How Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Strategy Will Save the World

How Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Strategy Will Save the World

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton Press Release re START
President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton Press Release re START

In the last week, 47 nations were brought together by the President to discuss the issue of international nuclear weapons in a Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit.

After the historic Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty signed the previous week between the United States and Russia, the seemingly logical next step was to get as many nations together as possible to be on the same page. The threat of nuclear weapons getting into the wrong hands like al Qaeda or rogue nations like North Korea or Iran, who are currently developing nuclear weapons, should be of grave concern to the entire world.

Here are two excerpts from Obama’s historic International Nuclear Summit:

“Today, we are declaring that nuclear terrorism is one of the most challenging threats to international security. We also agreed that the most effective way to prevent terrorists and criminals from acquiring nuclear materials is through strong nuclear security — protecting nuclear materials and preventing nuclear smuggling.”

“It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them,” Obama said.

Bringing nations together to establish more security for nuclear materials to prevent illegal trafficking and proliferation was a major intent in the President’s summit.

The diplomatic approach has been extended to Iran, but continues to be a rogue nation. As a result of the President’s Nuclear Security Summit, here are examples of the following nations who have made commitments in this process.

Canada reduced a significant amount of highly enriched uranium. Chili has given up it’s entire stockpile of uranium. Mexico and Ukraine have pledged to follow suit. Pakistan and Argentina committed to new approaches to strengthen the security at their ports. The goal is to prevent smuggling and illegal trafficking of nuclear materials.

Nations such as Thailand, Argentina, and Vietnam have agreed to join these international partnerships and treaties to make this strategy stronger and more unified. China, Japan, India and others have made commitments to formulate Nuclear Security Centers for the technological training, and security of these materials.
The reduction of weapons grade plutonium by both Russia and the US will now be used for energy in their respective countries. In a partnership, both Canada and the US have committed funds to establish nuclear security around the world.

Secretary Gates says the US is prepared to respond to nuclear ambitions from Iran. Iran’s foreign minister wants to discuss a security nuclear fuel deal withe UN. This is significant progress and actual real commitments from the international community. President Obama took this responsibility on as the primary and most powerful leader of the free world and this does more to improve our standing on the world stage as well as our efforts for a peaceful co-existence.
These are all steps in a greater strategy for world peace and security led by President Barack Obama and our ever expanding allies.

This is a dangerous world and I’m sure the President has a lot more intelligence on these matters than most. Common sense would tell you a lot of it can’t be discussed or revealed to the media outlets to prevent anxiety and for our own protection and so the intelligence doesn’t get into the wrong hands. I just wish the main stream media would dedicate more time to bringing more research, facts and a better understanding of what is actually taking place and how all the pieces are connected to the future of the world instead of giving us 24 hour sound bites on Sarah Palin’s lack of knowledge on nuclear weapons.

Remember united we stand; divided we fall. As a country, the Democrats and the very deceptive GOP should also remember that phrase. Obama’s START treaty will save the world from the escalating nuclear weapons race, something every reasonable President has seen as a vital goal of their administration because it is the only way to truly bring security to the world.

Latest development news on the al Qaeda war front as of 4/19/10:

US special operations forces joining with Iraq military in joint effort killing major al Qaeda leader.

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  1. The last statement intrigued me. How many al queda leaders have been captured or killed under Obama and how many under W?

  2. @Aaron, The difference is that Bush talked about capturing al-Qaeda leaders but wasted his time in Iraq where there were no al-Qaeda until after the US invaded where as Obama is actually targeting al-Qaeda where they are.

  3. @Jason Easley, I think it will be more comparable once Obama has been in office longer, but there is no complete data out there just yet.

  4. if you think any nuclear capable country is going to give up its nukes..youve got rocks in your head.

    biggest threat today to world peace = usa + israel.

  5. you people are stupid, same ole story by a dim witted president like Obama. No nation will part with their nukes, and if you believe this I have some rocks from our nearest star I would like to sell you. How many nations have we tried to appease in the past, o, let’s see, ( Germany, Japan,…ring a bell.? ) It’s people like you that invite war, not prevent it. Nobody picks on strength, but do pick on the weak, damn, wake up people.

    BTW, Obama is a freak and makes Carter look like Reagan. I hate that man, and I will vote for anbody but him.

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