Right Wing Cyber Terrorists Fail To Silence PoliticusUSA with DDoS Attack

Right Wing Cyber Terrorists Fail to Silence PoliticusUSA with DDoS Attack
Cyber Terrorist Fail To Silence PoliticusUSA
Recent visitors to my blog PoliticusUSA had undoubtedly noticed that the site had been crashing frequently. At first both tech support and myself thought a new server was the cause, but the real cause was much more sinister. We were the victims of a sophisticated DDoS attack. Since the far right did not like what we were publishing, they decided you should not be able to read it. This is what passes for freedom in “Real America.”

There were several hints that this was politically motivated event before the perpetrator grew bold enough to contact me. First, the DDoS attacks only came after we published new content to the site. The bots used were masked as legitimate traffic from a social network. When new content was not published, the site didn’t go down. It is logical to conclude that the attacker either subscribed to our RSS feed, or is a member of certain social networks, because the time line of the attacks matches up with the popularity of posts from this site submitted to major social networks Digg, Reddit, and Facebook.

I would love nothing more that to publish the emails I received from whoever is responsible for this in full right now, but this matter is being investigated, so I can’t. (As anyone who knows about DDoS attacks understands, the odds of catching those who did this are slim, but I still have to respect the investigation). After we had two popular stories at the same time on several social networks a full on assault began early on Easter Sunday, that took the site completely offline. Like any terrorist, the person or persons behind the attack took responsibility for it and told me it was because they didn’t like what we published.

The point of this attack was to suppress my ability to share information with you. This is not only a violation of my right to free speech, but yours as well. This was an act of political terrorism. It was the Internet equivalent of the raging mob smashing the printing press of a town’s newspaper, because they could not accept facts or a differing point of view, and the suppression of the exchange of information is a classic hallmark of fascist and totalitarian behavior.

The true fascists in the United States of America aren’t Barack Obama and the Democrats, but Sarah Palin, Tea Partiers, and right wing Republicans who pander to them. The mission of these attackers was not to disrupt PoliticusUSA, but to shut it down, and shut us up. In this regard, the cyber terrorists have completely failed, because we are still writing, and this website is still here. As long I have a breath in my body, this site will continue to publish. PoliticusUSA will never back down from challenges, and let me put this in terms that the right wingers can understand. As Ronald Reagan once said, “We don’t negotiate with terrorist.” (Reagan was actually a hypocrite who did, but I never will).

Lastly, I want to assure our readers that they are completely safe when they visit the site. The type of attack carried out targeted our server, not the reader. The point of the attack was to prevent people from being able to view the site. I can assure everyone who enjoys this site that we are not going to change. We are going to double our efforts and keep doing what we do. The cyber terrorists have strengthened us, and with your continued support we will prove that fear and intimidation will never be victorious over hope, the truth, optimism, and freedom.
Right Wing Cyber Terrorists Fail to Silence PoliticusUSA with DDoS Attack

22 Replies to “Right Wing Cyber Terrorists Fail To Silence PoliticusUSA with DDoS Attack”

  1. Excellent. The right only strengthens our resolve when they try to silence us.

    Fascist anti American teapublicans

  2. If they try it again, you probably have a network of supporting blogs who will publish what you have to say so you can still get the word out, foiling their evil plan. Knock ’em dead, so to speak.

  3. I hadn’t heard about this website until I read about the DDoS attack from digg.com ! Now I’m going to be a frequent reader, thanks to Teabaggers giving you publicity!

  4. I, too, hadn’t heard of this website until I heard about the DDoS attack. Thanks to the attacker, I have a feeling you’ll have many more people to share your message with.

    Some people just don’t understand the Streisand effect.

  5. wow! really well-done post!! I love reading this blog and no, “we will not sit down and shut up!!!” Screw them, they’re just sore losers, prejudice, bigoted extremists. Thanks so much for all you do!!!!

  6. @Douglas Christensen, Thank you very much. I do feel that the best way we all can show these people that they won’t win is by not just reading this blog, but by supporting all the progressive/liberal blogs and bloggers that work hard every single day.

  7. @Lori, Thank you very much for appreciating what we try to do around here. I would like to think that what happened to us was an extreme case, but these kind of attacks are becoming common, and most small bloggers aren’t able to combat them.

