Rachel Maddow Exposes More Fox News Video Editing Fraud

Rachel Maddow Exposes More Fox News Video Editing Fraud
Rachel Maddow hammers Fox News

On The Rachel Maddow Show tonight host Rachel Maddow took on Fox News and their selective editing of the California ACORN tapes. Maddow played both the Fox News edit of the tapes, and the full tapes. Maddow said, “If you watched the footage these guys released, if you followed the wall to wall coverage on Fox…If you are a member of Congress who voted to defund ACORN…You were had.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

After playing the edited tape and the full tape side Maddow said, “If you watched the footage these guys released, if you followed the wall to wall coverage on Fox, if you read all of the fawning mainstream media coverage of what these guys did, if you were a member of Congress and you voted to defund ACORN because of the outrage portrayed in these tapes, you were had.”

Maddow debunked the claim that an ACORN employee was willing to help set up a prostitution ring of underage girls floated by Fox News. she pointed out that the ACORN employee actually called the police and reported O’Keefe and Giles. She said, “The fact that the ACORN employee collected all that information including phone numbers and dates the supposed crime was planned for and passed that information on to the police that never made it into that Fox News report of this outrage at the San Diego ACORN office.”

Ms. Maddow destroyed the Fox News story that ACORN employees were encouraging O’Keefe and Giles and their underage prostitute smuggling. She played the unedited tape and said, “What actually happened is that O’Keefe and Giles told this ACORN employee that they couldn’t find housing because Ms. Giles was a prostitute, and that’s when that employee turned to her and encouraged her to keep trying to get housing for herself, not encouraging her to start a prostitution business, but encouraging her to keep trying in her effort to get housing.”

She then took aim at Fox News, “This is not meant to excuse what ACORN has done wrong in the past, but the huge tide of negative publicity that followed these video tapes and the coverage they got on Fox wall to wall for months was bull pucky. It was a dishonest political stunt that bears no resemblance to journalism and no resemblance to the actual facts of what happened in those offices, but it worked.”

This story is an example of why Maddow’s program is the best of all of the prime time cable talk shows. She takes the time to point out the facts. Her show is unique because she is not on the air carnival barking a political agenda like Olbermann, O’Reilly, and Hannity. She isn’t running an old school fluff hour like Larry King, and Anderson Cooper’s program is more focused on news not analysis. She stands out because she is educating the viewers who tune in to her show.

The really sad part of this is the people who really need to see this segment will never see it. The loyal Fox News viewers who willingly embrace the propaganda based fantasy program that the network churns out every single day would reject this reality even if it was presented to them by a program they could accept. Fox News is not a news organization. They are a political propaganda dissemination tool, and no one should unquestioningly accept any statement that is uttered on their airwaves as fact, because every word that is uttered there is done so to advance their right wing agenda.

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  1. Great reporting from our friends who get you the truth…

    Thanks Rachel, I never miss your show…


  2. It’s gotten to the point where anyone who watches Fox News is so misinformed as to be utterly out of reality and impossible to talk with. I fear that Fox Viewers will soon find themselves shunned by the general public, who will find their rantings and paranoia…well, crazy. As it is.

  3. This coming from the network of truth and transparency. That would be the same network which did its very own editing to propagate the false narrative of tea party racism. Keep on denying reality libs!

  4. @srjones,
    FYI, Fox News has the highest ratings of all Cable News Networks, most viewers. There’s a reason that MSNBC is about the lowest, because people do not believe what MSNBC is saying! The far left is only scared of Fox because they are the only ones pointing out all of their flaws!

  5. @Liberalism Kills, I really hate to tell you this but the tea baggers are a bunch of racist I was there in the midst of the healthcare town halls and the words used were racist, the imagery was racist, denying it just makes you a racist.

  6. @Nick,

    actually CNN is the lowest, and the irony is they are the only cable news network that is actually fair and balanced. Viewers does not equal veracity, getting people to watch you does not mean you are telling the truth in fact its probably the opposite. The truth of the matter is Fox News viewers are the most likely to be ill informed.

  7. @Nick, You obviously didn’t watch the video in the post. Fox News was not pointing out the left’s flaws they edited video to create a false news story. Why is this point so hard for FNC viewers to get. They aren’t pointing out the left’s flaws. They are engaging in propaganda. A news organization should not be pointed out the flaws in either political party.

