Palin’s Latest Scandal: Bendy Straws, Lear Jets and Shredded Documents

Palin's Latest Scandal
Palin's Latest Scandal

When Palin quit as governor of Alaska mid-term, she placed the blame on those “political operatives” who had filed ethics charges against her, claiming that they had crippled her administration and driven her into financial straights, forcing her to step down as Governor. She made quite a case for herself as the Martyr of the Right, even if her claims were empirically false. The Right doesn’t let facts get in the way of their false narrative heroes.

Palin’s final parting shot of untruth as governor, “Be wary of accepting government largesse,” was ironic coming from a woman who had a record of getting the most ear marks per capita for her tiny town of Wasilla and who accepted the money for the Bridge to Nowhere while later claiming to be against it (the bridge was never built). But the facts be damned, those evil “political operatives” took her down! Hearts bled at Conservatives for Palin and the money flowed into her Alaska Fund Trust for the poor, financially-strapped gal from Alaska.

But last night, Keith Olbermann disclosed the amount of Palin’s paycheck since she quit as governor and according to an ABC report, it totals the pretty sum of 12 million dollars in nine months.

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It kinda looks like she quit to line her pockets. I guess her followers didn’t need to feed their children canned soup for dinner so they could send Palin some money. Too late now. But ya’ know, money isn’t everything. A girl’s gotta have values, also too. And helpin’ us understand HRH’s “common sense conservative values” is her contract with the California State University, Stanislaus Foundation, where Palin is scheduled to “speak” at a June 25 gala hosted by the foundation to mark the university’s 50th anniversary.

According to the AP, said contract was found in the garbage by students. Naw, I’m not going to touch that except to note the poutrage Palin et al let loose last fall when her diva-esque contract for her Mall of America “book” tour appearance was inadvertently released, stirring up bitter memories of McCain campaign aides who accused Palin of being a “whack job diva” on the trail. The Mall of America contract revealed that Palin, who had claimed in her quitting speech that titles didn’t mean anything to her, demanded to be addressed as “Governor Palin” at all times.

All smears of being a diva were denied by Palin’s entourage.

So, this self-titled “Governor” non-diva’s contract requires “the private aircraft MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger for West Coast Events or a Hawker 800 or larger for East Coast Events..and both are subject to the Speaker’s Approval,” but HRH Palin requires bendable straws waiting for her at the lectern. You know you have arrived when you require not just one straw, but several, as the straw is the height of diva-dum. After all, it’s what “tiny Hollywood starlets” require so as not to smudge their makeup, but a bendable straw? Is it too much work to bend the straw, which is kinda like being a governor only harder to quit? I dunno.

The GOP’s darling and Presidential hope who stands for “common sense fiscal conservativism” joins other divas that have similar clauses, like JLo’s everything white from the flowers to the sheets, Van Halen’s no brown M & M’s, and Mariah Carey’s seven lavender candles burning for an hour before she arrives. Lest you get the wrong idea, Palin didn’t want you to KNOW about these things, and in fact, a privacy clause prevents any disclosure regarding the terms of her contract. Cuz, you know, it’s kinda hard to sell yourself as a Christian Fiscal Conservative for the People when they find out just exactly how you’re living or who is paying you.

You probably guessed by now that there’s more to this story, as hypocrisy, cover-ups and scandal are just par for the course for the Conservative darling.

Just two days after Senator Yee (D-San Fransisco) was denied this public information by the university where Palin is speaking, these documents which the university claimed did not exist, were found in the garbage. It seems the AG is now investigating, attempting to get the University to comply with FOIA requests. Said documents were apparently shredded and thrown in the garbage after the public records request, where all requested public documents belong if one is say, Sarah Palin. I’m sure for Alaskans, who are still waiting for documents from the Palin administration which were requested over a year ago, this is DejaVu.

“It is truly shocking and a gross violation of the public trust that such documents would be thrown away and destroyed during a pending investigation,” said Yee. “Found within the same files as regular university business were financial statements and documents of the CSU Stanislaus Foundation – demonstrating that the foundation is operated by taxpayer-funded employees within the university itself. How can they possibly claim that no tax dollars are being used for the Palin event when state employees are called in on their furlough day to help avoid public scrutiny?””

Yee warned school officials, “”think they are in another world where they can do as they damn well please and that’s not going to happen on my watch, that’s not going to happen on the students watch, that’s not going to happen on any watch because that’s not how we do business here in the state of California.” See, they might let you get away with this sort of thing up there in Alaska where the Dept of Law was Palin’s personal henchman, but in California, they actually expect transparency and accountability. Yikes.

So, government “largesse” is OK when Palin is personally pocketing tax-payer dollars, it’s just not OK when others get any. Isn’t that sort of like gettin’ a government handout? Er…Um. Well, OK, but I don’t really feel like adding to her 12 million dollar grift off of America, especially since she spends her days lying about her record, martyring herself on a cross of lies, and trying to get our President attacked.

Clearly, Palin now believes that she is no longer a politician, or a leader, but a celebrity, and she demands to be treated as such whilst she is hailed by Teapublicans as America’s Sweetheart of Common Sense Values and Jesus’s Beloved.

Bendy straws, Lear Jets and Scandal — Oh, my! Those are some Real American Values.

Update on Shreddergate Here

Note: Thanks to Palingates (linked above and on the side blog roll) for breaking this story.

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9 Replies to “Palin’s Latest Scandal: Bendy Straws, Lear Jets and Shredded Documents”

  1. There is also the Domionist connections to the university…to Samaritans purse/Franklin Graham…

  2. Enjoy it Sarah: This new fortune has been earned in a capitalist society provided to you by President Barack Hussein Obama and all of the many Americans that voted him into office. Now just pay your taxes bitch!

  3. Almost daily we listen to her trash talk (she is in the Quayle and “W” league), all thanks to the man who now claims that he never called himself a maverick, McCain, right, tell us another. She spends her days trash talking it is only fitting that someone found a great place for her contract. I guess some dumpster diving found it, All’s Well That Ends Well.

  4. In my opinion, Sarah Palin got a taste of the good life while campaigning with McCain in 2008. She could not go back to Alaska as governor because she perceived it as a reduction of fame, and she could no longer get away with her crap. So she wanted more power, money and recognition. She loves fabricating reality and making her own rules while claiming she’s following the constitution. She has no idea what’s in the constitution. It’s too much information to write inside her hand. More power to her in becoming a multi-millionaire, but when she uses that right wing extremism to spread fear, hate, and radical falsehoods to attack our President and incite others to attack Obama and the democratic party members, then she becomes far more dangerous than a simple wild woman soccer mom shooting deer from the air. She’s a good actress playing victim to the media while using it daily to her personal benefit under the guise of helping main stream America. And if she can’t handle the state of Alaska, how in the world does she perceive she could manage this country and the serious issues facing us especially after the GOP nearly destroyed it? Since she campaigned in 2008, the extreme right wing militia groups against the US government have grown at an alarming rate. Wake up America! Thanks again for this blog.

  5. @F Joy,

    I agree with everything you just said. One thing that we all need to realize is that all these people (Democrats, Republicans, others) They are all looking out for themselves and most of them come into office with millions and leave with millions of dollars more. Politics is all a game, and we are the one’s being played.

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