Glenn Beck Claims that God Wants People to Get a Damn Job

Glenn Beck Claims that God Wants People to Get a Damn Job
Beck goes all social Darwinist on the unemployed.

On his radio show today Glenn Beck pulled out scripture to once again make the claim that God is a right wing Republican. Beck and company quoted 2 Thessalonians 3:10, and said, “That is the problem with government welfare and everything else, get a damn job.” Beck claimed that there are plenty of jobs, but people don’t want to do them.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck and crew cited 2 Thessalonians 3:10 in the King James Version of the Bible, “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” Beck used this as a jumping off point to say, “That is the point. That is everybody’s problem with government handouts. Get a damn job. Now if there’s no jobs, I am there to help you out, but there’s nothing beneath anybody, no job beneath anybody, no job beneath anybody, there’s not, there’s not, and that’s a problem with humility and that leads to destruction. That is the answer. That is the problem with government welfare and everything else, get a damn job. If you’re not willing to work, then I am not willing to give it to you. The government is, and that’s the problem. That’s the difference between the government enslaving people and people giving charity.”

What Beck used here was some classic social Darwinist thinking. His first premise is that people are poor or unemployed because they don’t want to work, therefore the poor or unemployed and strictly to blame for their own circumstances. Glenn Beck feels free to lecture others that they should take any job as he sits in his comfy chair in his air conditioned studio making $30 million a years. Beck assumes that there are plenty of jobs, but people refuse to do them.

Beck also invoked the classic conservative mantra that government assistance corrupts the character of those who receive it. Beck and company oppose universal health care because it would lead to a corruption of the American work ethic. It is the myth that government assistance encourages people not to work, but the welfare reforms passed by the Republican led Congress and then president Bill Clinton place work requirements on welfare recipients, so Beck pulled out an old right wing wives tale that has no bearing on today.

In his classic work, The War Against The Poor, Herbert Ganz discussed the use of labels to stigmatize and stereotype the poor, and this is exactly what Beck did. In these current economic times, many people who have never needed assistance before are being labeled as irresponsible and deviant by Glenn Beck, simply because they lost their jobs. Beck’s claim that God opposes government aid is a theological smokescreen designed to make an extreme right wing ideology more palatable.

Glenn Beck ignored the fact that the government is obligated to protect the people that have empowered it. These protections extend to government assistance in hard times. Beck is trying to make the God versus government argument, but this is not a nation guided by the Bible. Our republic’s principles can be found in our Constitution, which was written to protect against the very same type of theocracy, which Glenn Beck dreams of establishing.

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  1. Leave it to Bleck to take on the evangelicals view point on this passage which his by all accounts wrong. Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians is about the second coming of Christ not actual work he is saying by respects to work is that those who believe (work) in the Christ will eat as in partake in the glory of heaven those who do not will not partake most reputable scholars of the Bible agree with this only nut jobs and crazies believe otherwise.

  2. What really disgusts me is people like Beck trotting out their social Darwinism stereotypes, from on HIGH. Someone like Beck has NO idea what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. He has NO idea what 600 a week buys a family of 4. He’s preaching something he has NO understanding of. And of course, Jesus would not approve of Beck’s utter lack of compassion.

    Beck should walk a mile in the shoes of the average American. Beck should come out from his gated community where he hides in fear from the rabble. He should work for 600 dollars a week, try to pay his mortgage, feed his kids, and save enough money to pay the 540 dollars into health insurance for the month. Then he should be laid off because some Republican clown offered his company tax breaks if they moved “operations” off-shore while their candidates wave the flag and lie about how the evil liberal elites didn’t care for the middle class.

    Then he should be forced to swallow his pride, go stand in line with the other millions of out of work Americans, and ask for the measly unemployment check he can get for a few months. Go home, look his kids in the eye, and chose between health insurance (Cobra at 650/month) or the mortgage.

    His self-righteous judgment of circumstances he has never been in and will never be in is appalling.

    “But for the grace of God, there go I.”