    Here is something that those of you who tout Fox News’ rating never mention. FNC is available in twice as many homes as MSNBC. Do you think that might have something to do with Fox having twice as many viewers too?

  8. @Liberalism Kills, False narrative of tea party racism, Sarah Palin? Is that you? That’s some classic comedy right there. I suppose you also suffer from the delusion that the Republicans are going to take back Congress this November? It is difficult to take the right seriously, when they have become completely disengaged from reality.

  9. Rachel,

    FAUX news should be sued for slander in this case.

    Hopefully there can be some justice in the form of damages for ACCORN and it’s employees.

    News outlets need to be held accountable for their actions.

  10. What a hypocrite Rachel Maddow is…she pulls the same crap in her “editorial” style of reporting. For more on this crap show called “The Rachel Maddow Show” see the Daily Howler dot com…

  11. Hmmm, well if all the claims were false why did ACORN fire some of the worker involved in the tapes? Seems that ACORN would stand up for all these falsely-accused community organizers.

  12. Wow. I couldn’t make it to the end of the segment. She just drones and drones and drones. *yawn* No wonder Fox is kicking her butt. Wish someone less partisan and less boring would report on this.

  13. @Jason Easley,

    I believe Liberalism Kills is talking about the incident where a man was wearing an assault rifle outside a town hall meeting where the President was speaking. The MSNBC hosts spoke about the racism of the people carrying guns yet they failed to show the man with the assault rifle was BLACK! Here’s video proof if you’re interested. I’m sure you’re not, but just in case you’re an open-minded person I want you to have the facts.

  14. @Jay,

    Well, I guess links are deleted from comments, but you can find it by searching “msnbc black man with assault rifle” on youtooob.

    However, since you seem like a knowitall smart-ass type, I’m sure you won’t. LOL


  16. @Nick, Wow, this guy more than likely watched the video and still can’t even fathom the thought that FNC is lying to him.

    @Jason, I only get FNC through my cable provider. I don’t trust FNC at all but I used to think that there were some things that even FN wouldn’t do; I have been proven wrong time and time again. This is one example. There are others instances that involve Hannity mostly, his disregard for the truth is astounding. He actually said (referring to the recent nuclear deal struck by the president) a couple of days ago that the president wouldn’t do ANYTHING if we were attacked with a WMD.

    Keep eating that up FN watchers.

  17. @BFish,
    Yes, the truth is boring.
    That’s the problem.
    Fox is “Reality Television” – aka lies – that’s why they sell

  18. “Her show is unique because she is not on the air carnival barking a political agenda like Olbermann, O’Reilly, and Hannity”



    Sorry, but they’ve all got an agenda, and they’re all horribly wrong. Remarks like this are just one reason that this country is going down a hole. We think we can get impartiality by watching Republocrat hackery on cable TV. It doesn’t matter if they’re dems or reps, they’re part of the ONE PARTY SYSTEM.

  19. @Jay, If he is referring to a specific incident with David Shuster that is different, but in general the facts would show that there is a violent element to the Tea Party movement. The fringe has found itself a new home.

  20. @Jay,

    Yeah right? A company stand up for its employees? What the hell kind of fairly land are you living in? I personally know of people who were fired for wrong doing when it could be proven in court that they did not commit said wrong doing, It took taking the company to court to prove that the firings were not justified. Companies, for and not for profit, will always do what is in the best interest of their bottom line or donation/revenue stream, If firing a bunch of people that may or may not have done something wrong will save them money in the long run then that is what they will do.
    Regardless of how one feels about FOX, I would be very interested to find out if these people were fired because of all the attention FOX News Channel gave this issue. If that is the case then perhaps FOX should be held responsible, if they did in fact edit the tape to make it appear that something happened that clearly did not happen. That is journalistic fraud, period. I would hope there does not exist a news organization that would knowingly engage in fraud.

    just my 2 cents.


  21. @Jay, Probably because they weren’t aware that the tapes were edited or had no way to prove they were innocent. The fired him a while back before any of this was revealed (as was said in the video). How would they have looked to the public if they kept the guy that helped those two? How about we pay attention before we open our mouths?

  22. I’m perplexed that all the damning evidence that Maddow has against FOX is 1.) a sleeve, 2.) an alleged after the fact call to the police, and 3.) a behavior interpretation by Maddow.

