Palin Fans Unleash Political Terrorism on Senator

Lest you think that the Palin 2008 rallies of hate were an anomaly, Palin fans are now attacking Senator Yee of California. Yee called for an investigation of Stanislaus State after University administrators refused to supply Palin’s speaking contract, claiming they didn’t have it.

Palin Fans Demonstrate Hate
Palin Fans Demonstrate Hate

Palin’s contract was later found in the garbage by students, along with many shredded documents proving the financial relationship between the Stanislaus Foundation and the state tax payer, suggesting that a cover up was at play. Senator Yee then requested Jerry Brown, California AG, investigate the University’s lack of accountability and transparency. Hence, the birth of yet another Palin scandal: Shreddergate.

If you are not a Palin fan, you might be wondering what they are upset about, as the investigation is not about Sarah Palin’s diva-esque contractual demands, although said demands (Lear Jets and Bendy Straws) rubbed salt in the wound of Palin’s already controversial speaking engagement at the University. Apparently many tax-payers who don’t want to fund hate are even more angry at having to fund Palin’s elitist “common sense conservative values”. In other words, Palin fans were embarrassed that their Queen was once again unveiled as a hypocrite, so naturally they lashed out at the messenger. In the land of Queen Esther as Holy Mother of USA, accountability is not an American value.

How does your average Palin fan conduct himself or herself? Sadly, I can concur from personal experience that the following faxes, emails, and voice mail messages are right on par with what I have come to expect from Palin fans:

“An expletive-laden fax received yesterday in the Senator’s San Francisco and Sacramento offices says, “To: JoBama Rectum Sniffer Fish Head Leland Yee” and then in all capital letters, “WERE YOU TO EXTRACT YOUR HEAD FROM TREASONOUS MARXIST NIG**R HUSSEIN OBAMA’S RECTUM, YOUR BRAIN WOULD STILL FUNCTION AT ITS PRESENT MUCH DIMINISHED LEVEL BUT AT LEAST THE NIG**R SH*T SMELL WOULD EVENTUALLY DISSIPATE.”

The fax, which included a graphic of an American flag adorned pickup truck dragging a noose, also states “FIGHTING The Marxist Nig**r Thug Hussein Obama” and “Safeguard the Constitution, Death of all Domestic Marxists!”

One of the phone messages left after hours in Yee’s office voicemail says, “You know, I heard that Senator Yee wants to nix Sarah Palin from speaking at Stanislaus State…Maybe we ought to have a homosexual with a long enough di*k to where he can stick it up his as* and fu*k himself while he is on stage giving a speech…”

Sarah fan caught on tape:

End of Palin Fan Class, but more of said hate can be found on Sen Yee’s press release.

Are you noting the similarities between the Palin hate rallies of 2008, the Teapublicans and the Palinban?

The rage, hatred, bigotry and violence that Palin fans have put on display here has a goal: to silence the Senator. In other words, this is political terrorism. The Right will claim that there are “extremists” on both sides, which is true. However, the Department of Homeland Security did not find leftist extremists to be dangerous and the probable cause of domestic terrorism, whereas the DHS most certainly did determine that the far Right extremists are a danger to America. One day after the 15 year anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s rein of terror, we should be paying close attention to these warnings and noting the similarities in beliefs and actions. And most importantly, a reasonable leader who did not condone such behavior would come out with a very clear statement denouncing it.

Where is Sarah Palin to denounce such abuse of the first amendment? Crickets. Sarah Palin will never denounce this kind of atrocious behavior because thuggery is how Palin has ruled since she became mayor of Wasilla and her Paliban are her weapons of mass destruction she unleashes upon those who she feels have “wronged” her. It’s also unfortunate that like most narcissistic bullies, Palin has both a persecution complex and believes she is the center of the world, thus frequently falsely believes herself to have been wronged.

“It is quite disturbing that such racist and homophobic sentiment still exists in our country,” said Yee. “It is unfortunate acts like these that demonstrate why we must continue to be vigilant against hate and intolerance.”