    Contrary to the Republicans’ belief system, most people take pride in working and WANT to work. Bad things DO happen to good people. God is not punishing them. This is just more blame the victim mentality that the party of a punishing and unforgiving God specializes in to justify their own greed. Because, of course, if the person out of work is BAD, then the people who are rich are GOOD, and God has rewarded them. Hence, the rich white man has been rewarded by God and can’t be questioned.

    This is, of course, the opposite of what the bible teaches. But that hasn’t stopped them yet.

  3. That quote is something that John said, which even in a literal translation is in complete contradiction to the words and teachings of Jesus. Remember, John also said that women needed to stay quite and that slaves needed to be good slaves. John is not the voice of God.

  4. “Glenn Beck ignored the fact that the government is obligated to protect the people that have empowered it.”
    This is where you lost me. I don’t know what you mean by “protect”. If by protect you mean protecting our security then I agree with you. But if you are using “protect” as a broad term to encompass every insecurity that Americans have then you are wrong.

    Barring physical security, who will do a better job of protecting you? The more power we give government to “protect” us, the more we take away the ability to protect ourselves. Give more power to the individual to fix his/her own problems rather than relying on big daddy government to fix the problems.

    “It is the myth that government assistance encourages people not to work, but the welfare reforms passed by the Republican led Congress and then president Bill Clinton place work requirements on welfare recipients, so Beck pulled out an old right wing wives tale that has no bearing on today.”

    I agree with you that Beck is a bit off his rocker by using religious scripture to scare people into accepting any job available, but you did not convince me that government assistance does not corrupt work ethic. If this were the case, why did the Republican Congress and Clinton need to pass work requirements on welfare recipients? Based on your logic, the government assistance of welfare would not in anyway affect their work to begin with…

  5. Jason Easley, please do some research before you claim facts. Read some economic literature on Welfare (AFDC/TANF, etc…) incentives and then try to tell me that gov’t assistance does not encourage not working.

    Also, to claim Beck is wrong by saying we as Americans feel certain jobs are beneath us is ludicrous. It’s in our nature to feel about many jobs that immigrants now often do.

    Also, if you are coming down on someone for interpreting the Bible in a way that you don’t, careful. If you are doing this then I also expect an article about how you don’t agree with Catholicism or the Pope or Lutherans or Mormons or any other interpretation of the Bible. You singling out one person is just as bad to me as what you claim Glen Beck is doing.

  6. This is appalling and so erroneous not just on a moral level, or a theological level, but on even a historical level.

    The problem with what Beck is saying is that poor people are poor simply because they refuse to work, ignoring the history or the circumstances beyond their financial situation.

    I personally do not believe in God not as an atheist, but I have a firm belief that people are fully capable of shouldering the responsibility of decision and fighting through the tides of circumstance to find purpose and joy in their lives. Not money, not possessions, not the state, not other people will give you purpose in your life, you must find it yourself.

    If you feel no purpose in your circumstance should you not have the freedom to try and change it? But what if the design and very nature of modern society puts that out of your reach? What if the state can do something to help? Is it not within your rights as a citizen, being subject to the constitution you are born into, to have the freedom to escape your place in the social structure?

    Yes, it of course it is. That’s where welfare comes in. We build around us a mechanism of exchange of our labors for money but that mechanism is corrupt and outright broken at times. It is not fair to those who are at the bottom by circumstance to be freely exploited by those at the top for no reason other than greed. To apologize for this maltreatment of our fellow man is insulting to the grandeur we are capable of as people.

    Our lives are not set in stone and there are things that are out of our control when we are born. Who ware born to, who are family is, where we are born are not our choice. The way the world today exists not because it was ordained by fate or machinations of nature or poor people being ‘lazy’, it exists because of traceable events that occur in the history of man. The dichotomy of rich and poor aren’t the decisions of those alive but the ripples of actions made by the fathers of our fathers.

    Political theory and philosophy is built on the crises and the endeavor of people to not just find meaning in life, but answering the question of meaning within the context of the state. If people are pigeonholed into a niche of despair and a joyless existence because of the state itself, and that state has the ability to ease some of the burden of circumstance it is necessitated to act and help lest it become a tyrannical rule.