    I grant that the sleeve image does suggest some disinformation on behalf of O’Keefe. Perhaps FOX should have investigated his claims that he was actually dressed as a “Superfly blacksploitation-style 1970’s pimp”, or simply asked whether he had removed his jacket prior to exiting.

    The alleged call to police isn’t something that would have been recorded to video, it having taken place after O’Keefe and Giles left. So, its irrelevant whether he made a call or not. When pressed by the ACORN employee for more information regarding the underage prostitution ring, should it have been evident to the couple that he was compiling evidence to be used against them? Or does it seem reasonable to believe, after having offered his assistance, that he was colluding with them?

    The woman in the last portion volunteers advice to the couple to keep trying to find housing, knowing that the situation involved prostitution. She may have been facing the woman (Giles) as she spoke, but that doesn’t mean she was blinking secret messages of “escape to freedom” or “you in danger girl”. How charming a notion it is to believe that this woman recognizes the secret plight of an unwilling prostitute and counsels her in soft tones meant only for her ears to shrug of the oppressors chains. Truly endearing. But its a fantasy interpretation! That didn’t happen! Behavior interpretation isn’t journalism, regardless of whether it comes from FOX or MSNBC. It does not hold water.

    All of this supposed damning evidence of FOX fraud is worthy of ridicule. If you had real damning evidence it would be EVIDENT. You wouldn’t be wasting time with interpretations and nitpickery. Does Hannity and FOX have a conservative agenda? Duh! Does Maddow and MSNBC have a liberal agenda? Double duh! The real question is “Why?”

  23. There isnt a single media network that doesnt edit coverage to display what they want you to see. Wake up, if you want the truth go find it yourself.

  24. @Zenith Nadir,
    “The alleged call to police isn’t something that would have been recorded to video, it having taken place after O’Keefe and Giles left. So, its irrelevant whether he made a call or not.”

    So if something that happens doesn’t get recorded it becomes irrelevant?

    It only becomes conveniently irrelevant to those who would like it to be so. By doing this suddenly it becomes so that everybody can create the information they need like O’ Keefe did just now. Get somebody suspicious enough so that they’d want to inquire info, and while they go along to illicit information nail them on whatever they have to say in order to stay believable.

    Did you record your own birth? Well then I guess you are…

  25. Rachel Maddow stands head and shoulders above the fox news con men pulling their MOR repetitive talking points palatable and for the masses as the asses, uneducated and nonquestioning and SCARED since 9/11 was pulled off by osama bin bush, so why are we being focused on ACOORN when bush got the presidency from the supreme court made of of people put there for life by his DADDY..and his team planned that to happen….then for the next election all the ballot boxes in Ohio went bonky..mofo hoho to you if you are a fox believer or a liberal or a CONSERVATIVE Rushie ite, cuz he went to the city of NY and he thought he hit the big apple but he’s not from NY and if you believe his crap you know, he was warned, didn’t listen “shoobie, shattered, don’t bit the maggots”. “Love and war and sex still surviving on the streets and arent you hungry for sucksess, does it matter? I’m shattered. Rushie is a woman hating liar, and manipulator and sick man. YOU are a sickie mickie if you can listen without laughing HARD..go MAD-DOW Go go go, do HONEST reporting all the time, YOU rock and YOU are NOT a LIB! I know IT!Rock On!

  26. Here’s a terrific idea that I want everyone to try doing before they make a comment. It doesn’t matter what side of the debate you are on, whether you love Fox news or hate it:

    Try to make your case as to why this is good/bad WITHOUT using the same stupidass keywords like “liberal media”, “neocons”, “liberals”, “the far left/right”, and any other crap like that. How about we just view things as people having opinions instead of classifying people by generalizations. I guarantee you that most of you cannot make your points valid without your stupid key phrases.

  27. @BFish, Yes, soo boring and annoying with that stupid smug little bitch smile. She is reporting on such miniscule aspects. So what if he wasn’t actually wearing the pimp costume, that was the least important part of the whole story. Forget about the California video which occurred after ACORN employess were already warned about these investigations. What about the DC, Baltimore, and NY videos that initiated this controversy?

    Truth, watch the actual RAW videos for yourself if you want truth.

  28. @Nick,

    The reason FNC is killing in ratings because its the only news channel available on most basic cable plans. Not to mention the fact that most people just hate the party in power no matter which party it is. Rush exploded during the Clinton administration, But died when Bush took office. Now that a democrat is back in the White House their listening to Rush again.