And by vigilant, I don’t think Yee means we should cower in the face of more right wing, Teapublican, Paliban extremism and hate, but rather follow his example and stand up loudly against it. Too many liberals and progressives allow their shared value of tolerance to turn a blind eye toward the hate being practiced and preached by the right.

Bear witness, people. If we don’t, who will?

UPDATE: April 21, 2010: AG Jerry Brown is investigating these threats. The University officials are condemning the use of hate and bigotry by the protesters of the original investigation. It seems that conflict and divisiveness follow Palin everywhere. Unfortunately, Palin has still not condemned these protests which appear to come from her supporters.

UPDATE: April 22, 2010 12:01 AM Palin fans being investigated by Secret Service and CHP for threatening POTUS and Senator

45 Replies to “Palin Fans Unleash Political Terrorism on Senator”

  1. The Caribou Bimbo is a fraud, all she is after is the money. She is ONE of the biggest hypocrits in the repub party. The Tea Buggers think she is a goddess to worship. Course, you can’t have much of an I.Q. if you believe ANYTHING she says. It’s all about MONEY!!!!!!!!

  2. I disagree, and the example you gave is probably a very small uneducated group. Instead focus on solutions to problems and you probably will do better for your party.

  3. @William Ramos,

    Actually, you can just look on this site for many examples of Palin being involved with things like this.

    It’s interesting when people simply state they “disagree” as if that negates the facts. What exactly do you disagree with?

  4. Any group that becomes angry when you use the name that THEY CHRISTENED THEMSELVES WITH (teabaggers) has to be pretty kooky!!

    You can’t make this stuff up!!

  5. From the very beginning, from her “Pallin’ around with terrorists” rhetoric, I knew exactly what that woman is all about. Lately, its been her,”I’m not saying the President is UnAmerican but the results of his policies are. Oh BS Sarah, you are implying EXACTLY that…and this from a woman who is not only pallin around but married to a secessionist!

  6. We will know if there are “real” journalists left in the lame stream media if they have the guts to press Sarah, If I only had a brain, Palin to forcefully denounce these tatics and this line of thinking er. Until they put her in a corner and force her to either own them or denounce them she gets a free ride!

  7. A fax?
    Really…. Are you aware that Leland was caught changing his own Wikipedia page?

    I assume he sent himself the fax if there is one.

    You also need to learn the definition of “terrorist” and stop you own hateful rhetoric.

    BTW, Leland Yee has a habit of trolling for prostitutes in the Mission District. If that’s your kind of politician, I feel sorry for you.

    The oil man, Jerry Brown and the oversexed Yee are persecuting Sarah Palin, and no fax fax can sweep that under the carpet.

  8. But she cannot denounce them. Princess Sarah is never at fault. For the same reason her daughters get pregnant and go around trashing homes, Palin thinks she is the Messenger. Need proof? In MN with that other brilliant spokesperson for women, Bachmann, they made a joke about ‘needing two more horsemen.” Now either the media didn’t know what they were referring to, or they knew and found it too outlandish to comment upon, but I found it terrifying. These two see themselves as sitting at God’s right hand, dispensing wisdom to the poor souls in America who need their guidance.
    Since this guidance consists of making sure those rifles have ammo, and refusing to shut up and listen to the other side at all, and calling for a revolution against the duly elected government, I’d say they are this side of treason, and not even close to God.

  9. @Will, Are you insane? Holy mother of god but you are a sick-o. I’ve got news for you pal, the world does NOT revolve around that ugly moose killing diva from hell that you so blindly adore. She is evil personified…

  10. @Will,

    Yes, right. This totally works. Just a fax.

    By the way, next time you want to discredit an idea, it’s really better if you read the entire thing and listen to the AUDIO.

    Nice attempt to slander Yee — using the same accusation and innuendo as the various fax senders! Oh my. Perhaps I should be thanking you for keeping it clean here.

    I suggest you look up political terrorism before you admonish others on the definition.

    Please go donate to Sarah: She only makes 12 million every 9 months, thus SarahPAC money is needed for all of her many consultants who keep her so informed.

