Internal Implosion in the RNC as Top Fundraiser Palin Bails on Them

Palin Demands RNC Take Her Name Off of Fundraisers

Extremist Palin is all the RNC has left

It seems Sister Sarah is too pristine to associate with the likes of the RNC (bondage themes aside, as she remains their Mistress of Scold). And while many are saying this is a bad move on her part, it’s actually more of the same quite successful tactics she has been using to get elected since she started her political career with around 600 votes back in Wasilla.

CNN reports:

“Though Palin will speak on Friday at the SRLC, a gathering of top Republican officials and an early cattle call for potential 2012 presidential candidates, the former Alaska governor will not be participating in any RNC fundraising event, a Palin adviser told CNN.”

Palin specializes in the “I can’t associate with the Good Old Boys because they are corrupt, so I will damage my own career to take a stand!” move. And of course, the people are always so impressed by the spunky mom with a heart of gold that they rush to vote for her without ever checking her record. Ironically and predictably, she has consistently been guilty of the very accusations she has leveled at others.

But Sarah is the RNC’s biggest fundraiser. The RNC has built itself on image since their Reagan heyday, and the false narrative built around W as a “rancher” (on a non-working ranch) and “Texan” (east coast elite) was so successful they managed to hoodwink the country twice into “electing” him.

You know what they say: “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” The RNC is still pushing the same strategy; picking Palin to replace Hillary because they are both women (the similarities stop there). Picking Steele to counter our first half African-American president (Steele is no Obama). Pushing family values when their leaders have spent the last few years in the headlines for decidedly un-family values activities.

Their Orwellian use of language came to its inglorious head during the W administration with the “WMD” false narrative, which was carefully rolled out, one lie at a time until an entire war was justified in the mind of the public. Rove, who dropped out of college after two years, was credited with this “genius”. Yes, it worked. For a while. But the Republicans seem to have slept through the dawning age of Politifact,, and most damning, YouTube. It was inevitable that their strategy of lying to the people would come home to roost.

Steele has humiliated them over and over again; between his campaign finance investigations and now the bondage nightclub there were gaffes a plenty. Remember the backwards hat and the reference to fried chicken?

Palin has pushed them into an extremist position, which is frankly unelectable should the general public get wind of exactly what these folks stand for. Her rallies remind me of the ancient games at the Colosseum, best known for bonding the people in an “us versus them” mentality via savage human executions and exploitation of the proletarian desire for retribution.

But they can’t fire Steele. They can’t fire their token African American. Can they?

They can’t dump Palin, even after her cross-hair targets. She’s their biggest brand, even if she is toxic to their long-term electability.

This is a classic result of years of running on fake narratives and standing for nothing other than fleecing the people. There are no values they can claim that they haven’t repeatedly violated and failed to address. So they are stuck with false narratives, slick images and Poster People. There isn’t an authentic conservative of the people to be found among their leaders. Not one.

Inevitably, these Poster People end up standing for nothing that the RNC claims they represent (Steele does not represent minorities in any real political way and Palin is as anti-woman as you can get without reaching back into history), and yet they have amassed great power.

The inmates are running the asylum.

And Sister Sarah has a keen nose for opportunities like this one. Palin was wily and clever to remove her name from the RNC fundraiser. She knows her base loves to think of her as standing up to the good old boys; their task-master in tight skirts, whipping the corrupt into shape as she bakes a pie for her beloved family and special needs prop. Yes, this is her moment to shine. She’s going to kick this door wide open whether God wants her to or not. Watch out, RNC.

The Palin bus has savagely run over those who backed her, supported her, and got her where she is today. She has no loyalty. She will stab the RNC in the back (just as she stabbed McCain, the Democrats who got her legislation passed in Alaska, her Republican supporters like Andree McLeod, her own legislative aides like Frank Bailey) while flashing her too-white, all-American smile for her base.

Of course, she will make a big deal about how she is on the “outside of the machine”. Never mind the levers she’s pulling as she pockets her glory. She’s a modern day heroine for the disaffected. Her carefully crafted and never-investigated narrative (this is their own fault, remember how they accused anyone who dared to question her record of being “sexist”?) way outshines their dusty old RNC jingles now.