    In the end, you can look at it cynically and just say give the poor some money from time to time to give them the illusion of help, or they will turn on the state and bring it crashing down. Thomas Hobbes said it best when he says “. . . that every man, ought to endeavour peace, as far as he has hope of obtaining it; and when he cannot obtain , that he may seek, and use, all helps and advantages of war.”

    When you remove that hope by exclaiming they’re poor because they refuse to play by the rules and in most cases its the rules that makes them poor you’ve got an uprising on your hands.

  7. @anon, There is absolutely no data that can conclusively prove that government assistance corrupts work ethic, because the concept of work ethic can not be empirically measured. What you are stating as fact is an ideological belief, which we both could debate until the end of time itself.

    I intentionally stayed away from the Biblical interpretation because this is a political blog not a theological one. I do however believe in the separation of church and state, and my personal faith does not view God or his teachings from the same perspective as Mr. Beck, but he and I and you too, are free to disagree, which is what makes America great.

  8. “the government is obligated to protect the people that have empowered it. These protections extend to government assistance in hard times.”

    Why just in hard times? Shouldn’t the government make sure that we are always protected no matter what the times? Maybe the country is doing well but I’m on hard times; shouldn’t the government pay my bills then as well? The pursuit of happiness is my constitutional right! I should have the food I want, the house I want, the car I want, the possessions that I want, and the job that I want. If that job or lack of one doesn’t take care of my wants then I can’t pursue my happiness and the government should assist me. It’s my constitutional right!

  9. Beck came from nothing. He didn’t start rich. He worked hard and became wealthy. Good for him. Leave it to closed minded individuals to bring the succesful down. I suppose you also agree the wealthy should be taxed more – even though they already carry the majority of the burden. Beck is spot on, if you encourage others to remain unemployed through entitlements, why would they work? Step outside your American progressive utopia and into the real world.

  10. I’m by no means a Glenn Beck fan. I sincerely feel he’s a lunatic. He is an alarmist and his arguments are very half-baked. However, if there is a God, I don’t see a problem with him or her wanting us to get damn jobs :)

  11. Dear mr Beck,

    Why on earth don’t you get a proper job?
    You are whinning like a nutjob
    It’s not very jobby to jab about other jobs
    But if you think you know it all
    Then i suggest you start yourself by getting a job you don’t want to do.

    Yours truly

  12. “First the gods make crazy those whom they wish to destroy” Unfortunately for Mr. Beck a significant component of his audience base shares the perverse cultural facination of watching and waiting for him to implode “on air”

  13. First the gods make crazy those whom they wish to destroy. Unfortunately for Mr. Beck a significant component of his audience base shares the perverse cultural facination of watching and waiting for him to implode “on air”

  14. Hi folkies,

    Glenn Beck is a prime example of how people who embrace fallacies as fact can be gainfully employed. I seem to be of the mind that does not wonder about Glenn Beck, as he is quite visibly a questionable being. What I do wonder about are those who create employment for people such as Glenn. And, of those who support his voice. Fox News falls under the same umbrella that protects and promotes a community of active deceivers. This source of folly displays to the public that delusion is a behaviour that appears to be quite contagious.

    best wishes.

  15. This post argues:
    “Glenn Beck ignored the fact that the government is obligated to protect the people that have empowered it. These protections extend to government assistance in hard times. Beck is trying to make the God versus government argument, but this is not a nation guided by the Bible. Our republic’s principles can be found in our Constitution, which was written to protect against the very same type of theocracy, which Glenn Beck dreams of establishing.”

    Wow, where does on start on how AMAZINGLY confused this mind-set is?

