Sarah Palin’s Dangerous Vision of America

The Bible Has Dominion Over the Law in Sarah Palin’s America

Palin's Dominionist church of Witchcraft
Palin's Dominionist church of Witchcraft

When she’s not inciting violence, Palin is selling a manifestly incorrect distortion of the Constitution, which she invariably gets mixed up with both the Pledge of Allegiance and the song, “America the Beautiful”. Her goal is to create a Christian Nation, where the bible has dominion over the law.

A pause while the reader digests this salient fact about the GOP’s front-runner for 2012.

Perhaps it doesn’t really matter if Palin is so ignorant that she believes her own lies; perhaps the real issue here is that she is trying to sell Christian Nationalism. Lest you think I’ve been caught in a web of hyperbole best left to the Right, Palin actually used the words, “this is a Christian Nation” in describing the USA.

“”We hear of a judge’s ruling that our National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional,” said Palin. “I think we’ll be challenging that one.”….”God truly has shed his grace on thee — on this country,” Palin told the Women of Joy conference. “He’s blessed us, and we better not blow it.”

Without ever mentioning him by name, Palin also took aim at President Obama, repeating an often cited but incorrect claim that Obama said he believed that the U.S was no longer a Christian nation during a 2006 speech. “And then, hearing any leader declare that America isn’t a Christian nation and poking an ally like Israel in the eye, it’s mind-boggling to see some of our nation’s actions recently, but politics truly is a topic for another day.”

Palin used words from “America the Beautiful” to justify her statement that the National Day of Prayer is not uncontitutional. She then proceeds with her assumption that this is a Christian Nation, presumably also buttressed by “America the Beautiful”. The Right is being led down a path of treason by a woman who did not even know who the founding fathers were and clearly has yet to read the Constitution. How odd for someone who claims to love America and how scary for someone who sees herself fit to actually run this country.

It’s worth noting that Palin’s spiritual adviser also believes Palin was “mantled” by God to be the President of the USA. This is the same adviser who prayed for an opponent to get cancer and suggested Palin would get a career boost from an act of terrorism which would take McCain out, leaving Palin as President.

Now, when you place that in context with her attempt to create anarchy under a Democratic president, her close allegiance with the secessionist group the Alaska Independence Party, and the AIP’s ties with both militia movements and the KKK, a reasonable person is forced to doubt Palin’s good intentions toward this country.

Is Palin pallin’ around with treason? What exactly are her intentions? Palin’s ties with right wing extremist groups should give serious pause to all citizens. While it’s easy to dismiss her as “stupid” because she so clearly is willfully ignorant, being stupid does not mitigate one’s potential impact upon the political landscape of a country so devoid of authenticity that Hooters is a “family restaurant”.

In fact, it could be argued that there is no one so dangerous as a demagogue who combines ignorance with arrogance. In case you’re still not sold, allow me to softly whisper “W” in your ear, so as not to scare the rest of the world. Palin’s goal as a Christian Dominionist is to create a Christian Nation, where the bible has dominion over the law, hence the term “Dominionist”. The mere notion that the Republican Party would consider running such a dangerous person should be shocking. Instead, it’s par for the course for the Party who jumped the shark with W’s presidency and then swallowed water by giving an unvetted Palin the nod as Vice Presidential candidate.

If you’re not scared yet, you weren’t around during the Hunt for Gog.

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  1. The thing that kills me is that maybe, just MAYBE 50 years ago you could call the USA a “Christian nation” in that most American citizens were of some kind of Christian denomination, but even still, you could not say the USA was a Christian nation by design. However, during this simpler time the 10 Commandments were posted outside courthouses, religious statues popped up here and there, and bibles were place in hotel rooms. Does this mean they should all be removed now? NO. If everyone would just chill out and be a little more tolerant, that’s all it would take, but you have idiots like Palin and you also have athiests idiots as well stirring things up that most folks don’t give a damn about. Since when did the minority rule???

  2. @nikolai,

    The deist founding fathers created this country to be the opposite of what Palin et al want it to be.

    Your point about the majority of people at one time being Christians is accurate, and yet that does not carry the same meaning necessarily as calling America a “Christian nation”. It was never intended to be a Christian nation; it was designed to be a nation where people could practice any religion or no religion. Separation of Church and State is essential to our freedom.