Who does the RNC have without her? Steele? Santorum? Jindal? Mitt?

Not a rock star among them. And so the fall of the RNC begins, brought on by an excessive belief in their ability to lie to the people and it appears as if it will be brought to fruition by their own Frankensteinian creation. This is the inevitable result of the kind of sleazy cowardice that has run the RNC for the past ten years at least.

They stand for nothing and that’s why their monsters are eating them alive from the inside. This is, of course, bad for America. It’s bad for democracy. And it’s a depressing commentary on our consumerist culture. Not to mention, it leaves a window of opportunity for a Naughty Monkey clad toe to wedge itself further into our political arena.

15 Replies to “Internal Implosion in the RNC as Top Fundraiser Palin Bails on Them”

  1. I was thoroughly amused reading this article on Palin. I get excited when someone actually sees her bull. I simply cannot understand the American people that support her crap. It is intellectually frightening.
    Thanks for this blog. It is so frustrating when you hear the spin on the main stream media outlets.

  2. Check out my blog entry today at entitled Palin prefers Homilies to Homework: Drill Baby Drill. We must work together to make people aware of the true Sarah Palin.

  3. Jesus. Another liberal who actually still believes in Chicago Jesus was provoked to write a column about a woman who left office almost a year ago and, I should add, was claimed to be irrelevant by every leftist blogger in cyberspace.

    They were all wrong then, and they were all wrong now.

    She’s boycotting the RNC because it’s Mitt’s operation and it’s corrupt under Steele. Besides, they apparently can’t put the hearse in the right place in a two-car funeral over there.

    Why should she raise money for the RNC when the NRSC and the NRCC and the Republican Governor’s Association are doing a bangup job raising cash for downticket Republicans? When the RNC cleans up its act, she’ll raise money for them. Until then, she’s right to avoid the Clown Shoes Guys.

    As to the rest of your comments about Palin, it’s the usual garbage you were writing a year ago. Get a new act.

  4. Sarah,

    You’re perspective is appreciated…I give you credit in stating what is obvious, at least it is to me….Although, you’re not a Republican, you’ve successfully laid out a possible scenario based on what we all know and have seen in the recent media. You asked the right question.

    Who does the RNC have without her? Steele? Santorum? Jindal? Mitt?

    Not a rock star among them. No, there is not! However, I never ever wanted a ‘rock star’ to lead my party or be the representation of my ideological beliefs.. I sadly agree the fall of the RNC was brought on by an excessive belief in their ability to lie to the people. McCain and the party did hand over political capital to their own Frankensteinian creation– Sarah ‘whackjob’ Palin.

  5. @section9,

    If by “the same act” you mean stating facts about her record, who actually filed ethics complaints against her, etc, then YES, you are correct.

    My “act” hasn’t changed because the FACTS have not changed.

    Unlike in your world, where you adjust the facts to suit your preferred version of reality, here in the real world, we deal with what is.

    You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. As soon as you start denying reality in order to maintain your opinion, you lose all credibility.

  6. @Syrin,
    I am very concerned about the state of our democracy because the Republicans are quickly losing ground as a viable second party.

    I respected the “values” they used to stand for (think Eisenhower Republicans or country club Republicans), even when I did not agree with them.

    The modern day Republican is nothing but a neo-con wolf in sheep’s clothing, using religion and claimed divine rights to deny responsibility for wrong-doing.

    This is evident in their refusal to go along with any of their “values” when Obama proposes them. IF they really cared about their “values”, they would support them no matter who suggested them. Instead, they sacrifice value for partisan power.

  7. Wow….All the RNC will have left is a bunch of doughy, balding fat rich guys with their strippers claiming they are Family Values

  8. @srjones
    I love it when people question the bloggers on this site. The phrase don’t talk unless you can improve the silence comes to mind. But i guess it is type these days.

  9. I have never heard her speak on anything using any amount of reasonable and intelligent, factual substance for argument. I imagine McCain (who’s done himself no favors by this) has twice asked her to campaign with/for him only just ’cause he wants to be able to undress her with his eyes every day. Now both of ’em have become a joke, along with the entire Republican party.

  10. Is it just me, or does she look like she’s giving the NAZI salute in that picture?

    She’s getting scarier by the day.

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