completely without ethics. An ethical news organization would never allow itself to shamelessly promote one political party or candidate over another–especially not by using conjured up or contrived stories to incite the most base fear in its audience. Fox News is nothing more than a perpetual, lying, propaganda machine for the Republican Party. And trust me, it’s not just MY opinion, it is the shared opinion of millions of concerned, ethical, civil-minded, honest people who would love nothing more than to see Fox lose its license.

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