    * Lets talk facts: 2.27mil job openings @ April 2010: 14.9 million us citizens un-employed, & ~ 20mil illegal immigrants in the US.
    > So in order for the blog’s logic to be true- that people are lazy bums sucking off the tit of my tax dollar, there would need to be 15million new jobs available for those un-employed. Hrm… ok, so say only half of the 20mil illegals aren’t stealing American’s jobs, that would mean only 2million people, less than (.08%) of people would be un-employed in America…. hrm…

    * The blog argues that the constitution was written to protect against “theocracy” ROFL… apparently this fool never read it- the constitution was WRITTEN with direct guidance by God (according to those who wrote it- read their personal letters), text from the bible, direct footnotes from the bill of rights came from the bible. Nearly every writer of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, & Declaration was a Christian. Granted they did say, that people shouldn’t be discriminated against, for any reason, religious or otherwise- not sure what that has to do with their founders principles being based on the bible… Yada, yada… So lets just argue than for sake of argument, that at the time Christianity was a “big fad” so to speak and therefore all this was coincidence….

    Lets bring sheer obvious logic into the equation then; lets see, if you don’t have a job, what benefit does your existence bring to society? Why is it, that I (including collective I), must pay to take care of someone who doesn’t want to work? Not saying that a job should dictate who you are- but everyone has a duty to AT LEAST take care of themselves and their family, why should I take care of YOU! If I don’t want too?

    * Third problem with that paragraph; the Government is responsible to it’s people to give them welfare? Since when? I don’t recall that in the Constitution… hell, it’s not even an amendment post the original 10. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

    * Bottom line, until we fix the immigration issue, there will never be enough jobs for existing Citizens. Furthermore, the notion that a hand up, not hand out, is what i needed in America is impossible to refute, either by logic, historical perspective (welfare never works historically), or scientific study. People need to start taking personal responsibility for their life. How about, if you can’t find a job here in the US, YOU MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! I hear China’s hiring. People need to stop expecting things to be easy- life is difficult, we are only entitled to the pursuit of happiness, not “free-beer.”

    Owe, this world…

  16. @FreedomLover, … Real World… Your assumption that the rich carry the brunt of the tax burden is just that, an assumption. I suggest you check your tax history. It is much more complicated than you seem to think, with results that may amaze you. In short, the middle class ($44k-$80k… filing single or jointly), by the shear volume of the population, carries by far the largest share of the overall tax burden.

  17. Glen Beck is right,

    Having had to go to the welfare office myself and seeing the attitude of most is “giving my what I’m owed”. I too believe that most welfare recipients are lazy and want someone else to support them. There are jobs out there it is mostly a matter of what you are willing to accept for pay, benefits and working conditions. I have worked cleaning outhouses and as a menial unskilled laborer. Mostly what that taught me was that I needed to learn a skill that payed more and not wait for the next minimum wage increase that is always promptly followed by a cost of living increase. It is not governments place to protect and provide for you it is your personal responsibility to protect and provide for yourself and family. That is where family and then the church fit into charity. Get the government out of charity so you can choose who and what organizations receive your hard earned money not some bleeding heart liberal communist in Washington. Yes God is a capitalist and a right wing conservative.

  18. Please let me start by saying that I am not rich, but living paycheck to paycheck like many of you. I have exactly $56.42 in my account to last until next payday.

    While I do agree that bad things happen to good people, I would assert that this is the exception, not the norm. I truly believe that we are responsible for our own destiny.

    I will most certainly admit that we are all living in difficult times. The economy sucks, jobs are difficult to find, and people are loosing their homes left and right; however, I do feel that most of us have put ourselves into the state of woe we are in.

    When it comes to job loss, I do have sympathy. I think that shipping jobs overseas is wrong. This is not the responsibility of a single President of the United States, but the mistakes of multiple politicians. As a country, we must take care of our own people before we take care of others. Unfortunately, it is happening and the only option at this time it to go out and educate yourself and learn a new profession. Each year jobs disappear due to technology and other reasons. There is a good chance that next year it very well may be the profession you are in now. Change is inevitable.

    In America today, we are afforded the right to change our lives, IF we are willing to put forth the effort. I currently work full time and attend college full time. It is tough, but I put myself in this position when I opted to drop out of high school and have a child at the age of 15. I started my “career” working in a warehouse making minimum wage and have worked very hard to make it to where I am today. You want to know something? I have never accepted a single dime in welfare money and I certainly do not feel that I should pay for someone else that made the same mistakes I have made. I have struggled, suffered, and done without, but I have worked diligently to get myself out of the position I put MYSELF into.

