Palin Contract Scandal Shredder Gate Blows Up

Shredder Gate
Shredder Gate

State Senator Yee (D-Ca) gave a press conference today regarding Shredder Gate, the controversial Palin speech scandal currently burning through Cal State University.

“Students at Cal State Stanislaus have discovered evidence that documents related to an upcoming speaking engagement by Sarah Palin were shredded and dumped after the university claimed that no public documents existed, a state senator said on Tuesday.”

Not only did the university deny they had the records, but later claimed that they could not release the Palin contract due to a rider specifying privacy in Palin’s contract. Seeing as the public tax dollars were paying for Palin’s speech and contract, Senator Yee requested California Attorney General, Jerry Brown, to investigate as well as releasing a press release today:

“It is truly shocking and a gross violation of the public trust that such documents would be thrown away and destroyed during a pending investigation,” said Yee. “Found within the same files as regular university business were financial statements and documents of the CSU Stanislaus Foundation – demonstrating that the foundation is operated by taxpayer-funded employees within the university itself. How can they possibly claim that no tax dollars are being used for the Palin event when state employees are called in on their furlough day to help avoid public scrutiny?”

Senator Yee and the students who found the documents gave a press release today:

H/T again to Palingates for staying on top of this story.

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  1. HRH Palin seems more and more out of touch with the average American she claims to represent. I suggest that next Feb. 11th (her birthday) someone send her 144,000 bendy straws, as a gift – one for every ‘saved’ c’hristian she expects to see in heaven.

  2. Make no mistake, she would have done what she did at the liquor convention. bash Obama and trill loudly at nothing, and never mention the subject matter.

  3. Sarah is demonstrating all over the country the corruption that is normal in Alaska. She is not an anomally, she is a product of Alaska. I am thrilled Senator Yee is backing up the students and the tax payers. There are some people who have some integrity in public office. I know Jerry Brown will be looking into this also.

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