Barack Obama and his MOJO Are Back on the Upswing

Barack Obama and his MOJO Are Back on the Upswing
The Unstoppable Barack Obama

President Obama is exercising his mojo and is on the move. For a little more than a year now, Obama has been criticized by America for doing nothing. The left says he’s not doing enough and has compromised too much. The right says he has taken over America on one hand with too much government control and power while on the other hand, claiming he is too weak to do anything, but Obama keeps moving forward.

Obama has accomplished in less than a year and a half into his presidency, actual historic policy changes. The landmark healthcare bill that the GOP assumed they had finally stopped with the election of the GOP golden boy, Massachusetts Republican senator and former centerfold, Scott Brown. Brown recently filled Ted Kennedy’s seat and ended the Democratic majority in the US senate.

Well, the GOP was wrong and they underestimated Obama again. He did what he had to do. Health Care Reform had eluded decades of previous administrations. Since the GOP couldn’t stop or destroy Obama, they’ve made healthcare reform their campaign mantra by using their control of the main media streams to denounce it. So Obama, as usual, received about a moment of glory for his historic accomplishment that millions of children, women, college students, the elderly, small businesses and those with pre-existing conditions in the America will benefit from.

Soon after that landmark legislation was completed, Obama made a surprise secret trip to Afghanistan to talk with President Karzai and show his support for the American troops. On the job front, job loss has leveled off and the economy that had fallen off the cliff is recovering. This President has been criticized for taking on too much, but all these issues have been pressing and Obama has been willing and able to press on.

Recently, President Obama and Medvedev of Russia signed a new and also historic Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty in Prague. The old one had expired and a new one needed to be established. Barack Obama has always made it clear how he feels about nuclear weapons and the 21st century. Contrary to popular opinion, after all he did receive the Nobel Peace Prize for a reason. It does reduce both world powers’ nuclear weapons. This is part of a greater strategy. How can we continue to expect other nations to be conscious without making adjustments ourselves? With this move, Obama continues to push for sanctions against Iran.

There’s more than enough nuclear power to continue to protect the US if need be. The goal is more to unite more of the world against Iran or other countries like North Korea who are determined to be rogues in the field of nuclear proliferation. So after another few moments of historic glory for our new President, the GOP once again begin their never ending attack on Barack Obama, with all the media networks willing to give them more than enough air time to spread their lies, denouncements and fabrications. How do we count the ways?

Let’s start with Newt Gingrich. Newt says he’s the most radical President the United States has ever had. Really? The so-called Tea Party calls him Hitler. The tea party may have some legitimate anger but most of it is leading to dangerous and extreme racial hatred. Liz Cheney says he apologizes and appeases to other countries. By the time Bush and Cheney left office, America was seen in a very negative light worldwide. Obama is simply cleaning up their mess internationally. Sarah Barracuda and “media darling” implies he’s a kid on the playground who turns the other cheek.

You know how the media reports on everything Palin says as if her fabrications, attacks and rantings have some actual relevance to real governing and policy. Her wicked one liners only stoke the hatred of the extreme right. The media actually let her get away with marking a US map with rifle crossbars calling on the so called conservatives to target and reload on all Dems who supported the Health Care Reform Law. So according to the GOP, is President Obama a powerful monster or a gentle Savior? Which is it going to be? What is the GOP selling? They’re selling fear of Obama at all costs.

And let’s look at the left wing liberals. Their biggest claim is that he has not been liberal enough even though it is quite clear that the Good Ole Boys in the Senate on both sides of the aisle have devised everything in their power to try to stop every policy that Obama tries to get through the congress even when it’s their own ideas. So instead of establishing a united front to support the Democratic agenda, most Dems sit quietly while the GOP run wild with false claims and misleading information. The GOP continues to win the media message with the huge support of all the major networks. Their base is fired up and the Dems are not. The Dems are too concerned about losing their positions.

That fact is understandable but they were elected to serve the people and that should be the primary focus, not themselves. For the left, he has secured Health Care Reform into law, he’s pushing to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, he’s helped on mortgages for American homeowners, college loans, a job’s bill for the unemployed, appointed an extremely qualified Latina female to the Supreme Court, emergency aid for the Haiti earthquake disaster, the credit card accountability act, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and lot’s more. It took a united front to get the Healthcare Bill into Law. Let’s come together to get the rest of the work done.

He also met recently with the Black Caucus to address the African American community who has the single highest level of unemployment in the United States.

Next on Obama’s agenda is making his 2nd appointment to the Supreme Court with the recently announced retirement of the honorable John Paul Stevens who led the charge for the liberal unit of the Supreme Court. His shoes will be very hard to fill. The Republicans are already attacking Obama before he even announces a name for the appointment. They are against whoever that choice may be. So here comes the next major battle against the President …… the next Supreme Court Judge appointment.

And still he takes time to personally call the union head representing the 29 West Virginia coal miners who tragically lost their lives recently to see what this administration can do to prevent another tragedy such as this one from happening again.

President Obama is not afraid to tackle and address the big issues that face America. He has to make some compromises because he is the President of the United States of America and not just the liberal wing. The Democratic Party must unite and get energized behind our President so we can then accomplish more changes and progress for the benefit of this nation.

5 Replies to “Barack Obama and his MOJO Are Back on the Upswing”

  1. Obama is and was a corporatist tool. He never stumped for single payer OR public option, when it could have made all the difference if he had. He promised things he has not delivered on, or even tried.

    The health care industry won.

    The people who caused the financial meltdown are still in control.

    Wall Street won.

    We are still embroiled in 2 wars.

    The military-industrial complex won.

    The people lose again. Socialist? Don’t make me laugh.

  2. @sliderossian,
    Thanks for your comment but I must disagree. Obama never promised single payer or the public option. He preferred it, but he saw that it wasn’t realistic as a start. We can still get there, but a foundation can now be built upon. The financial meltdown is currently stable. He prevented a depression which is also a start. One war is drawing down and there’s an out time frame on the other. There has to be troops near the Pakistan border to protect nuclear arms from getting in the hands of terrorists. And I’m sure there’s more complexity involved but there’s no intention to keep 100,000 troops in Afghanistan. We are lucky to have Obama. This is a highly transformational time period that a strong leader with vision can guide us through. Obama is steady yet patient and things are changing. It’s been a little over a year to transform decades of institutions that have grown increasingly away from main stream Americans.

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