  11. @Susan, I agree, they are just a hair away from actual treason…dangerously stupid people. She’d better hope they don’t ever see her for the carnival shyster she really is, once they figure out that she has used them to do her dirty work she’d better watch out,

  12. @Allen S., This is true. I am shocked that there are so many in this country that take the nasty little mean girl from junior high school seriously…talk about stunted growth!

  13. Could their be a more apt term than political terrorism to describe how Palin and he band of merry Luddites are out to suppress any and criticism and disagreement with their messiah?

  14. @lalamen,
    That is when all this hate speech began to escalate. Sarah Baracuda actually instigated a lot of this extreme right wing rhetoric. Not only is she married to a man who wanted the state of Alaska to separate from America, she was in major support of that group. She has now taken on the role of inciting racists, fanatics, and militiamen. In my opinion these groups are domestic terrorists. She’s a dangerous uninformed greedy, power hungry, attention grabbing political celebrity. She loves to play victim in the course of victimizing.

  15. Hopefully one day some journalist with a real conscious passion for the truth will actually do justice to Sarah Palin and the rest of the deceptive GOP. Has anyone ever looked at the amount of time given 24/7 to GOP complaints, attacks and lies? No one on the main stream news outlets seem to be even remotely interested in real research and facts. There’s not an hour a day spent on any accomplishments of the Obama administration. Even when there’s an event that can’t fly under the radar i.e. 2 major al Qaeda leaders being killed recently, it’s reported as a footnote. And if the President says a word, the rest of the week is spent on the various GOP disclaimers. Sensationalism is now disguised as hard core news reporting. It’s bull. How do they sleep at night?

  16. @F Joy,
    Yes I agree! If the “lamestream media” was ever to get a grip on how much “PayMe” has corrupted Alaska….someone besides her could get rich!
    Her Shenanigans make John Edwards and anyone else look like a choir boy, and Alaskans say no one will listen? Follow the money, Church+AIP and PayMe controls more than even the cops, and state troopers up there! The State is ToTally infested with corruption, and no one will listen!
    And agreed, no one has reported all the Al Qaeda killed, no one. But its ok, b/c stuff is happening…Rubio IRS investigation, Another GOP in NY…PayMe has got to be on THAT List!

  17. @William Ramos, If you REALLY knew the EXTENT of graft and corruption, you wouldn’t be saying that. Go to palingates, the link given and check it out, check out the comments from Alaskans…
    She is up to her EYEBALLS in corruption up there, it involves, Troopers, cops everything!
    Alaskans can’t get anyone to listen!
    Now she comes down here and wants to spread her corrupt ways down here….Whomever Busts her ass will be rich…. just sayin’!

  18. Didn’t you realize that it is liberals who are sending these nasty messages to people, to make it look like Palin followers are crazy, racist haters? This is a tactic that the left is using to paint good people as cruel and mean – a tactic that is, itself, cruel and mean.

    I am a Palin fan, as are many of my friends and family members. None of us are violent or hateful. Our church is full of many people of various races and backgrounds – and, I love them all. We love all people. We certainly don’t condone hate or racism of any kind – we simply don’t want President Obama to take America too far away from our foundation, that we no longer have our precious rights and freedoms. This is what the Tea Parties are all about, and it is also what Sarah Palin is fighting for – which is why we like her so much.

    It’s ironic, because Sarah Palin is really speaking out for equality and human rights, while the Democrats claim they care about these things, but implement policies that hamper rights and keep people in groups, rather than equal. Obama’s policies do worse to blacks, for example, than free-market-based policies that conservatives support – and, this is repeated again and again by good conservative Americans, who aren’t bamboozled by the Cult of Personality around the President.

    We simply want to vote him, and the other liberal Democrats out of power.

    There are crazy people all over the political spectrum. But, you can’t create the impression that Sarah Palin’s fans are all crazy, unless you are dishonest and biased in your presentation – which is evidenced here. As a good, honest, and loving American, I am saddened to read your bias.. but, I’m not surprised. Why am I writing this, then? Here? In the slim hope that someone reading it may have enough conscience to stop joining in on this demonization racket of a good American woman… and, turn, instead, to recognizing the truth.