    As far as the housing market issues, a mortgage broker informed me five years ago that I qualified for an adjustable rate mortgage (meaning the payment can go up in a moments notice) in the neighborhood of $400,000. I asked the broker if he had lost his mind. People, you must have some common sense. Stop trying to compete with the Jones. I do sympathize with those that have lost their homes due to job loss; however, I have no sympathy for anyone that bought out of their price range. We must be realistic. Stop trying to keep up with your neighbors. My tax dollars are now going to bail out the idiots that knew very well they couldn’t afford the home they were buying, the care they were driving, or the lifestyle they were trying to keep up with.

    And when it comes to health care, I do not feel that the government has the right to force a purchase down my throat. I have sat in the ER waiting room for hours on end waiting for medical attention for my family. Amazingly, the doctors always saw us. When I told them I could not afford insurance, they still accepted and treated our illness. Unfortunately, I put myself in that position. Again, I had dropped out of high school to be a mother at the age of 15. Why should society pay for my mistakes? I am asking each of you, if I paid for my mistakes, why must I pay for yours also?

    Do what is right for yourself and your family. Do not ask me to do it for you. That is just wrong and it is not the American way!

  19. @srjones,

    Amen. Could not have said it better. There will come a day real soon where people like Beck will come down off there high horse. Know matter what your social class, we all have something in common…its called Death! We will all die someday no matter how much money you have. So to all those rich people who think that the less fortunate are just bad people,if your so good, overcome death!

  20. @Jason Easley,

    Social security is a form of walfare and I don’t see anyone sending those checks back to the goverment. You have rich ass people who don’t need those checks, but do you see them sending them back? Hell no! It’s so easy for those who have gotten the opportunity to make a-lot of money in this country judge the people who did not have those same opportunity. Let’s see what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot. That’s why you see so many rich people kill themselves when they loose all there money, they can’t handle life without there riches.

  21. @demetri b.,

    Amen. Fox news and others who employee a person like Beck need to take a second look at what they are doing to our Country. Unfortunatley they don’t care because it’s all about ratings and money.

  22. @FreedomLover,

    Beck my not have started out rich, someone gave him opportunity along his path. I know it’s hard to believe but some people don’t get those same opportunity to gain wealth.

  23. @D, Let’s straighten out a small point, by program design Social Security is not a form of welfare. Workers pay into the system, but your other points are spot on. It seems to me that Social Security is taken for granted, as there were Tea Party people out there opposing the “socialism” of health care but they were not about to give up THEIR Social Security or Medicare.

  24. So… perhaps I am the slower student, but Beck’s comment was about people who COULD work, but DO NOT, and continue to receive government handouts.

    I don’t know what neighborhood/city your live in, but I see plenty of examples of this. I believe that everyone knows someone who COULD be working, but chooses not to…

    People who justify being on welfare because they can make more staying home than working a minimum wage job “flipping burgers”.

    I can’t go to the grocery store anymore without standing behind someone who has divided their purchases into two piles; the ones they are going to pay for with food stamps, and the beer/alcohol, etc. that they are going to spend their own money on.

    It is one thing to be starving and in need of life sustaining food stuffs. It is another to take advantage of the system, because “everyone else does”.

  25. Hey Mister Glen Beck! The Unemployed Did Not Choose To Be Unemployed You Idiot. Keep Your Religious Garbage To Yourself, You Narrow-Minded Moose Twit. You Are Delusional. The Bible Is Pure Fiction And The Bible (Evil) God Does Not Exist. There is Only One God. (The God Of Nature) And By The Way, I Am DEIST. Non-Homophobic, Gay Friendly And Open-Minded. Have You Got A Problem With That? Religion Is Poison To The Mind Don’t You Know!

  26. Good for you FreedomLover! Honestly, I find it hard to understand the Liberal Mentality. At what point would you like the government to wipe your ass for you?

  27. Every time I have to read a comment like yours, I wonder why the government doesn’t make it up to me “by wiping my ass” Welfare indeed.