  8. @George W Sookiayak, Believe me, publicity was the last thing on my mind for the past 10 days, but it is a sweet form of poetic justice, that their actions may only serve to make this site bigger.

  9. @nswfm, The support we have gotten from the progressive community has been heartening and humbling. It is nice to know that we aren’t alone when these types of things occur.

  10. I had not heard of you until I read about the DDoS attack at the Alternet website. They have an excellent article on sedition. I believe the right have overstepped. We need to start calling these actions what they are – an attack on our government and our way of life.

  11. @Jean Muenchen, I agree. The suppression of information is the first step towards losing many of our freedoms, and as the Bush years demonstrated, personal liberties mean nothing to the extreme right.

  12. Yeah, this is SO real news that the only ones who have reported it are you, a known liberal site and a handful of bloggers. Total Google count? 15, down from 17 yesterday.

    I think you are trying to claim something that didn’t happen, in an attempt to make Conservatives look worse than they already are. There is plenty to blame them for without lying, and in doing so you destroy what credibility you have.

    And if you’re REALLY into free speech you will leave my post up, instead of doing that “conservative” tactic of deleting posts you don’t like.

  13. @Michael McIllewyn,

    Try to remember that you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

    One should always strive for accuracy.

  14. @Michael McIllewyn, I notice a growing number of comments being posted by right wingnuts on obviously liberal websites disagreeing with everything that’s reported on those blogs. So my question is – why are you on this site? You’re not going to convince anybody to “come over to the dark side”. In fact, the only thing you’re doing is making a progressive-liberals ideals even stronger and more concrete!
    You know – demeaning people is not a very effective way to get them to be sympathetic to your plight. You’re obviously a product of the American school system! Either that, or some religious home-school. Either way – go find a spot on the Drudge Report and leave us to our own devices

  15. Michael McIllewyn is absolutely right. Liberals are known liars and lack credibility. No conservative would ever, EVER resort to such a low-life tactic as to totally bomb you via internet or whatever the hell DDoS means. Conservatives have real ideas so we’ll win that way. We don’t need to do stupid bad things via the internets.

    Conservatives don’t threaten people because we don’t need to so stop pretending like we do or I’ll personally kick your ass, ass wipe!

  16. @srjones

    As I did Google searches for two days, several times throughout the day before posting, I believe that it is obvious that accuracy was what I was striving for. In fact, I had hoped to see that truth was being reported here but the fact that NO major news source reported this makes that possibility dubious at best. Since my original post, I notice the count has gone way up – convenient, huh, ESPECIALLY since it is STILL all blogs, no news centers.

    @WhoKnew42, I stated a fact, based on a Google search. It disgusts me that you call me a right wingnut, which I CERTAINLY am not, just because I disagree with dishonest reporting. What would you have me do, believe it is o.k. for the liberal side to do what the conservative side does all the time?

    Really, if you think I am on the right, you need to improve your reading skills. I do not write things between the lines, so quit reading what you expect to be there when it is not.

    I am NOT trying to “bring anyone over.” What a laughable opinion. I know better than to believe that anything I type will sway ANYONE from either “side” as all you idiots on BOTH “sides” like to put it.

    I’m the guy you all love to hate – a true centerist that wants to see all the lies and BS stop on both sides.

  17. @Conservative Heart, yeah, conservatives are just as full of it too. PARTICULARLY the extremists – who believe God told them to kill, God told them to cast stones (well, he did, but ONLY if you had no sin – something the Far Right are FULL of), and everything is o.k. as long as everything is controlled by a Republican.

    WRONG! the truth is, we are at our safest when there is a balance of power. When one party, EITHER party, controls both halves of Congress and the Presidency, we at in the greatest peril from our government. This was proven under Bush, and it would appear to be shaping up to be proven under Obama as well.

  18. @WhoKnew42, BTW,
    You make your second point here:
    You know – demeaning people is not a very effective way to get them to be sympathetic to your plight.

    Then immediately become a hypocrite here:
    You’re obviously a product of the American school system! Either that, or some religious home-school. Either way – go find a spot on the Drudge Report and leave us to our own devices.

    Try to keep up with at least what your own advice is.

    Drudge report is CRAP. I decided that with my first encounter. At least I gave it the benefit of the doubt – something no one here has done for me; just assuming I am something because I do not immediately agree with everything claimed. In that, you have EVERYTHING in common with the right-wingnut sites I have visited.

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