    God Bless!


  19. @Matt,

    I’m not going to get into Palin’s policies here (but I will say that what she claims to stand for is inaccurate based on the facts- not opinions) or her innocence or guilt (though I will say that in order for you to be a fan of her’s, you must believe that she is innocent of Troopergate, e.g., which is inaccurate).

    But you can go back through this blog alone and see the kind of comments we get from Palin fans. Furthermore, other bloggers have been harassed, threatened and outed by her fans. This is not hyperbole; it is fact.

    This blog has also been threatened by Palin fans.

    However, hopefully you are correct in saying that not ALL of her fans are like that. I don’t know that for a fact, actually, but I’m willing to believe it simply based on the math.

    Where are those people, condemning these acts? Condemning the shouts of “Off with his head” and others? The folks holding a monkey with Obama’s face on it? Anyone who is not NOT like that should have a problem with the general racism, bigotry and disrespect for our President shown by Palin supporters, as evidenced by the many videos taken at various Palin rallies and they should SPEAK out publicly. You put yourself in a bad situation here, as I have been to C4P and Palins’ facebook page often enough to wade through the rampant racism and hate on display there. It’s abhorrent. I’m sure there are a few people who do NOT feel that way- but again, where are they?

    We are at war. We are in the middle of a huge Republican recession. Why doesn’t Palin want to UNIFY the country for the better good right now? That’s what Jesus would preach and it’s also what’s best for the USA.

    You say you are a Christian; where is Palin’s Christian love for others? Why does she incite violence against our President and why are you OK with that? She knows he is not the things she pretends he is; she is saying those things to make money and win support.

    How can you claim that Palin wants to bring us back to our foundation, when she was closely aligned with the AIP, a secessionist group, and she does not even know who the founding fathers were, let alone what their intentions were?

    Where is the love for America, which is not and never was a “Christian nation”, but rather a country built on freedom of and from religion, so that people of all faiths could be free to worship?

    You accuse me of bias. Let me ask you then, have you read her budgets from way back when she was mayor? Did you read the local papers from way back? Do you know that she was the subject of a recall campaign because she behaved like a dictator? Do you know that she was a socialist in Alaska (a real one, not a fake name made up to criticize the winner)? Do you know what socialism is? Have you read her policies as governor? Do you know who filed the majority of the ethics complaints against her?

    If you have NOT read all of those things, then how can you accuse me of being biased? My “opinion” is based on the facts.

    You are, as always, entitled to your own opinion- but not your own facts.

    Read up on Palin and then come back here to debate the ISSUES without copping out with accusations of bias, lamestream media lies, etc.

    And let us know when she will be participating in this thing we call freedom of the press, by taking actual un-screened questions, giving a press conference, or doing an interview with anyone other than Fox news.

  20. @Matt, you said “demonization racket of a good American woman… and, turn, instead, to recognizing the truth.”
    Sarah Palin has ruined the lives of many in Alaska! Alaska is as corrupt as HELL…thanks to her!
    She recently thanked the Prayer warriors, you know the “imprecatory Prayer warriors” the Xtian black magik voodoo cult…NAR, Mary Glazier a woman who bragged about praying Mother Theresa to death and Princess Di! Mary took PayMe under her wing some 20 yrs ago…you said “America too far away from our foundation, that we no longer have our precious rights and freedoms. This is what the Tea Parties are all about, and it is also what Sarah Palin is fighting for – which is why we like her so much. ” What ‘Foundations? What Freedoms? are you talking about?
    She LIES! She is the biggest hypocrite and liar that walks the earth today. Her book has been fact checked so many time LIES, every-time she opens her mouth a lie pops out, and she is getting Bolder and bolder now. Do you not have discernment?
    Can you honestly look into your soul and say this article is a lie or what I say is a lie?
    I think not….if you have a soul that is…

  21. @Matt,
    Matt I forgot something for you to meditate on…
    Proverbs 10:10
    “Whoever winks the eye causes trouble, but a babbling fool will come to ruin.”

