Weekly Round Up of Republican Wing Nut Circus April 10, 2010

Weekly Round Up of Wing Nut Circus

It’s hard to keep up with the Republicans these days. They’re a regular three-ring circus being lead around by leaders like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck — two out of three of whom we know didn’t finish college. We haven’t seen Palin’s degree from the 5th or 6th college she attended, but recklessly, we are taking her word that she graduated. Personally, I’m still waiting to see her high school diploma, but that’s just me. At any rate, with leaders like this, it’s no wonder that the Republicans are going down in flames.

Last week we started off with the embers of Bondage Gate still burning a hole in the party’s family values cred (what’s left of it). Bondage Gate was ushered in by the party’s token African American, Michael Steele, who is apparently more than happy to play the race card against his own party in order to keep his job, which he cheerfully did on the tee-vee this week as he announced that the standards were different for him. I guess spending donations at Bondage Clubs is ok if the old white dudes do it. So much for meritocracy.

Gibbs had a deliciously un-Democratic reply to Steele’s assertion that both the President and he shared a burden due to race, “I think that it is a very silly comment to make. I think Michael Steele’s problem isn’t the race card, it’s the credit card.”

This debacle was quickly eclipsed by Virginia Gov McDonnell declaring that he was reinstating the great celebration of the Confederacy, much to the national chagrin of those Americans who possess an actual heart. Lame protestations that the confederacy had nothing to do with slavery notwithstanding, McDonnell failed in his mission to pander to the angry white folks of his state, since he was forced to admit an apology and you know how bullies feel about “apologists”.

The biggest amusement came when George Stephanopoulos thought it prudent to quiz President Obama using the Politifact “Liar of the Year Award’s” criticism of his nuclear weapons usage policy. Yes, George thought the President should respond to Sarah Palin’s criticisms regarding our nuclear policy.

As if you didn’t know this, End-Times lover Sarah thinks we need ’em, any and all of ’em. Death and destruction will only bring the Rapture sooner, so bring ’em on! Naturally the Summa Cum Laude Harvard Law graduate who receives daily briefs from people who kinda know something about this stuff should respond to Sarah as if her jingoistic and incorrect criticism were worthy of response.

George failed to note that Sarah inaccurately based part of her criticism of Obama’s anti-nuclear START treaty on The Gipper, who of course, was pro reduction of nuclear arms. Reagan said, “Our dream is to see the day when nuclear weapons will be banished from the face of the Earth.” He said this over 150 times, so it’s pretty hard to understand how both Sarah Palin and George Stephanopoulos became so misinformed about Reagan’s policies.

People who strongly approve of Obama’s nuclear treaty efforts: Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (MA), Sen. Richard Lugar (IN), Former Republican Secretaries of State George Shultz and Henry Kissinger, former Democratic Secretary of Defense William Perry, and former Democratic Senator Sam Nunn, Former Secretary of State James Baker and yes, even Sen. John McCain (AZ) (before Obama implemented this though, so if you ask him now, he will probably say it is the worst thing ever and then hide behind Sarah’s skirts).

And to quote Tmf945, commenter on HuffPo, ” Once again we find Palin snorting around the media outlets like a truffle pig in search of the juicy fungus of persecution.” Ah yes. But was it her Wine and Spirits appearance or her Southern Republican Leadership Conference appearance which most offended? That’s a toss up.

Palin bored and offended at the Wine and Spirit conference, and then made a rousing speech at the SRLC to her own people wherein she took jabs at Obama as a “community organizer” who doesn’t know anything about nuk-u-lear weapons. She also, too proudly displayed her hand as the “poor man’s teleprompter”, because, you know, reading off of your hand during an interview is the same thing as reading a teleprompter during a 20 minute speech. Er…yeah. Sigh.

Let’s not forget the gathering of Bachmann and Palin, during which Palin bashed men for not being good at much, noting that the Tea Party was comprised of more women than men. She just goes where the money is. Apparently this brain trust of paranoiacs told Hannity they’d love a 2012 run, which prompted me to urge my friends and family to slap this on their car: “Palin/Bachmann 2012: Because Ideas Don’t Matter”. Please join us. It’s the least you can do for your country.

I have to admit that when I first heard SRLC, I thought the Republicans were finally admitting that they were a regional party. However, Newt’s opening to this festival of freaks quickly dashed all hopes that reality was successfully inserting itself into the modern day Republican party disaster, as he ridiculed Obama’s “socialist” and “secular” direction. Yes, some of you may be scratching your heads, but apparently now this is a Christian nation founded on God and the bible, not separation of Church and State. So, secular is bad.

The SRLC is taking place in New Orleans and as of yet I have heard no mention of Katrina (please correct me if I fell asleep and missed Jindal’s rousing cry to help the people). Katrina, the Republican Epic Incompetence Disaster, is best left ignored by the responsible party, never mind that Amnesty International just charged America of being guilty of human right’s violations during Katrina.

