A Bitter Fox News Cuts Off Coverage of Obama Health Care Event

Some more of that Fox News fairness and balance was on display today as President Obama held an event on health care reform that was covered by all three cable networks, but only two thought that it was important enough to show the entire event to their viewers. Jon Scott of Fox News cut in and called the President's event a pep rally and cut away to a press conference from John Boehner.

Jon Stewart Demolishes Glenn Beck’s Attacks on Progressivism and Social Justice

On last night's The Daily Show, complete with a full Beckesque set, and a dead on impression, Jon Stewart mocked Glenn Beck's recent attacks on progressivism as a cancer. Stewart said, "I looked approvingly at child labor laws, inspections of meat and poultry and other food stuffs, women voting. I thought it was progress...America I have cancer, we in this country have cancer, value and document eating cancer."

Glenn Beck Calls House Health Care Reform Vote an Affront to God

On his radio show today, the unstable Glenn Beck was discussing health care reform with bat poop crazy Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and they both came to the interesting conclusion that health care reform is an affront to the conservative sensibilities of God, because the vote may be held on Sunday. Beck said, "Here is a group of people that have so perverted our faith and our hope and our charity, that is a this is an affront to God."

Megyn Kelly Freaks Out On Fox News over Health Care Bill

On Fox Megyn Kelly freaks over healthcare

Things have swung into full panic mode over health care on Fox News. Today a supposed lawyer, Megyn Kelly, freaked out on the air today and said, "What is happening? No one gets it...I don't understand anything they are talking about when it comes to this potential law." Maybe Kelly could understand it if Fox News would stop lying and confusing their viewers about deeming.

Nuns Diss Bishops by Supporting Healthcare: Only Fake Christians Left

The Nuns have came together to say they care MORE about pragmatic reality, MORE about helping people, MORE about correcting the unjust practices in the current healthcare system than they do obeying the patriarchs of the Catholic Church, who are cynically catering to political powers. This is a gift to humanity, the women’s movement, social justice, Democrats, and certainly Jesus if one believes.

“Constitutional Expert” Sarah Palin Mangles the Slaughter Solution

“Constitutional Expert” Sarah Palin Mangles the Slaughter Solution

Everyone's favorite quitter, Sarah Palin was on FNC's Hannity tonight where she called the centuries old deem and pass legislative technique. Palin said, "The process that Pelosi is pushing right now is unconstitutional." She then lied and said this bill would not have been passed by both houses of Congress. The problem is that the bill will, in fact, be identical. Once again, Palin mangled the Constitution, and the legislative process.

Fox News Helps President Obama Pass Healthcare

Tonight on FNC's Special Report with Bret Baier, President Barack Obama effortlessly rolled through an at times combative interview with Baier, who tried to talk about special deals on the healthcare bill and emails from "the people" who oppose healthcare reform, but Obama was more than up to the task as he used Fox News to push his own healthcare reform message.

Domestic Violence Victims Denied Health Insurance by GOP Senators

Let’s say you were going to cast a Republican Clown Show of Hypocrites who ran on “Family Values” whilst cheating on their wives and voting against women’s rights at every turn.

Let’s imagine this is the most ridiculous Clown Show ever… so bad that these Republican Clowns actually voted against protecting battered women from being cut off from health insurance access. Yes, let’s pretend that they actually voted to ensure that in nine states, health insurance companies could tell a woman who has been battered that she has a pre-existing condition.

How The Huffington Post got it wrong about Obama and Transparency

The Huffington Post ran a piece today which claimed that Barack Obama's record on openness and transparency was worse than that of George W. Bush. However, some deeper research shows that there is more to the story than the Huff Po piece described. Obama is doing battle with a bureaucracy that has dug in its heels and has resisted and in some cases not implemented his new Freedom of Information Act policies.

Glenn Beck Claims that America is not a Democratic Society

On the Monday edition of his Fox News program, Glenn Beck claimed that America is not a democratic society. While smearing the mother of a woman who died without healthcare, Beck said, "Well, we're not a democratic society. I think that was the Soviet Union. I believe it is the democratic socialist republic in China as well." Beck appears to be calling for the abolition of democracy in the United States of America.

The Tea Party Apocalypse Is Upon Us

The Tea Party Apocalypse Is Upon Us

There are many potential or would-be leaders for the Tea Party craze - from libertarians to conservatives to Christian dominionists like Sarah Palin. It does not seem to be only conservatives lining up for tinfoil hats but libertarians with a fear of big government who have perhaps let their imaginations run away with them. The "New World Order" phenomenon is by no means limited to conservatives and Christian apocalyptic millenialists awaiting the return of Jesus but is embraced by some libertarians as well.

Glenn Beck Claims that Jesus Christ Opposed Social Justice

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed that the concept of social justice is a perversion of the gospel, and that social justice is not something that Jesus would talk about. Beck said that social justice is, "a perversion of the gospel." Beck's point was that the gospel is really about capitalism and free market economics. According to Beck, Jesus was an anti-government conservative.

The Establishment Lines Up Against the Tea Party as Jeb Bush Endorses John McCain

Even though the far right is trying their best to unseat John McCain, the Republican establishment continues to line up behind him, as today Jeb Bush endorsed McCain over his primary challenger J.D. Hayworth. Bush said, "John is a proven conservative leader committed to reducing taxes, fighting wasteful spending and keeping America safe." McCain is calling in lots of favoring and showing why the tea party movement has little chance of overthrowing the GOP establishment.

Debunking the Myth That Barack Obama is going to Ban Fishing

The right wing media has come up with a new twist on an old scare tactic, as they are now citing an opinion column on ESPNoutdoors.com to claim that President Obama is going to ban fishing. According to them, Obama is now not only going to take away your guns, but also your rod and reel. The problem is that there are no facts to back up this ridiculous claim, but that hasn't stopped Rush Limbaugh and others from putting it out there.

Why The Eric Massa Interview Is the Beginning of the End for Glenn Beck

Today on his radio show Glenn Beck continued to react to the fact that he turned himself into a national laughingstock with his Fox News interview of former Rep. Eric Massa yesterday. Beck tried to place all of the blame on Massa for yesterday's 60 minutes of train wreck television. The Massa interview could end up being a watershed in Beck's career, because it was at this point his hubris and arrogance finally derailed his Fox News stardom.