    The point is not that Christians are bad or displays of faith are wrong; but simply that we MUST maintain separation of Church and State if we are to maintain our freedoms.

    The founders were very cognizant of the tyranny of religion when mixed with government. An interesting note is that the part about God was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954. There has always been a push by Christians to insert their beliefs into our government. Ironically they are usually referring to themselves as “patriots” as they do so.

  3. @nikolai,
    The minority isn’t ruling, just demanding sanity.
    We are a secular democracy and intend to keep it that way.

  4. @anon, Not to pick at your words but the US has always been a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. It’s an important distinction.

  5. You have to wonder when the RNC will finally tell her that she’s done. She and Bachmann are the strangest women I have ever heard. They speak nonsense, rake in money, and they really do see themselves as God’s messengers. When Palin was in Minnesota, they cracked some joke about needing ‘two more horsemen.” The media pretty much ignored it, but I see it as a signal that they feel powerful, emboldened, and absolutely right in what they say. They are talking about the Apocalypse, and already see themselves at God’s right hand, despite their ignorance, their race baiting, and their calls to arms. Someone needs to tamp this down before a forest fire breaks out.

  6. @Cletus,

    OK, let’s really get into the nitty gritty:

    The US is a Democratic Republic and representative democracy.

  7. I can’t believe than anyone would take a woman seriously who gets the national anthem, America the Beautiful, and the Constitution confused, but then again, the ignorant and the ill informed are her followers.

  8. @nikolai,

    Democracy is not simply the rule of the majority. It also is supposed to protect minorities from the vagaries and tyranny of the majority. If the majority are Christians in a liberal diverse pluralistic democracy they do not have the right to discriminate against a minority who are not Christians ie Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, non-Evangelical Christians, Jews, Pagans or those who are not affiliated with any religious belief.

    If the majority ruled then if the Majority wanted to discriminate against Non-white minorities they could -this would go against principles or beliefs such as “All men are created equal” and that all citizens have certain basic rights and freedoms.

  9. You spit out nothing but dribble nonsense Susan. Why is she such a threat to all of you lefties. All I see are people hurling insults at her and getting down right nasty. She could not do any worse than that freak show in the whitehouse. Let’s see, lower taxes ( that is awful for dems ) and I really do not think our fathers saw this country being invaded my the muslims of the world, which by the way is a false religion. Did you know that old Muhommed was a child molester and called Christ a liar, as well as marrying his 9 year old cousin, now there is a profit to worship.
    There is nothing wrong with God in Government, but take him out and you will see the fall of this nation, and people like you are speeding it up.
    Obama is the single worst President since Jimmy Carter, if that is possible. The man is a nut case, ( kinda like ole Mr. Gore, the nut job of all nut jobs )
    I hope she get’s elected, or anbody but Obama, the bastard of all president’s )

    Not a fan of you, in New Orleans

  10. Sarah Palin as our President would be the complete distruction of our democratic system. She is dangerous and mean spirited. I wish the media would completely ignore her so that she would fade away. The more they talk about her the more powerful she becomes especially in her own mind. Please, Please put her back on the shelf to get dusty and forgotten. I get depressed thinking about her and her followers possibly running this country. This would be the beginning of the end for many freedoms and sane policies. God help us!!!

  11. You sir are the reason why we don’t want Palin or her cohorts anywhere near political power. Obama DID lower taxes for 95% of Americans; 40% of the stimulus was tax cuts. The only people who saw their taxes go up were the extremely wealthy, and even then by a measly 3%, back in the 50’s the highest tax bracket was 90%.
    Also God and government do not mix, the Founders knew that, they saw what state religions did to Europe, the Inquisition, hundreds of years of war, witch hunts, you name it. The Founders expressly wanted their fledgling country to stay away from the destructive potential of a state religion. If you want proof of the Founders’ desire for a separation of Church and State, read the Treaty of Tripoli, it specifically states “The United States is in no way a Christian Nation” it was signed by John Adams and ratified by the second Continental Congress, may of whom had a direct hand in the framing of our Constitution. The fact that you do not know this is frankly mind-boggling.

  12. all religions are false. anybody who would dismantle separation of church and state is a million times more dangerous than Obama. “it CAN happen here.”
    you want a place where the bible is more important than our protections under the law?
    you want a place where if you commit a “sin” (which you all do), you can get punished in a way that can hinge on the brutal?
    be my guest.

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