But of course, Jesus would approve. After all, if you can’t fight off a Hurricane and flood by yourself, what kind of person are you? God hates whiners.

Rush still wants America to fail and Beck is still getting paid millions to pretend he’s a crazy Christian (even though he’s a Mormon).

Palin is still making “jokes” about shooting and targets and decrying all responsibility for inciting violence against citizens and lawmakers. She thinks it’s cute, but what do you expect from the bitter woman who specializes in getting others to do her dirty work?

Oh, and Fox was busted for airing Acorn footage which had been edited to change the perception of what really occurred. They haven’t apologized; rather, they are still busy determining just what part of reality they can make a buck for acknowledging and how to spin/sell it to advance their agenda.

I’m sure today will bring more tomfoolery and that I left tons out. Feel free to remind me in the comments.

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  1. @Lori,
    Thanks, Lori:-)

    In spite of their rather heroic efforts (and Roxie Hart would be impressed) to razzle dazzle distract us from their internal implosion, we’re keepin’ our eye on the ball.

  2. @srjones, :-) I meant to say “you are” spot on, not “you spot on…” OMG, my fingers are way too fast!! LOL

  3. Is anyone else amazed at the double standard employed by the republican party? Just a few short years ago, the Dixie Chicks were branded as “Unamerican” and even “Treasonous” because one of their members had the sheer gall to say that they were ashamed to be from Texas. Their concerts were cancelled, their album sales tanked. Now, of course, Rush hopes the President will fail, Beck accuses the President of being a racist, Hannity calls the President socialist, and Boortz suggests to small business owners that if they need to lay somebody off, it really ought to be an Obama voter. Are these bigots painted with the same brush they gave the Dixie Chicks? No, instead these ‘hatriots’ are rewarded with millions of dollars in speaking fees, and salaries to continue to push their borderline seditious vomit.

    End of early-morning rant.

  4. Bad Wolf you are so right. The amount of hatred being broadcast 24/7 on cable news is frightening, dangerous and seems criminal. I wish we could boycott all the sponsors who insist on giving air time to these racists entertainers, politicians and groups. What has the media driven America to? What happened to our country? This is not free speech. This is hate speech. As far as George Stephanopoulis is concerned, he has no journalistic credibility anymore. I have been disturbed with him every since the Democratic debates in 2008. I find it interesting how quiet he is about the real domestic terrorism around the country right now. George is a joke! The Republicans have never been about the people. They are about big business only. Beck makes 32 million a year. Rush is filthy rich too. Sarah is trying to catch up with them and the media is going to help her get there. She’s a quitter and an opportunist who is power hungry and dangerous. She gives women a bad name. At least Hillary paid major dues, works like hell, is tough for real, is smart as hell and worldly while being a good mom and loyal wife and an extraordinary leader of women world wide. She is capable of any man’s job. No one talks about Hillary as she does real work for this country. Thank you S Jones for this blog. I find your writing amusing, refreshing and hopeful, especially after watching a few hours of the so-called news.

  5. Just as a mild snark, every time I read “Wine and Spirit Conference” in connection to Quitter Palin’ something in my head translates it into “Whine and Spit Conference”. I don’t know why….

  6. @Bad Wolf,

    Oh, I can’t tell you how hard it was to resist the title I wanted:

    “Palin Whines and Spirits Don’t Care”

    Alas, titles are supposed to make sense, or so I am told by the editor here at Poltiicususa. Sigh.

  7. @F Joy,

    You’ve inspired to me to keep on, during an especially tough week.

    Thank you:-)

    Oh, you should come on over to GOPClownShow.com sometime (on sidebar)

  8. @Bad Wolf,

    Excellent rant. Um, the answer to your question is yes. I am appalled by the hypocrisy. We went from artistic censorship to outright sedition, and they’ve branded both “patriotic” depending on whether they won the election or not.

    What this means is that they stand for NOTHING.

    You can not tout values like “stand by your president, we are at war!” and then turn around and crate anarchy when the other party wins and maintain respect of an informed public.

    Which is why they work so hard to keep the public uninformed.

  9. yup yup– I think you got em all for this week and there will no doubt be a whole new crop for next week’s circus– fabulous work on your part. The scariest part is not the ignorance, but the anger and the fact that these folks carry guns

  10. All major media outlets are owned by a handful of corporations. Without obvious editing fraud, there is still fraud as far as misleading and omitting goes.

    I want to humbly say that as long as I can remember, I’ve been a staunch liberal. This changed when I started listening to Ron Paul after a fellow liberal introduced him to me.