  28. Here’s an idea for you.

    Try being on public assistance for a while. Then perhaps you may have some room to talk.

  29. Honestly? Really? I mean, your serious? The actual government figures are that the top 20% (approx. 60 million citizens) pay 69.3% of our nations income taxes-with 200 BILLION $’S collected every month (when the number is spread out across the 12 months), this figure easily tops 1 TRILLION $’S.

    The middle 60% (approx. 180 million citizens) pay 29.7% of the Nation’s income taxes. The bottom 20% pay .8% of the Nation’s income taxes.
    Also, Top 50% pay on average per household $33,048, paying 97.30% of the overall federal income tax.

    The bottom 1% actually made money off of this system.
    This is OBVIOUSLY and of COURSE a fair system, right?

    My sources are:,, and the liberal news corporation CNN, . Please enjoy doing your research–I find Google to be a most successful business (the founders don’t even have a salary; and yet they make $250,000 a year just based off of their stock–the guys started in college, they had an idea that worked, and thats why they are where they are today) and also a most useful tool for conducting scholarly research :)

  30. Please enjoy doing your research–I find Google to be a most successful business (the founders don’t even have a salary; and yet they make $250,000 a year just based off of their stock–the guys started in college, they had an idea that worked, and thats why they are where they are today) and also a most useful tool for conducting scholarly research :)

  31. I could have said it more scholarly-like.
    Perhaps this scenario would be more suitable. Please excuse my vulgarity :)
    “Diapsalmata or Personal Refrains

    I believe in Life. I believe in the ability to choose what I wish to do within the confines of a very loosely laid out plan. I believe this plan is like, here’s your birth and here’s your death, and if you wish to believe in it, here’s life afterwards. This plan is laid out on a blueprint of sorts, and the creator of it has given me a sketching pencil, saying, “Here son. See that place between the ending and the beginning, the revelation and the genesis, the rising action and the denouement? That’s yours-design it as you wish. It’s a road map of sorts-keep within its confines and no ill can befall you.”

    I believe in Independence. I believe in the inherent lack of parasitic living upon another being that has been granted me through the gift of this sketching pencil. I believe that with this pencil, I can live Life in my own way. Due to this Independence that I grasp onto with an iron grip, I believe I have the ability to take on anything. I believe that I have infinite ability to learn, an exponential deficit in talents that can be polished or garnered through appropriate training, and an unusual desire to profit off of these abilities while improving the overall condition of humanity. This Independence is mine and I will not let anything take it away. Therefore, I believe in abstaining from drugs and alcohol for the reasons 1. I am such an independent creature that my sanity would be seriously tried if I found myself to be dependent upon a substance; 2. Substances really are great, but they only give one a glimpse of Paradise Lost. I believe in keeping the fruits of my labor. I believe that “I am, and therefore I will think.” I believe that this Independent Life is MINE and no one can take it away from me without MY permission. One final statement on Independence that I believe in and practice is “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man nor ask another man to live for mine.”

    I’m only human. I make mistakes. I screw up. Which makes me ask myself, “Is it better to be a pusillanimous bit of swine and flee from my errors?” And, of course, the answer is no. I believe in Responsibility, the owning up for my erratum, the keeping of the only thing men can judge me by, my word, and the carrying out of the roles I promise to take on. I believe in Responsibility’s brother-at-arms, Diligence, and his father, Self-Discipline. I believe in “God, Country, Family, and then Self”.

    I believe in honesty, humility, and discernment-I have an immediate admiration for anything and anyone who displays any of these characteristics. Above all else, I believe in family. I love my sisters and cousins more than anything else and I would do anything for them.”

    I hope that that is better. I am saying essentially the same thing–haha, it is quite like in “The Life of Pi” wherein Pi Patel is addressing the shipping company’s agents and asking them which story/statement of his reality they like better.
    So, do you prefer the short version or the long version?