    Blessed Be!

  22. @crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    hahahah– good one:-)

    And yes, what foundations and freedoms is he talking about? Methinks he refers to the color of skin or a Democratic president.

    Just spitballin’ here:-)

  23. @Will, Make that “YOU’RE” I think you’re all FUCKING Nazi’s!

    BTW, Yes I will expose Leland Yee for what he is…

    A corrupt Senator who has been picked up THREE times by SF Police for trolling for hookers and been caught shoplifting in Hawaii stealing suntan oil… LOL!



    Those are news articles you fucking tools… NOT blogs

  24. DAMN this site sucks!

  25. @Will,

    OK.. I presume you morons know how to put the http and the www in front of that..

    He did get caught by Wikipedia changing his page..

    Another thing… I didn’t see anyone on the left EVER denounce the many death threats Palin has received.

    Take your phony outrage and shove it up your ass

  26. @Will,

    Keep it classy, Will. And thanks for reminding us just how you Palin fans conduct yourselves.

    Will now go “shove it up my ass” per your instructions, if only I could find “it”, which I can only assume to be your spurious, fallacious argument full of grammatical errors.

    Sadly for you, your “argument” does not exist, so no can do.

    Now, what was Matt saying about how Palin fans don’t act like this?

  27. @Will, Yeah will “keep it classy”
    I wish someone would hire a private investigator to dig dirt on Palin, he wouldn’t have to make up stuff like “the police thought…”
    in SF you have to kill someone for the cops to stop you! Or let your meter go…!
    That is the biggest bunch of crap and Matier & Ross are a blog, they are no one but gossips!
    Not Credible Epic fail.
    Now maybe you need to take some exlax….seems you have anger issues towards Women!

  28. @crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    hahahah– I love it:-) Resorting to a gossip blog to smear Yee? Perhaps we need to drag out the NE gossip on Palin, eh?

    Oh, but that wasn’t gossip, as they had sworn affidavits and Palin never did sue them for what she claimed was a lie….

    So I guess she did have an affair with her husband’s business partner. I mean, if gossip passes for fact in Palin world…

    But Palin has plenty of provable faults for a “politician”. We don’t need to resort to things like that. I guess gossip and made up smears are all some people have.

  29. @srjones,
    Well, there was a reason she didn’t sue, b/c it was true :)
    And when EVERYTHING falls out of the closet…skeletons that is…people will be shocked! Reasonable people that is…Palinbots will of course call it a lie.
    I wonder how a orange jumpsuit goes with those red naughty monkey shoes? Does red go with orange?
    Just sayin’…

  30. @sjones…well ya know…”some people say…” she might have been born there….I guess thanks to Arizona we will get a look at her BC if she runs? I know astrologers over the world waiting for that!

  31. Thanks to you all for some of the hearty laughs I got from the comments on this page. Some of you people are really, truly insane!
    Yes, there are moronic right-wingers, probably the exact same amount as there are moronic left-wingers; neither group has a monopoly on stupidity.
    But, really, some of the comments here are just silly, the same type of silly leftist rhetoric as during the Bush administration. I consider myself a true independent, and it makes me cringe when I hear characterizations like “stupid” or “treason” or the like, because in reality, those things simply aren’t true. And you all know it.
    Disagree with people, contradict them, point out their errors. But simply saying Palin — or Bush, or Obama, or Pelosi — “is stupid” isn’t really an argument, and it only reflects badly on the person saying it, assuming they’re saying it to someone with half a brain and not just another mindless partisan hack.
    The problem is not with our country, or our politicians. The problem is people like some of you, on both sides, who don’t actually know enough about anything to actually debate the merits of an idea so you just call it “stupid.”
    I hate to break it to you, but if you really think Sarah Palin is stupid, then what does that make you, considering that the highlight of your night was saying mean things about someone while that someone counts their riches and ponders their power?

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