  29. @RWD, Fox news won a suit saying that they are under the classification of entertainment news. Like John Stewart. Due to that they are allowed to post lies presented as truth since they aren’t news anyways.

    A slander suit from any of the acorn employees might be good but it would hardly make a dent in Fox’ wallets. I don’t believe government entities such as acorn are protected under slander/libel laws though.

  30. @Nick,
    Oh, where to start. First, if viewership == honesty and integrity than Jersey Shore should be heralded as a great news institution. The fact that a show has high American ratings is usually the first indication that it reeks.

    Second, I have never, ever seen a group of more devout whiners and b!tchers than the right. I mean, my 4 year old daughter with a festering yeast infection is more composed than 98% of the right. The fact that they would come in droves and droves to listen to like minded simpletons b!tch, moan and groan all day is not just un-shocking, but kinda obvious.

    Third, most of the people not way over to the right have lives as well as the abilities to think. Both of these make it so that they do not have to sit in front of Fox all day and be told what to b!tch, moan and groan about. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I heard an original thought from the right. You guys are the king of “on message”…or incapable of thinking for yoursel…wait, scratch that, from all indication incapable of thinking pretty much at all.

  31. 1. Fox did not edit the video. It was pre-edited by O’keefe.

    2. The lamest part of this is the part about his fur jacket. One single shot of his arm–I don’t know about you, but I take my jacket off when i’m inside all time. Not to mention, they hit ACORN offices all across the country. One shot of his arm and suddenly we’ve all been lied to?

    3. The California Attorney General, is heavily involved in Politics and an extreme liberal–he’s currently running as the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

    4. ONE guy out all the ACORN offices in the country that O’Keefe and Giles went to actually reported them to the police. ONE guy. THAT should be the most shocking part. Only one guy called the police. Well, good for him; he definitely did the right thing (he should be vindicated and Fox should be the ones to do it!) With that said, there was no way for O’Keefe and Giles to know that he called the police. It was only made public after the official investigation was made. When you consider the vast amount of damaging footage (this report by the nauseatingly pretentious Maddow doesn’t even come close to showing the worst of it — I encourage you to look at all the videos) you can see why O’Keefe and Giles took the guy in San Diego seriously. They had already seen worse.

    5. ACORN, has a long history of illegal activity including voter fraud and embezzlement. This is documented and prosecuted. However, not all things unethical are illegal. What ACORN got punished for was being unethical, and when you’re being paid by tax payers, you have to be held to an ethical standardl. Watch the other tapes. There is nothing subtle about their irresponsible behavior. In fact, I fully expected Maddow to show the other tapes, they are way more damaging.

  32. Acorn should be punished for firing an innocent man who clearly contacted the authorities upon receipt of illegal activities. Damn ACORN, let the man live a free life. Also, please return the $1,000,000 of embezzled funds.

  33. I’m surprised the Rachael Maddow show relayed without comment another Fox fraud tonight. In the article about the bomb threat in the flight to Denver, there was a shot showing three scenes from three different networks.

    The key problem was the scene from Fox WAS NOT DIA!!! I don’t know where it was but it wasn’t Denver. The tower is not at the terminal and we don’t have a train/tram which you could see in the scene.


  34. @gh0st,

    That is so true. Why are the right such a bunch of whiners? Liberals put up with all kinds of abuse while conservatives get so bent out of shape over every damn little thing. It’s like if there’s one “unamerican” word uttered in any movie or TV show they demand a constitutional amendment banning it.

  35. @Zenith Nadir,
    “alleged after the fact call”
    as in recorded by the police, and reported by the district attorney as IMMEDIATELY after they left?
    that is quite a lot of interpretation you described there, but none of that happened on the show. maddow only points out that she was asking for housing, and that the woman was telling the girl to not give up hope (perhaps on finding housing or more) and not telling the pimp to keep trying to import child prostitutes.
    Does it seem reasonable that after extremely misrepresenting these people and destroying an organization and many jobs to due to their “misunderstanding” and by that i mean blatant decpetion, that fox or the reporters involved should put some effort into repealing their statements?