  32. Yes, that is better. I take issue, however, with your blanket condemnation and assumption of unshared values with half of the population. I realize they tell you all that we are evil, vile human beings who want to live off of the government, but in point of truth, statistics show that liberals have a higher sense of personal responsibility than conservatives. Now, I grant you, we don’t agree on major issues, but I see no reason to demonize people you have never met, nor demean them by assuming incorrectly that they are looking for handouts. In truth, red states live off of the welfare of blue states, which suggests that not only are the fiscal policies poor in red states, but also that the supposed “independence” and “self-sufficiency” of red state conservatives is nothing but a myth and frankly, I get tired of being talked down to by people who are taking my taxes to live off of. Cheers and thanks for upping your game.

  33. So basically you have no problem with gay marriage as you can live your life the way you want.

    And that was a much nicer post. Great copy and paste

  34. Sounds like the founders of this Most Glorious Nation, right? Public record demonstrates that they were comprised of “28 Episcopalians, 8 Presbyterians, 7 Congregationalists, 2 Lutherans, 2 Dutch Reformed, 2 Methodists, 2 Roman Catholics, 3 deists, and 1 unknown”. Clearly, they agree with you. I agree with Kierkegaard that I will always have the laughter on my side. Isn’t Deism a religion? What are you, a Starburst?

    Have you ever met the individual? If you were so open-minded, would you seriously be posting a rant? And honestly you can find the conclusions that he has arrived at through a religious text if you could just find it possible to see through your hatred and use your common sense. Does it not make sense that if someone does not use the talents given to them by “the God of Nature” to attempt to support themselves that they will not eat? The snake was given poison to kill and the plants chlorophyll to grow their own food–if they did not use these abilities, wouldn’t they die? Or would “God” keep them on life support because they made the individual and by free will choice to do so?

    I had my own business digging ditches way long ago when I was ten years old–whats to prevent a perfectly healthy 35-year-old man, for example, of doing the same to support his family?

    I agree with Socrates that a course of constant inquiry wherein one uses their mind and not emotion will allow multiple parties to arrive at useful conclusions :)

  35. haha, I wrote that. Frankly, that is the individual’s choice–live together if you so wish, but please do not force me to observe your individual choice. I will respect it, but one cannot force another to accept that decision, for that would be impinging upon the other parties individual choice. A law would do just that. The same applies to both heterosexual and homosexual couples–I will respect your choice, but don’t make me publicly observe it.

  36. No one forces you to do anything according to you. However, It appears that others cannot live the same life you do. Best of luck with your being the only person that can live their life your way.

    I am not gay, but I cannot imagine oppressing people who are out of my own fears

  37. I am a little confused by your response–no offense, but it seems slightly mixed on your stance. Could you please quote my blanket statement? What is personal responsibility? I have nothing to prove, but I will correct this one assumption–I come from a Blue Dog State, the one that has the largest Welfare system, the one who has the majority of its deficit resulting from said system. This state makes the worlds food. This state has more self-made billionaires than any other. That which is quotable and reliable fact is not a myth. Myths are somewhat like parable’s–i do not think that from this Socratic Dialougue that either of us has learned a moral.
    I have nothing against helping the poor and indisposed–what I am against is a vast government doing so. There are huge networks of charities within this country that have the same capability of helping the misfortunate as that of the government.
    The primary difference is this–the funds used by the government for this purpose are collected by force whilst those used by charitable organizations are collected through donations, through individual choice.

  38. it is said, or so I’ve heard, in religious circles that the bible in its entirety is the “voice of God”. Perhaps that’s a matter of belief-what do I know?

  39. But yes, that is the definition of individuality! It is unique, does not assimilate, and defines the person.

    Who is being oppressed? Tell me, and I will make it my own personal issue.

  40. Are not gay people oppressed when as citizens they do not have the right to marry who they wish? They are no more nor no less a citizen

  41. Oh, some suggested reading on this subject. Jean Jacques-Rousseau’s “The Social Contract” is VERY enlightening on this subject of personal choice.

  42. But that is where I am often left confused. Does one have to be married to be haoppytogether?
    Some heterosexualfriends of mine are unmarrried and do so. A lesbian couplethat i work for digging ditches are unmarried. They are all as happy as anyoneelse. They have their life, their liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.