    Once I realized that to be partisan, in my opinion, is to have your ego rooted in your party like it’s some sort of team (not, intended, of course) I began to see the bigger picture. That the differences aren’t always but more often than not, superficial. The disregard for civil liberties is the same, the inflationary monetary policy of discreetly transferring wealth from the poor to the rich through stimulus, inflationary spending, is the same. The foreign policy, whether it be Pakistan, Iraq, or Iran, is the same, with chicken hawks on both sides squawking for over 600 military bases all over the world and following an unsustainable, immoral, illogical stance on defense. Both Obama and Bush, along with McCain and Palin, all support NAFTA, the Federal Reserve, the Patriot Act. They support the companies who now have a legal monopoly over our health with customers being forced to pay for a service. They all vote to receive raises and selling out our rights and financial stability to globalist, collectivist thinking.

    This comes from someone who voted for Kerry and actively, passionately and publicly advocated liberal ideas. When Bush was in office, I could hardly believe, let alone stand, the fact that this imbecile, silly clown could win let alone be reelected. I ached and agonized over the fact that my country is being pillaged by this phony. He did what Obama is doing now, fooling their base into thinking he is a real liberal or conservative.

    I, along with many, many others are seeing through this clout and are increasingly becoming disillusioned by this two party monopoly, this sideshow, fake circus of phonies and scumbags.

    The reason our economy is in shambles is because of the insane amount of spending and inflationary tactics of the central bank and our imperialist, make-believe foreign policy of ‘democracy’.

    No, there is no fundamental difference, at least not when either party is in power.

    I’m tired of listening to this bias and daisy covered lenses. Obama does not care about any of you. I’m tired of seeing Obama’s arrogant, smug, high horse face. Please get off your ponies and wake up. Open your brains really wide and learn something. Start with learning about the federal reserve and bills that are being written and passed that are increasingly stripping us of our freedoms and liberties.

  11. @Giovanni,

    I’ll give credit where credit is due, and I salute you for articulating your opinion without slurs (save “Obama’s arrogant, smug, high horse face” — a phrase that made me see tea bags).

    What would be much more interesting is if you could post examples of bills you are referring to, so that we can debate the issues.

    I agree that there is a sense of “team” in politics which makes it feel more like sport sometimes, but I have to note that liberals do not play “team sport” like the conservatives do, and that’s just inherent in the differences of the party’s belief systems.

    Republicans tout a strict father style of governing, maintaining the patriarchal, authoritarian dictatorship that keeps them in power and Democrats tout a democratic, debate style of governing which often causes their inability to get into lockstep with one another long enough to accomplish anything. Thank goodness Obama, Pelosi and Reed were able to bring cohesion to the party long enough to get healthcare reform passed.

    There are differences –important differences– in the parties, especially over the last ten years. The Republicans have been coopted by the evangelical domionionsts who actively seek to turn America into a theocracy. Furthermore, the Republicans run on culturally divisive issues that they actually do not stand for.

    The argument that both parties are the same is a lazy argument, one that the media desperately wants you to believe, and it fails under examination.

    It actually does matter who is in power. You will not see Plamegate, WMD lie, deregulation gone wild, OCC taking over state’s rights, etc under Obama. No one is perfect, but to try to equivocate anything he’s done with the previous four examples would simply be desperately inaccurate. You don’t like his policies? That’s not the same thing as violating Americans’ rights over and over and over again. Disagreement does not mean both sides are equal.

    Your support of Ron Paul is the more admirable choice among the options on the conservative end of things. He does at least stand by most of what he claims he stands for.

    I disagree with you that Obama is smug and arrogant, and those talking points seem right in line with the Tea Party’s racist attacks on the President.

    I’m not accusing you of being a racist at all, please don’t misunderstand me. Many people repeat those things not understanding their origins. But as someone who has lived all over this country, I had the opportunity to witness the Southern Republican attitude toward African Americans — and those words describe it to a t.

    I urge you to stick to your policy complaints against Obama and would welcome a debate about them here. Cite examples of the bills that are being passed that are stripping us of our freedoms, and please include the list under Bush that must have upset you terribly, so that we can compare and contrast.

  12. @Roberta,

    Yes, they carry guns and many of them are unhinged. The Republican leaders have a responsibility to address the least mentally well among their constituents (there are apparently a lot of them), not the most stable, especially right now.

  13. srjones your reply is to govanni is spot on. President Obama really is for the people. The trouble is the fight he has is with not only every single republican against him, but DINOs as well. If he had his way we would have medicare for all. Corporations would not get away with paying 0 income tax to the USA, and so much more. America would be so much better off if American’s would work with him. Corporations have taken over us and they don’t want to give up they want everyone else either dead or destitute. Corporations are behind the crazy “Christians” too. The goal of NAR, Seven Mountains Mandate is clearly stated to take over every sector, displace and plunder the wealth of anyone who won’t join them. It’s a huge battle they have millions of people fooled that they are on the side of God and everyone else is evil. The sad part is there are a lot of them in the public eye already, Palin, Bauchmann, DeMint, Warren, Perry, and many more. We need more people to support and trust this President, he can’t do it all or please everyone, but until he proves otherwise he is doing the best he can against the powers that be.

    I can’t stand $arah Palin, she been on a non-stop hate fest, she just manifests evil.

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