  36. @Xar, Tragic reasoning. Tell me, how would O’Keefe know that the Acorn employee was only pretending to collude with him? How did YOU know he was pretending? Answer: You found out after the fact. That’s what is meant by irrelevant. O’Keefe cannot be held accountable for reporting information that is intentionally communicated as collusive or conspiratorial. The Acorn employee wanted him to believe him. Should FOX exonerate the employee, who is supposedly proven to turn them in? Yes. Simple as that.

  37. @Xar, Tragic reasoning. Tell me, how would O’Keefe know that the Acorn employee was only pretending to collude with him? How did YOU know he was pretending? Answer: You found out after the fact. That’s what is meant by irrelevant. O’Keefe cannot be held accountable for reporting information that is intentionally communicated as collusive or conspiratorial. The Acorn employee wanted him to believe him. Should FOX exonerate the employee, who is supposedly proven to turn them in? Yes. Simple as that.

  38. @, A response to the “alleged after the fact call” can be read above. And I grant that Maddow intmated more to me than perhaps was intended, or perhaps more than was observed by others. My bad.

    However, when it is communicated pointblank that this couple is seeking housing for illegal prostitution, and an Acorn employee advises them to “keep trying”, it doesn’t exactly exonerate her. Why didn’t she tell them to get the hell out of her office?

  39. @Zenith Nadir, Tell me, how would O’Keefe know that the Acorn employee was only pretending to collude with him? — He is not supposed to know – they call it luring.
    O’Keefe cannot be held accountable for reporting information that is intentionally communicated as collusive or conspiratorial. — I never held him responsible. I hold you responsible for claiming an event is irrelevant.

    How when or what I, or you, or anybody knows does not matter. The only that mattered is whatever transpired and was said during said chain of events.

  40. @Zenith Nadir, actually, it should be noted that most community assistance individuals are always trying to get women off the streets from prostitution. they are trying to help them get away from the life…not just throw them to the wolves. ACORN, the Red Cross or the YMCA…any community organization like that would do everything they could to help them get a better life…not just throw them out like garbage. getting out of the life of a prostitute isn’t like deciding you like Coke more then Pepsi. it takes a series of steps and maybe the first one is to get a home or set down some roots and try to make a better life for yourself? hmm…i wonder…

  41. @BFish,
    Your statement belies why you and you ilk are leading the charge to mediocracy and why you are so easily manipulated. Welcome to the drone class where the only information you like to consume is pre packaged pabulum. Your self proclamation that you get so easily bored must mean that you can only digest snippets of information at a time, or that you are so ideologically driven that you are ripe for the pickings of anyone who appeals to the emotions rather than the subsatance of an issue. I am right to guess you are a fan of Beck, Palin and Fox?

  42. @BFish, I don’t know of any outfit more partisan and boring than FOX itself, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to cover it.

  43. No one should take what ANY of you talking heads say as gospel. Sure, Fox leans right. You lean left. You ALL have agendas which, like it or not, speak to one portion of the nation or another.

    Wasn’t it MSNBC getting away with the sort of deception for which Fox News would be pilloried during the healthcare debate? Wasn’t it MSNBC that last August edited the clip of a man with a gun at a pro-healthcare rally just to support their racist narrative? When MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer reported that “a man at a pro-health care reform rally…wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip….there are questions about whether this has racial overtones….white people showing up with guns.”


    A guest that day’s program remarked that “there is tremendous anger in this country about government, the way government seems to be taking over the country, anger about a black person being president….we see these hate groups rising up and this is definitely part of that.”


    Turns out when you see the UNEDITED footage, the man, legally within his rights to carry a handgun openly under state law, was BLACK.

    Pot, meet kettle.


  44. I agree about what you said about loyal fox viewers that will refuse to accept the truth and continue to believe everything shown on fox news.

    I have an aunt and uncle that believe everything they here on fox, I once showed them evidence of deliberate manulipuation of the news by fox. The actually got mad at me and said that they did not want to ruin their vacation discussing the topic.

  45. Ms. Maddow’s “investigation” is proof positive that journalism no longer exists. It’s been replaced 100% by biased posturing. The facts have nothing to do with anything any more. Sgt. Joe Friday must be spinning in his grave. Anyone still wondering why the news industry is suffering financially? Value paid for value received.

  46. @trey, I’m not a fan of Palin at all and have never watched Beck. The clip of Rachel is very much pre-packaged pablum so not sure where you get off saying I like to consume it. Get to the point already lady!

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