  43. Tonight, any number of people have written in here congratulating themselves on their cleverness in being lucky and mocking others for being less lucky. To them I say: Luck is like a rattlesnake. It can turn any time, and I have seen the marks of its fangs in many a formerly plush ass. Cavete viperam, and don’t tempt fate.

  44. You still take marriage away from those who wish it.

    U site a few examples, there are millions more who want the right.

    I am not married and I am happy too. But I have the right to get married

  45. Sir/Madaam, have you read the Constitution? I have a pocket sized edition that I read once a month to remind myself of what the Constitution does and does not say. The so-called “right to marriage” that you reference is non-existant. This is then, therefore, left to the states and the individual state’s citizens to decide under Amendment 10, which reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Amendment 9 CAN be construed to the extent that marriage is a right, for it states “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” Frankly, though, the rights referred to are typically the natural rights which include life, liberty, and property, or the right to pursue happiness. Therefore, this is a matter that is left to the individual states to decide. The People of California, as an example, have decided multiple times to define the religious ceremony of marriage by their respective beliefs, which typically constitute that between a man and a woman–that was the people of that state’s choice at the voting stations. Other states have voted otherwise.
    Now, if this is a matter that bothers you sufficiently, (if you are a citizen of the United States), you can do something about it. Become an elected official, start a petition, join a Gay Coalition or Interest Group, etc. That is your individual choice to do. But, the one thing you or any other person cannot make me do is this–accept it, tell you what you want to hear, that it is alright within my acceptance of what reality constitutes and that you have every right to make me agree with your choices.

    Now, as for oppression. A definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power”. The supposed “denial” of a right that does not Constitutionally exist is neither “unjust” nor “cruel” exercise of authority or power. Have you traveled to foreign nations? If you have, I applaud you; I find that when I do, I find myself thanking the Lord that I am an American, a Citizen of the United States of America. China is one such country I’ve traveled to–now there is oppression. Egypt–that’s oppression. The U.S.? That is not oppression. Frankly, then, it comes down to this–Gay Rights groups are looking for people to force people to accept their individual choice. Do so–it is their right to try. But remember whose rights you are then treading upon.

  46. Lucky? HA! I’ve worked hard to get where I am. Ha, I still am a ditch digger, but one who is self-educated in the ways of government.

  47. Something does not have to be in the constitution to be a right. You have the right to drive if you meet the qualifications. Yet its not in the constitution. If you went by the constitution for a pure definition of the rights you are granted in todays America, you would tear it up at the earliest opportunity. First of all, you would have to remove marriage altogether. it is a right that is granted by the state and federal government and according to your logic is unconstitutional as it is not in the Constitution.

    Oppression takes many forms. Giving a right to one segment of the population and withholding to others in the same population is oppression in my opinion

    whether or not you accept gay marriage has nothing to do with anything. You do not have to accept it. you do not have to take part in it. in fact it is really absolutely none of your business if two gay people get married anymore than it is their business if 2 heterosexuals get married. gay-rights people are not trying to force people to is up their individual choice. this is a right wing attempt at justifying not granting the same rights to gays. Gay people just want to be free to exercise their freedoms the same way that heterosexuals do. And no one is treading on your rights if two gay people get married.

    Your arguments are not valid. again oppression can be as large as a nation as you pointed out and it can be as small as one person’s rights and freedoms been removed from him. Your rights to accept gay-rights or gay marriage is not being impinged on. you do not have to believe or agree. Many people do not believe that black people have the same rights as whites, but they have to live under the same laws.

    BTW, I am not a sir, I reserve that name for my father. I am a male, and I am not gay.

  48. Caboose,

    You are rather ignorant if you have to carry around a copy of the Constitution and read it once a month to remind yourself of its contents. Perhaps you could raise your ditch-digger status if you sought help with your reading skills and memory problems. Or, you could just be a troll who decided to post on a blog you just found and for whatever reason, chose a thread that is almost one year old.

    In the alternative, since Beckanoia has been absent from work for two days, you could be the actual Beckanoia who is drunk/stoned/whatever.

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